Very useful for responding to the "innocent until proven guilty" charge GOPPERS use in attempts to discredit those who say Moore is guilty. Saves you a bit of typing.

The full phrase, "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law," is a legal construct that applies to judges and juries, who must be impartial to warrant due process.

The abbreviated phrase, "innocent until proven guilty," has been satisfied by the evidence provided by the diligence of the WaPo reporter.

WHEN presented in a court of law, it is sufficient to prove guilt. The fact it hasn't YET been presented in a courtroom is irrelevant.
For the "hearsay" charge: it is only "hearsay" because the reporter is telling stories as told to her. Were the four victims to tell their stories in court that they told the reporter, their stories would not be hearsay, but rather, legitimate testimony.
A defense attorney cd try to tear their stories apart, but likely wd be unsuccessful. Small details might be challengeable, but corroborating evidence (the fact these stories were told to family & friends years ago), plus consistency among witnesses, wd convince an impartial jury
The expectation of impartiality goes both ways. Juries also have to be open to the possibility that the DEFENSE is false. Those who are spouting the phrase to defend Moore are hardly impartial, and certainly their own political motivations are implicated in their defense...
...particularly because they refuse to address which elements of the stories can be refuted.

Moore's defenders use generic rather than specific defenses pointing to other evidence. Such generic defenses would not work in court in response to the details of the victim's stories.
Their defenses make it clear they've not actually read the WaPo story. Likely they've only read SM and conservative media versions of the story, which also show no evidence of acquaintance w/the details of the WaPo story.
Moreover, since only the 14-year old was under age, charges couldn't be brought against Moore for the others.

Their stories fall into the realm of unethical, not illegal, deeds by Moore. They would never be addressed in a court of law. The fact they haven't/won't be adjudicated a court of law is irrelevant to voters' decisions.

Charges relating to ethics follow the "preponderance of evidence" requirement when argued in prof. tribunals. Prof. tribunals may use hearsay evidence, since the issue is unethical rather than illegal behavior.
Prof tribunals don't have to wait until guilt is established by a court--it wd be crazy to have it otherwise since unethical behavior is never tried in a court in the first place.

Voters are an unofficial form of a professional tribunal. Thus we aren't required to wait, either.
Voters aren't deciding whether Moore should go to jail. They are deciding whether e should be a U.S. Senator.

trumpians decided that HRC should not be president, based on entirely on unsubstantiated charges, which were in fact adjudicated by both houses of Congress.

• • •

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Aug 18, 2018
1/ While doing some research on pedophilia in response to discussions on the PA Catholic Church abuse scandal [yes, I do research sometimes rather than just mouthing off whatever pops into my head], I came across two excellent resources about causes and treatments for pedophilia.
2/ The first is a BBC program that came out 2 years ago after Britain released a massive, detailed report on the sexual abuse of children, The Truth About Child Sex Abuse

which, among other things, discusses new neurological research about pedophilia...
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Don't you know that trump wants to take away your mortgage tax deduction to help pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthy? And you're gonna lose a whole lot more of your deductions bc the wealthiest people in this country are demanding that @GOP pay them back for their donations.
It's a legal form of bribery. Blackmail, too.

If you're not a member of the 1% you will soon be worse off than now. Very. Much. Worse.
1/ Even worse news for you that Fux et al apparently haven't explained:
The trump admin & @GOP congress wants to return to the very conditions responsible for the housing and stock market collapse in 2007 by deregulating the mortgage & other financial industries even more.
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Nov 11, 2017
Does it have to be either/or?

Yes, she made a mistake. She was a naive young college woman. They make mistakes, sometimes huge ones.

Did she deserve to be SLUT SHAMED all over the media for them?

Saying she did wrong is one thing. But no woman deserves that intense ugliness.
I have reasons for understanding the dynamics involved. Thru out my young adulthood I became enamored of a number of my professors--all of them married. So was I. But underneath it all was my own tragedy I wasn't even aware of myself at the time.

Please wait until I finish.
I sought those relationships because I desperately needed the recognition and approval of my father. What I really wanted was intellectual engagement, but I did not know how to get it. Because my relationship w/my dad was sexually charged, I did not know how to connect w/men...
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Nov 10, 2017
Face it.

Today's conservatives are the true anarchists.

A. They want anarchy to 'govern' corporate use & abuse of natural resources and the environment generally for the purpose of building even greater wealth among a tiny elite.

B. They want anarchy re: guns.

C. next ➡️
C. They want anarchy for the wealthy elite to use and abuse workers &defraud consumers--i.e., anarchy in nearly all means of increasing wealth.

D. They want anarchy when it comes to enforcing constitutional law if/when POC, LBGTQ, and women claim its protections.

E. next ➡️
E. They are even prepared to forswear basic moral principles--including those in their vaunted 10 commandments--if it means they get anarchy points A thru D. [viz. the pussy-grabber-in-chief, liar-in-chief, traitor-in chief; and child molesters like Roy Moore, etc.].

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Oct 26, 2017
Sorry. I don't agree w/you that HRC avoided labor, working class. She had plenty in her platform for them, &spoke abt it, but media ignored
And frankly this "identity politics" phrase is code for "let's not talk abt racism bc it scares white (esp white male) voters."
Moreover, any analysis of her loss is bogus if it doesn't acct for fact she wd have won EC if not for voter suppression. See @greg_palast
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Oct 25, 2017
Morning wake up thought...

Question nobody is asking:

How do we know Russian interference began only after trump won the GOP nomination?
It is highly unlikely that Putin waited until then to jump in.

It is far more likely that they engineered trump's nomination as well.
And if that's the case, the other GOP candidates should be mad as hell. In fact, the entire party should be rising up against trump & Putin
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