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In 1906 a British Intelligence officer is called to London to meet with officials of the Royal Geographical Society to be sent on a very important mission to Bolivia. Heres a《thread》on what happens next in our review of the movie The Lost City Of Z.
1 The Lost City of Z is a movie about the real life story of a British Intelligence officer Percy Fawcett based on a 2009 book The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon written by journalist David Grann.
2 Fawcett had been posted all around#BritishEmpire at HongKong SriLanka Ireland Africa by British Army. In 1906 Fawcett is called to London to meet officials of the Royal Geographical Society to be sent on a very important mission. He was to be sent to Bolivia in South America.
3 At the time there was considerable argument between Bolivia and Brazil with regards to what constitutes their border. As neither country would accept mapping done by the other they requested the British to act as referee - just like India.
4 As we know it was same British who drew imaginary lines dividing India as well, did the Indians also request the British to draw these lines during partition? And we are protecting these imaginary lines drawn by British to this day? Similar lines they've drawn all around globe.
5 Follow this《thread》for more insight into India Pakistan Partition.

Now lets get back to the story.

6 Interestingly the British had an eye at the rubber plantations around the region covered by Amazonian rainforests. Rubber was seen as a very profitable commodity by them and there was so much profit to be made from it that it could potentially lead to a war.
7 EIC robbers rounded up all Indians & forced them to tap rubber out of trees. One plantation started with 50k Indians & when discovered only 8k were still alive. In some areas 90% of Indian population was wiped out. Pic from 1912 book "The Putumayo, the Devil's Paradise"
8 What you see above is the foundation of the economic principles of #FreeTrade & #Globalisation - weapons of subjugation of colonies created by EIC now known as #Liberalisation & #Privatisation & other names. Heres a snippet from our inaugural @GreatGameIndia issue.
9 It is here that the Royal Geographical Society comes into picture to carry out mapping to draw the imaginary lines between nations. RGS was founded under the patronage of King William IV and was granted its Royal Charter under Queen Victoria in 1859.
10 RGS was founded as an institution to promote ‘advancement of geographical science’. However its main objective was strategic mapping of colonies of #BritishEmpire. Here is the Great Indian Arc project of mapping India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by Brit spy George Everest.
11 Under the guise of scientific exploration the British systematically smuggled thousands of ancient manuscripts from India and around the world and even destroyed temples in the process (which has still not stopped to this day). Recent developments here
12 One such eg is Brihadeeswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Thanjavur Tamil Nadu. In order for mapping a region an elaborate surveying was carried out via triangulation and to take these reading a surveyor world need a vantage point at a height.
13 In 1807 William Lambton, British surveyor who spent more than 20 years surveying in India was conducting his readings in Tamil Nadu. Here the survey ran into a problem of absence of clear vantage points like hills and droogs in the wide tree-chocked Kaveri delta.
14 As a result the temples of Tamil Nadu considered by Lambton as highest in India were chosen to climb upon where they could install their instruments and conduct a reading. With ropes & pulleys Great Theodolite (surveying equipment) was carried to top of RajaRajeswara Temple.
15 Top of the temple is called Amalaka, stone disk with ridges on rim that sits atop a temple’s main tower (Shikhara). Amalaka of RajaRajeswara temple is more dome-shaped & is carved from a single block of granite over a 100 feet in circumference & estimated to weigh 80 tons.
16 It is so constructed that top of this temple never casts a shadow on the ground. Compared to this 80-ton dome the hoisting of a mere hundredweight of machinery of Lambton's survey looked simple. Heres a snippet from one of our International Vedic Conferences.
17 Pulleys attached to amlaka & rope-pullers pulled theodolite frm gopuram. However rope snapped & theodolite swung & crashed into temple splintering the structure. In this fashion hopping frm gopuram to gopuram Lambton conducted his survey vandalizing temples as he went along.
18 Coming back to the story - it was to carry out such survey👆🏿work that Fawcett was called upon by the RGS. His mission was to map the Verde River which forms a critical part of the border between Bolivia and Brazil and find its source.
19 Fawcett with guides & Amazonian native scout Tadjui completes the mission. However during the journey Tadjui tells Fawcett stories about a city in jungle covered in gold & full of people. Fawcett dismisses his story but discovers highly advanced broken pottery & stone statues.
20 What Fawcett had discovered was of great importance. Whats happened here is that a British Intelligence officer has stumbled upon a civilization much older & sophisticated than their own at a place they believed to be inhabited by barbarian & savages. So what do they do next?
21 Fawcett did understood that they were just scratching the surface of something big. He even recommended officials at RGS that map-making should be of secondary interest & they should pursue archaeological findings he discovered in jungle where no white man had ever been before
22 Officials at RGS were horrified at his suggestion & advised him to keep his findings to himself. What is it about this discovery that so horrified RGS officials? What would the acknowledgement of an older civilization that predates their own imply, that too a non-white one?
23 “Perhaps it is too difficult for some of you to admit. We who have been steeped in bigotry of Church for so long cannot give much credence to an older civilization particularly one created by a race the white man has so brutally condemned to slavery and death”

- Percy Fawcett
24 Fawcett’s words are true not just 4 native tribes in Amazonia but worldwide & particularly India. As I write theres a massive eviction of tribes taking place in India frm their jungle homeland & being converted into urban workforce for development of MNCs dream #SmartCities.
25 One such case is of tribal Chenchus who are being driven away from their ancestral homeland in the Nallamala forests under various government schemes like #ProjectTiger, threatened with revolvers under the suspicion of being Naxals, for the mining projects awarded to #DeBeers
26 What #DeBeers is hunting is ancient wealth of #VijayanagaraEmpire hidden in these forests & protected by these Chenchus for centuries; same wealth that East India Company was after but couldn’t get it’s hand on because of brilliant strategy of Commander-In-Chief TirumalayaRaya
27 What Indians still do not know after all these years is that #DeBeers is owned by the same Houses Of Rhodes & Oppenheimers one of the family bloodlines that controlled the East India Company. And GoI in collboration with EIC are evicting tribal Chenchus from their forest lands
28 Back 2 our story: problem faced by Fawcett with officials of RGS then still haunts Anthropologists & Historians of India today. Same problem is seen in #PadmavatiControversy - it is the awareness of space-time & of our location in it that we've lost - which none have addressed
29 Like Fawcett when Anthropologists move into forests of India or ancient sites for field work they are exposed to information from their findings that they are unable to reconcile working in the #Retrofitted system set by the British created Church dictated worldview. Read on..
30 The concept & context to this problem of time & space is explained in detail in our exclusive book India In Cognitive-Dissonance. However we'll try to explain it below in brief. For indepth understanding kindly read the book.…
31 In order to maintain its dominance & existence Church-British alliance retrofitted entire timeline of Indian civilization to 2-3000 B.C. This tinkering with timeline was done by re-writing history/mythology of India within a new biblical construct of time.
32 So only way left for Anthropologist is to tweak his findings & go along with official narrative or challenge it & be discarded from anthropological community of scholars dominated by Church-British combine. But not so easy for Historians as we saw in #PadmavatiControversy
33 The question that no one has asked or rather understood to even ask in #PadmavatiControversy is: Why does the question of Padmavati being real or fictional arise in the first place? But when you read Historians' statements you understand that problem is something else. What?
34 Problem is not if Padmavati is real/fictional. The real problem is that Padmavati & Khilji do not fit together is the same timeline! And yet there are numerous native texts that exist that indicate otherwise. What we've here is a mismatch in timeline courtesy of British pudits
35 Why havent any Mutts of today worth the name challenged this Biblical timeframe in which Indian history is retrofitted? Can these Mutts even today comeup with timeframe independent of this construct? Why havent self proclaimed nationalists done so yet? #PadmavatiControversy
36 Is our Indian civilization only some 3-5k odd years old as prescribed by British-Church combine? Wat abt Mahabharat & Ramayana? If not why haven’t any religious leader or Mutts from India challenged this timeline? Why still follow Roman Catholic Church’s Gregorian calendar?
37 What does it mean when our own current PM who himself comes from traditional camp in his recent visit to Russia proclaimed with pride along Church-British created biblical lines that Vedas & our Indian knowledge base itself is only some 2000 years old? #PadmavatiControversy
38 Thank you for reading this thread on the tale of 2 movies & 2 controversies bound together by a singular problem of loss of awareness of our place in space-time that results in #PadmavatiControversy. Part of the story can be read on our site here…
39 If you want to understand the concept of space-time discussed in this thread in details kindly read @GreatGameIndia's exclusive book 'India in Cognitive Dissonance' here…
40 If you've any questions/feedback/criticism regd story do let us know

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