1) Outside of Twitter, I am known for going on rants; but I've not yet gone full rant mode on here. With as many blocks as I'm getting for asking questions, I'm gonna do it here instead. Here goes:

With the massive firestorm that is fake news right now, how do you know truth?
2) First of all, we need to establish a few basic concepts. Truth is subjective, not objective. Truth is built upon three things, as I see it: Perception (yours vs others), Context, and Evidence. That is why it is subjective. Because only evidence is hard data.
3) So, of the three, we must logically focus first and foremost upon evidence. In any given situation, the evidence must be weighed on it's merits. Is it verifiable and/or reproducable? Can it be faked or altered? Who brought the evidence to light? What is their motivation?
4) Do they have prior experience with the evidence or do they have "skin in the game" or a conflict of interest? Who benefits from this evidence? Step it back a layer; who ELSE benefits from it? Is there personal, political, economical, social, or cultural benefits?
5) Can it be disproven? Does it answer too many questions almost coincidentally? What is the TIMING? Timing is everything. Timing leads us to Context.

What are the circumstances surrounding the evidence? Was it proferred freely or coerced? Is it subject to expert analysis?
6) Is the evidence offered on a reactionary basis? Does it have layers? There are always layers. What is the face value or optics of the evidence? What does it appear to be? Is it hard data or experimental? Is it testimony from memory ( subjective) or from transcript?
7) Again, Context and Timing are extremely important. Is there anything to be learned from the absence of information? Is it logical or illogical to believe something based off of group consensus? What about the hard data or empirical data?

Who is connected to Whom?
8) This leads me to Perception and Perspective. How we perceive is based upon our experiences, our social and cultural upbringing, our nature and how we were nurtured. So to establish our perceptions, we must establish our perspective. The context of our minds.
9) How were we raised? Did our parents have overt and/or covert methods of parenting? Are certain things ignored or untaught because they are uncomfortable? Immoral? Illegal? Perspective. Every family, every person, every culture is different; that is strength.
10) Experience with Multiple cultures gives us more lenses with which to analyze data. A wise person, and sometimes an intelligent one, looks at any given situation or piece of evidence from MULTIPLE perspectives. How does it look as a mother? A father? A sister? A brother?
11) How does it look or is it perceived by a Christian? A Catholic? A Muslim? A Jew? A Buddhist? A Daoist? A Wiccan? Knowledge is books smarts, raw data. Wisdom is applied knowledge in the real world, not just knowing how something works but why. And what the pros and cons are.
12) The biggest problem I see in the United States today is that we are not teaching our children to THINK. To think for themselves. We are currently trying to teach them HOW to think under the naive assumption that A) everyone can be taught the same way and taught same things
13) And B) we can teach everyone to be THE SAME. This is not strength in my mind. From a philosophical perspective; we are all made of stars or stardust or aspects of the divine depending on your ideologies. Yet, instead of focusing on how we can all learn from each other,
14) we constantly focus on our differences as a bad thing. All life requires balance. Just like the scales of justice, yin and yang, as above; so below. The linear way of thinking that A leads to B leads to C is fallacious and wrong. Objectively.
15) Life is not Linear. Life is cyclical. I may anger some here but that is my perception. Everything in life is a cycle of life and death, positive and negative, growth and decay. But we don't really teach that to our kids (well, some of us do).
16) How can we be expected to have all the answers? What is the meaning of Life? Oh yes, I went there. You see, that is how subjective Truth is. Because invariably, what is deemed true or not is that which resonates with us. This is every persons journey, to discover truth.
17) For some, Truth is just what makes the most sense from an empirical data standpoint. Logic and reasoning are their god. For others, a single divine entity is the reason for and why of all things. Others still believe that everything is but a fractal of everything else.
18) So I believe the meaning of life doesn't have ONE answer. You would have to know the right question first. So I counter with "WHY" is the meaning of life. We are born, we learn, we explore, we experience; and every single person, everywhere, asks the same question. Why?
19) So I believe the why is everything. Even if we are all just facets of a greater consciousness, be it in His image, or Hers, or however you might believe; our mission is the same. This is what unifies our species. We ask why. We seek to learn and experience. This is noble.
20) But it is almost as important to determine How. How do we get there, and how do we go about asking WHY? That is where we circle back, to Experience, Perspective, Evidence, and this concept of Truth.

You see, everyone sees everything differently; and that is good.
22) So. How do we determine if news is fake, since everyone sees everything differently? Start with the basics. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: WHY?
Then, start swapping out lenses: First, go back to the original source. Remove first any interim translations.
23) When you have the original source, repea t your basics. WHO is it? How do they benefit? What are their motivations? When did they come forward? Where are they doing this from, or where are they trying to go with it? Are they trying to spin it into something else?
24) Revisit possible conflicts of interest. Reconcile data points. Look for connections. Who benefits? Why was it released when it was? Convenience, coercion, or contrivance? Context and Perspective are everything when it comes to evaluating data, because truth is subjective.
25) Form your hypothesis. Now, revisit your own perspectives and lenses. Why did you come to this hypothesis? Was it based upon what you learned from hard data or what you were told was 'truth'? If you were told, how do they know it is truth? Are they selling you something?
26) Now look back at your own life again, revisit perspective. There are always more connections. This is why life is nonlinear. WHO taught you what and WHEN? Start back as far as you can, Elementary school. Think about every teacher you have ever had. Use their perspective.
27) The thing 99% of humanity doesn't realize, is the we store a "copy" of every personality we ever meet. Unintentionally. Many learn to adopt different personalities or wear different hats based upon circumstance. Some cannot control it. This is important.
28) Utilizing this method of nonlinear thinking, can be powerful; dangerous even if you can't maintain control or you lapse too much into a different personality. But, if utilized with wisdom, you may become a force for good that sees through most illusion.
29) This, for me, is how I #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

This, is why I believe #Qanon is one of the most important events in modern history.

This, is why I made this Twitter account. To try and #WakeupAmerica and #MAGA
. What do you think?
What do you think?

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Oct 6, 2018
So, my wife and I were discussing Autism and Down syndrome, vaccinations, and possible causalities for the above issues.
She had watched a documentary on ketogenic diet where it was tried on some severely autistic children and there was remarkable improvement. This leads us to:
Thinking that perhaps, and it should be tested further, that perhaps the glyphosate, herbicides, pesticides in grain production are a significant cause; if not the grain itself.
I know this is controversial, but grains have become a significant part of our diet from an early age.
Perhaps all of the grain intake, particularly at a young age when many families feed the youngest many cereals; sometimes of an... economic variety, is creating a hyper-carbohydrate state in the young bodies which massively spiked blood sugar; can that cause neural disorders?
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Sep 11, 2018
This is not "global warming"
I am dubious it is even "global cooling" relating to "Grand Solar Minimum/Maunder Minimum"

To me, these weather events, plus the geological events of late including massive earthquakes and volcanic activity; screams POLE SHIFT
That could be from numerous variables, but strong possibilities include geomagnetics from highly unusual activity in solar system including outer planets with perturbed orbits, system-wide increases in irradiance (planetary "brightness"?), and asteroid/fireball activity.
Is all of this indicative of a coming Event that smacks of Revelations?
I am not a religious man, but when religion, prophecy (from psychics and otherwise), and empirical data all start to point towards a significant (re:cataclysmic) event in the foreseeable future...
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Sep 8, 2018
I am inspired to do a minor #Qanon summary from today; because holy shit... does this explain what I've been feeling this week. XD
Let's begin, shall we?



These people are stupid.
Their attempts will FAIL.

<>Microchip is trolling HARD<>


The post states it clearly and concisely: these people KNOWINGLY signed off on fraudulent evidence to illegally spy on American citizens in an attempt to undermine both an election and a sitting U.S. PRESIDENT. [TREASON]

Desperate people do desperate things.
It is during this period of time that surveillance pays off.
When does a BIRD sing?

/ We've seen the box. We've seen #Fly[]#Fly before. This isn't rocket science. Rod is a dirty songbird🐦.
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Aug 28, 2018

❗❗#Qanon update 8/28/14❗❗

These are screen caps from qntmpkts.keybase.pub


Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.

Black hats vs white hats.
NSA now linked to INSCOM.


BO would have necessarily been neck deep in FISA ABUSE. #Treason 😱🀬
Q agrees that the black hats are guilty of Treason.
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Aug 10, 2018
🚨#Qanon update 8/10/18🚨

Does POTUS make statements that are false?
Knowing what you know now...

Think Haiti
Think Watergate Commission
Listen very carefully.
Surrounded by EVIL

Revisit Haiti.

-IMHO, Haiti is a Cabal playground. Wealthy "donors" [sperm/ovum]?
Pay for artificial surrogacy, re: children/organ trafficking [DNA compatability] and worse.
Who could smuggle organs, people out without a second glance? Red Cross. Re: Laura Silsby. CGI.
How are voter ID'S racist?!?
Voter fraud. Dead voters.
Why do globalists want open borders? Flood populace with dependent illegal immigrants, enslave them to welfare state, force voting(read as "encouraged to vote")
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Aug 10, 2018
#Qanon update 08/09/2018
Massive coordinated MSM attack on @DevinNunes. He is danger-close to exposing the worst treachery this country has seen. Stand fast! Fortify your position, Devin! Hold the line! We are with you!
#WWG1WGA #Qarmy #PatriotsUnite #MAGA #TheStorm
#Qanon part deux for today.

Previews are over.
🚨#Qanon 🚨

Q lays down what appears to me to be a FLOW CHART on the TIMELINE OF TREASON!
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