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What coin is better and would be bigger than bitcoin in the next 2 years . The thread starts here . Please retweet and the first post and follow to show appreciation
#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Litecoin
1. While the information presented in these tweets has been researched and is thought to be reasonable and accurate, any cryptocurrency investment is speculative in nature
2. No information, forward looking statements, or estimations presented herein represent any final determination on investment performance
I do not guarantee any rate of return or investment timeline based on the information presented herein.
I won't be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of this tweets or any information contained herein
With that out of the way I will go ahead and inform you of a cryptocurrency whose technology is better and will be bigger than bitcoin. Anybody familiar with cryptocurrency investment will know how important first mover advantage is in that space
Anyone who has been invested in crypto-currency since 2013 or ealier barring any unforeseen circumstance will be a millionaire by now
Bitcoin was the adopted crypto-currency of blockchain investment
Satoshi envisioned Bitcoin as a decentralized digital currency.
Blockchain networks were intended to democratize finance, eliminating corporate control and spreading power among users
The original purpose of digital currency was to reinvent the economy so that users could be independently empowered to trade in a peer-to-peer fashion, without interference from centralized powers
While Bitcoin and the rest of the first generation cryptocurrencies was instrumental in the rise of digital cash, it didn’t implement the core concepts of decentralization and giving the power back to the people
Bitcoin and related currencies have become centralized due to their reliance on Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms, as well as their use of mining to create coins. This centralization defeats the original purpose of digital currencies
Bitcoin developers initially believed that the mining system would support decentralization. Instead, it did the opposite. Since consensus was based on processing capacity, the mining system incentivized the purchase of hashing power
PoW-based coins have completely failed to deliver a decentralized system. Mining pools exploit other users in order to subsidize their own costs, while eating up huge amounts of processing power
With PoW, 51% attacks due to mining are a major security threat. PoS algorithms are intended to solve this problem, but they have centralization problems of their own
A system where the major stakeholder enjoys extensive control and authority over both technical and economic aspects of the network creates a major monopoly problem.” This is exactly what PoS creates.
The economic and environmental cost of these mining processes is astronomical. The electricity required for processing runs in the tens of millions, and cannot be offset by new users and capital except in the rarest cases
With PoS, users have voting power on the network in proportion to their cryptocurrency holdings. In other words, users with a greater stake have a greater power to make technical changes.
This idea may seem to be a good way to guard against 51% attacks, since majority stakeholders have the most to lose from such attacks and are therefore motivated to avoid them.
However, because PoS systems centralize voting power, they allow certain users to make network changes without considering other users or the community at large. In this sense, PoS is just as bad as PoW iit creates a centralization of power that defeats the purpose .
Anybody in the crypto world would have realized that sometimes it takes days to transfer bitcoin for immediate transactions and that problem has not been addressed even with its activation of lightning network
The miners don’t want low transaction fees. The miners make their money out of transaction fees and the miners control .The miners will fork Bitcoin before they lower the transaction fees and it’s a business for them.
Bitcoin has two choices. They can lower the transaction fees, which would destroy the incentive for mining and undermine Bitcoin security or they could increase the transaction fees and a Bitcoin transaction will cost $50 and nobody will use it.
So you are either for A or you are for B. Bitcoin has A or B and both choices lead to the graveyard
Bitcoin right now has the largest market cap, but in terms of technology, Bitcoin is the worst coin. It the slowest coin. It’s bloated. It can’t handle scaling. It is a project that is barely kept together, but it has a great brand and has first mover advantage
Bitcoin's problem is you have these other coins coming in and basically appropriating the Bitcoin brand and diluting it. You have Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin 2x, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Legacy, Bitcoin Advanced, Bitcoin Platinum
Bitcoin only has three main developers. G. Maxwell, sipa, and Luke Jr. They are basically like volunteers and there is only like three of them and only one of two of them are working at the same time.
To them Bitcoin is a social experiment . His job is basically to hold off the wolves and the bcashers . It is like one guy fighting off two thousand people. As soon as these wolves get in there and get control, they are going to destroy the thing.
The case of ethereum is not very different. Network is overbloated and I am still waiting to see what @VitalikButerin will do with ethereum 2.0 with all the crypto kitty debacle
There is going to be a bubble in bitcoin between between the end of 2018 and middle of 2019 .It will be the biggest fianacial bubble in human history. The market cap will get to like 6 to 10 trillion dollars before that and bitcoin could get to 60-80k within that period .
I would like to take your mind back to the dot com bubble . if anyone told you Apple will replace Nokia 15 years ago, you would say the person has gone mad .from that bubble came the Apple , Google and Microsoft while we bid myspace, netscape and the others rest in peace
The question is which coin has got the answer to Bitcoin’s flaw and how is it going to be insulated from the crash
The coin I am talking about is SKYCOIN @Skycoinproject
I know a lot will be surprised and may never have heard of it . A third generation cryptocurrency that solves Bitcoin’s technical weaknesses . Third generation does not mean it just sprung up yesterday .
it has been in existence since 2013 . started at 0.01 cent and its $15 dollars as I tweet with zero marketing
Approaching its fifth year of development, Skycoin continues to pursue a “new Internet” under an overarching goal to implement Bitcoin’s original vision and address its underlying problems
it has no software bloat, transfers between 2 people in milliseconds, completely decentralized and anonymous with numerous layers of encryption, developed by legit engineering geniuses and fraud proof . I will expatiate
SkyCoin is built built around a new algorithm created from scratch. The algorithm is called Obelisk, and the new platform will be devoid of mining altogether, making it impossible for people with more resources to hold the future currency hostage with their moves
SkyCoin is t built around a new algorithm created from scratch. The algorithm is called Obelisk, and the new platform will be devoid of mining altogether, making it impossible for people with more resources to hold the future currency hostage with their moves
Obelisk is a sustainable alternative that aims to replace POW as a major solution for blockchain consensus. Inspired by academic research into adversarial distributed time-stamping, it offers strong mathematical security guarantees even when the majority of nodes are hostile
Obelisk is different from both PoW and PoS because it functions based on distributed influence, also known as a “web of trust.” In this system, each node subscribes to a list of other nodes. The density of a node’s network determines its influence
Nodes have personal blockchains that broadcast and record all actions publicly. Because the node’s communications are public and transparent, the community can verify that nodes are operating fairly.
Skycoin requires no mining, network is immune to 51% attack. Transactions are significantly faster, occurring in seconds. Decisions are made through community consensus, not based on the wishes of a few majority stakeholders. These features make Skycoin the most secure blockchain
Skycoin’s Obelisk Consensus is twice the size as Bitcoin’s development team and have like eight githubs
The Skycoin project is a hermetically-contained software/application platform, that operates in parallel to and on top of but independently of the existing internet. Its five pillars are:
1 Skycoin
Skycoin was built first as a standalone solution to Bitcoin’s flaws at decentralization, due to the growing prominence of powerful mining cartels. It features a new consensus algorithm to secure the network through a mechanism called Web of Trust.
It’s the first platform that will be able to distribute blockchain state updates globally in less than 300 ms (instead of 15 -30 minutes or 30 seconds and that is is the minimum threshold for “real time” interaction required for several applications like decentralized poker .
Skycoin also has an integrated OTC market feature and will be available in the next wallet release. Implication you will be able to "send to Bitcoin", which means spend Skycoin to a Bitcoin address, from within the wallet. At current market rate eventually
there won't be any difference between Skycoin and Bitcoin for making payments. You will be able to make payments with Skycoin anywhere Bitcon is accepted, once this is done (OTC exchanged is been debugged, developed to do this) and has been tested with the OTC sales by Skycoin
Sky is working on an exchange for converting and establishing an exchange rate between CoinHours and Skycoin. Coin Hours are similar to the “Gas” in Ethereum or coin aging in Bitcoin, but are exchange-tradeable and are a separate parallel currency in Skycoin
You earn regardless of whether or not you are running a node. The coin hours are associated with public keys on the blockchain, .The new wallet (version 2.0) now shows the “CoinHours”, which users earn for holding Skycoin
Coin Hours may eventually also be used for allocation of distributed computation resources, storage or bandwidth on SkyLedger and any Skycoin side changes with embedded CX scripting language
If Skycoins are held on an exchange, the coin hours earned will go to the exchange
Holding 1 coin for 1 hour generates 1 coin hour Always.
Therefore; holding 1000 coins for 1 hour generates 1000 coin hours.
2. Skywire
Hardware for the Next Internet the new alternative internet
Which is truly free and open
Skywire is a groundbreaking, novel technology that takes control from large internet service providers (ISPs) and gives it back to the users
Skywire was created to address centralization problems, but of the Internet itself where large institutions control its infrastructure. It aims for a sustainable democratization of the internet, while enhancing privacy and security
In 2015 the FCC instituted net neutrality rules classifying the internet as a public utility. This prevented internet service providers (ISPs) from prioritizing certain websites over others and encouraged a free and open internet where all businesses and individuals could thrive
-appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a vote to slash net neutrality protections is looming. Pai was nominated for a second five-year term on October 2 despite widespread outcry over his agenda
Petitions with tens of thousands of signatures were powerless to prevent this outcome. With Pai in charge, it’s only a matter of time before net neutrality is dismantled
Without net neutrality, the internet no longer belongs to you. It belongs to Them
Skycoin technology creates an alternative internet. It provides a peer-to-peer network that circumvents ISPs to deliver control back to the user. You can share content freely without throttling, blocking, or censorship. It’s fast, private, and encrypted to be maximally secure
Plus, decisions on the Skycoin network are controlled by community consensus, not by corporations looking for a profit.
Peer-to-peer technology doesn’t require you to give up your identity and data to access content. Skycoin’s network, Skywire, provides a blockchain-based decentralized network where you can browse securely and privately
With Skywire, you own your data and control your own experience. The Skywire “miner” is the backbone of this new internet. This miner lets users earn Skycoins by deploying network nodes, forwarding network traffic, or contributing resources
The Skycoin system incentivizes a free and community-based model whereby users take responsibility for the network’s growth and viability. Instead of giving up control to exploitative corporate ISPs, users create their own experience. Skywire is self-sustaining and independent.
Skywire distributes content faster and more anonymously than other alternatives. It does this by combining two powerful components: Aether and Skynet. Aether is a peer-to-peer replicated object system that powers the distribution of anonymous and immutable web content.
Traditional internet apps for video streaming, messaging, and other services can all be run on Aether. Skynet, the second component, forms the backbone of the distributed networking system.
It’s a source-routed, public MPLS network built in a unique namespace and on a new networking stack. Skynet users essentially function as their own ISPs
Aether and Skynet can be run separately, but Skywire combines them to form an indestructible network. With Skywire, a local cache holds resources without connecting to the external internet. File downloads are copied directly into the local cache
Peers who are looking for that file can get it from you and pass it along the network. By leveraging peer-to-peer technology in an innovative and unique way, Skywire provides a viable internet alternative that’s secure, fast, and sustainable
The price will be 1 BTC for 1 unit. Purchasers will receive:
•Skywire miner
•An amount of Skycoin equal to 1 BTC minus the hardware cost (estimated to be around $600), based on market rates at the time of purchase.

This is nothing if you understand the ramifications
Nodes operating on the Skywire network will be receiving a network incentive reward to help build out the network, in addition to traffic forwarding payments. For the Skywire miners, we’d like to increase this network incentive reward
3. Skyledger
Skyledger is a blockchain platform built with CX and running on top of the Skywire infrastructure. Each developer will have their own independent data storage and are free to hardcode their own chain
each application its’ own blockchain. That’s the strategy with Skycoin, which also means.. you have to have a different model with how you are going to monetize it. What this means is that we can have different blockchains with different EVMs(end value management)
4. An ecosystem of apps
Apps including Sky-messenger, distributed social media (BBS)and file-sharing, all built on top of Skycoin, Skywire and Skyledger
5. A hardware platform
The Skywire “miner” hardware acts as a specialized VPN operating on Skywire’s new networking protocol based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching

• • •

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