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Nov 23, 2017 8 tweets 3 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
Target Black Friday is like Walmart Black Friday...only with hotter chicks #Capitalism
Wow. They still make Teddy Ruxpin? I remember when you put a cassette in its back. We used to load him up with Metal Tapes. You haven’t seen ANYTHING until you see Teddy Ruxpin sing Creeping Death by Metallica... #capitalism #BlackFriday2017
You think that video of LA Thanksgiving Traffic gridlock was tough! You should’ve seen the clash of the carts! It was a gridlock stalemate for 10 minutes #capitalism #BlackFriday2017
Just overheard a girl shopping talking to her friend in the Checkout line. She was excited about going to college...to get her “Environmental Geology Degree”. Yeah, hang on to that thought, SJW
People can judge me all they want for shopping at Target, over that bathroom issue.
Once you can physically stop my wife from going there and THEN stop her from using her Red Card, THEN you can condemn me! 😆
Best part so far was watching people 15 minutes before the sale begins trying to sneak product off like they’re shoplifting only to get busted by the sales associates and embracingly having to put it back on the shelves #BlackFriday2017
Look, single men...you don’t need EHarmony or to even swipe left or right when you have a Target nearly.

You’re welcome.
Thanks for joining me in my live tweet mockery during my involuntary excursion into #BlackThursdayShopping on Thanksgiving Evening. The tryptophan makes me more docile & tolerable. /end

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Aug 8, 2018
Here’s what’s happening with social media: A group of people meet up at a coffeehouse. Some buy coffee, some don’t. They all begin having a conversation. 1 guy starts talking about the illuminati. Then, the Landlord walks in and kicks him out. @SteveDeaceShow
It’s almost as if “Alexa Smhuckabee-Joanders” walked into a restaurant with a group of friends to eat. A server sees them, doesn’t like their views, & calls the Owner to inform them they’re dining. The owner comes in a boots them out. It IS their business...
...But it’s our business to refuse to ine there, and to let our friends know that they shouldn’t dine their. The problem we’ve created was that we assumed in the beginning that we believed these businesses were acting in good faith in being consistent...
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Aug 8, 2018
Not an Alex Jones fan or Infowars proponent. But as @dbongino says, NEW RULES! While we were playing “principled Capitalist”, Media Matters & Leftists were weaponizing Social Media against us, in time for Midterm Elections in defense of their vapid platform
Once you see that Media Matters has colluded with Google/YouTube/Apple/Facebook/iTunes to fight against conservative speech and realize they are under the umbrella of Democracy Alliance, who also are linked to Indivisible (Antifa Wing) .../2
You know that they don’t want to just win against you politically. They want to stomp you and eradicate you from their existence. You must use the political tools available to defeat them. And have the resolve to politically pummel them!!!!
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Aug 7, 2018
How are the Media Blue Check Marks unable to figure out what #FakeNews actually is?
I see these fools getting offended and not making the connection as to why they’re Fake News
Pretty easy:
Do you leave out pertinent details from your reports? FAKE NEWS /1
Do you give soft ball interviews with your political heroes simply because they align with your party preference? FAKE NEWS. /2
When a politician is embroiled in a scandal and they align with your political party, do you fail to report their political affiliation? FAKE NEWS /3
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Aug 7, 2018
What happens if Social Media platforms despised Metal Music. Would they ban every Metal Band’s presence on its platform? Then, should government mandate what styles of music be hosted online? And will all fans of metal music bail on the platform? /1 @DLoesch
Then, if you build a social media platform for Metal Bands, what kind of reach to those who are passive listeners would you reach? Hardly any, if at all. It would become a metal music echo chamber. /2
I would think that if the Social Media Platforms are worried about ostracizing a huge chunk of its users, at their financial expense, then this is our only check to balance their overreach. /3
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May 31, 2018
SNL left a TON of possible material with Biden down the line for over 8 years because they only made fun of the right. And they’ve come across humorless because it’s just as anger filled as Samantha Bees skit /1
And this isn’t because it makes fun of the right, but because their jokes are built on disgust for the right. Jokes rooted in animosity and anger don’t work. /2
Not to mention the best comedy is built off of truth. Not a narrative you’ve crafted and used as a foundation of sand to write jokes upon. /3
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May 16, 2018
Since Twitter is throttling down, you’re about to see the most brutally honest questions and assessments I’ve ever raised...because who in the hell is actually ever going to see them anyways?
What you are witnessing w/the #Resistance: trigglypuffs crying & gnashing of teeth, vagina skull caps, & a continual freakout is bigger than Trump.
What you are witnessing in Gaza, rioting w/human shields of toddlers & disabled people is bigger than an Ebassy
...Embassy (Quit correcting conversations & start correcting experiences-Like an edit button!)
This is spiritual warfare. The light cannot coexist with the dark. The dark existed for many years, encroaching upon every aspect of our lives
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