1. Going through my TL this morning and except for the #InfinityWar trailer, it is a bunch of “are we in full blown authoritarianism yet?” hemming and hawing.
2. POTUS outright promoting white supremacy in our closest ally (I suppose this is payback for being barred from the royal wedding).
3. More commentary on how the guy with a medal of friendship from Putin and promoted by Gates and Rice has single-handedly disemboweled our diplomatic infrastructure.
4. So-called conservatives are minutely tracking the specks in Democrats’ eyes while ignoring that the mutant tree cancer taking over their head is making them pass a tax cut that would eviscerate the American economy.
5. There’s some Lauer talk, but mostly just resigned sighs that the President of the United States has chosen to spend his morning pretending that he doesn’t have standing accusations of sexual assault and feuding with a major network.
6. What the fuck are we doing here? Is anyone thinking what the next ten years will look like on this course? Doesn’t anyone understand that democracy requires permanent vigilance?
7. Lawmakers are openly disdaining the will and representatives of the majority of Americans, all to perpetrate a fiscal experiment that has utterly ruined an American state (KS).
8. The POTUS is an openly delusional criminal, supported by sycophantic idiots, buffered only by a handful of former generals, none of whom has exhibited control over him or the tiniest shred of good judgment in supporting him.
9. We are all but certainly in the thrall of a hostile foreign power, which could not be happier with our present course than if they had planned it themselves (and no reason to doubt they did).
10. We still have done nothing to protect our elections or find out how deeply the last ones were compromised 😱
11. With the judiciary increasingly compromised, the Executive descended into madness, the Legislature committed to the pain and suffering of its people, how can we be in the midst of anything else than a failure of democracy?
12. That’s it, pack it up. Unless you’re willing to fight right now and not wait for elections to save you. And that means accepting no BS and calling out this madness every single day.

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
Watching @FareedZakaria and wondering how anyone can look at Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson and see the Court as a protector of democracy.
“Here are five concrete examples of Republicans screwing the country, and then a vague and unsupported assertion that Democrats are doing it too.”
Democrats have never forwarded unfit candidates for the court but over the last thirty years the GOP has nominated Bork, Thomas, Miers and Kavanaugh and has built a whole apparatus to place ideological fellows in lifetime appointments on the judiciary.
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Oct 6, 2018
People really think that misogyny crossing the political spectrum is a defense of their pointed dislike or burning hatred of Hillary Clinton.
Some people really need to reckon with why they needed to destroy Hillary Clinton so much when the alternative was this.
And yes, I’m still salty about 2 years ago. I watched my country careen off a cliff that had multiple warning signs posted and now the gas tank has exploded.
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Oct 6, 2018
The Democrats do not have the ability to do anything to Republicans here, and even if they had it would not have mattered because the GOP has the majority and has abandoned their human souls.
I mean literally the ABA is investigating Kavanaugh now. Assault survivors have cornered their representatives. We have no fewer than four lies (motive is easy to prove here) in Kavanaugh’s testimony in front of us. Amy Klobouchar pushed him hard enough that he shouted at her.
This is not a failure of the Democrats to drive the narrative. This is not a failure to expose the evils of the GOP. This is just the GOP not caring. And they don’t have to, because the Senate allows land to vote.
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Oct 6, 2018
It is alarming how many reasonable people still support George W Bush. One of the most catastrophic mistakes in American history just behind Trump.
Trump is just Bush on steroids. Obsess over “voter fraud”? Yup (AG scandal). Decimate the truth and block expert investigation to achieve desired ends? Yup (Iraq War). Leave thousands of Americans to die because of their race? YUP.
Frankly, as bad as Trump is he is still not as damaging to the world and America’s reputation as Bush. The rest of the world is also dealing with a slide into fascism now too; what was our excuse in 2000?
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Oct 6, 2018
Just to be clear, there was enough evidence to preclude a vote on Kavanaugh. Anyone who said yes knew exactly what they were doing.
And don’t act like getting the Senate is equivalent to a Court seat. These people were willing to excuse everything they saw from Kavanaugh and to ignore an unprecedented outcry all because the seat is priceless and anything that forced them to retool would sacrifice it.
There is no way to fix this. Impeachment is a fool’s errand and expanding the court still grants legitimacy to Kavanaugh while severely undermining the new justices. The goal had to be to get them to nominate someone else.
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Oct 5, 2018
This is not the correct take. The GOP backing down when they already have the majority is likely to demoralize GOP voters. It’s also likely to empower Democratic voters by telling them that pressure does work and they can prevent further assault on institutions.
Democrats win if they lean in and say that Kavanaugh was going nowhere because the Republicans couldn’t rally the votes. Heitkamp can lean on Murkowski and Manchin if the vote fails. Especially if the Republican from MT stays home.
This doesn’t add in the spinelessness of Flake and Collins, sacrificing their reputations for a failed nomination. There is so much material for Dems to rally their base and demoralize the opposition rather than focus on how angry people who support assaulting women will feel.
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