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THREAD - Have been trying to determine exactly what is so toxic about #Cult45 recently. I understand disenfranchisement pre-2016, though #MAGA has now evolved into something much more diseased:
For over a year, myself & many others have been constantly mocked & force-feed sick propoganda in the ultimate act of Pathological Mirroring, accused of being fragile whiny crybabies,
"Libtards", "pussies", "snowflakes", "queers", "feminazis", "coastal elites", "communists", "animals", "cosmopolitans", laughing at genocide & rape, mocking the disabled, LGBT. Pick your poison.
The intellectual laziness, the logical fallacies, the deflection, the evasion, the gaslighting, projective blame, playing the victim, devaluation, dehumanization, the moral exclusion.
The selective attention, the false virtue, the agression, intimidation, threats of violence, the lying, lying by omission, the sarcasm, victim vilification, projective identification, feigned innocence, feigned confusion.
Gish Gallup, goalposting, ad hominem, straw man, argument by question, reductive fallacy, dismissal, false authority, inconsistencies, non sequitur, error of fact, equivocation.

Your #Cult45 shit is weak. And it reeks. Like shit.
You got played. Conned. Robbed. Whether you admit it is completely irrelevant at this point. You have had over a year to remove your head from your rectum, wake-up, & wipe your sniveling tears of insecure denial. The forgiveness ship left harbor a long fucking time ago. Own it.
DT towed a line baited with his own damaged personification, offering guilt-free predation, sadism, bigoty, hatred, selfishness, greed, xenophobia, all completely devoid of the pesky baggage of human conscience.
Turn off you brain, let the pedophile do the driving. Trust him, he's a business man. Very successful. You won't believe the winning. You chomped the hook to the gills in an act of Reverse-Darwinism.
No exaggeration, the is exactly how cults work. Time to deprogram:
Clean-up your own shit, or get the fuck out of the room. Go self-destruct on your own time & dollar, ruin your own life elsewhere. No one will stop you. You have completely exhausted your welcome within civilization.
If you think you have been exposed to actual bigotry, hatred, discrimination, you need to take a hard goddamn look at what you have actually experienced in life up to this point:
Have you ever felt what it is to experience true unbridled hatred based on your skin color, open discrimation finding a job, a place to live, objectification & debasement of your body, relentless scrutiny & shaming of your sexuality, legimate fear & risk of assault in public?
Have you ever borne alienation & attacks as a minority in a community while simply trying to exist as a human being?
If you have truly lived these experiences, been exposed, immersed, & saturated year after year, day-in & day-out, #MAGA would taste like swallowing vomit to you. #WhiteLivesMatter #NotAllMen is about as ignorant as one can get.
I have dealt with & survived your kind firsthand, except much worse in terms of sophistication & malice. The raw viciousness & sustained onslaught of a true NPD/APD distortion campaign never ceases to pale all imagination.
I have stared into the Void, and it stared back. Anything less is effortless to spot afterwards.
I know how you work, your weaknesses, your blindspots, your core motivations, drive behind primative manipulative predatory defense mechanisms. Stripping away the weak gossamer-skinned veneer, your #Cult45 fantasy is built upon a foundation of fears, insecurities, & inadequacies.
You've convinced yourself through rationalization & lies that you're in the right, that your behavior & consequences onto others are justified & acceptable. Entitlement. No need to listen. It is yours. That you earned this. That you can get away with it.

We see you.


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