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1/15 In today's thread I would like to focus on the grand Dravidian deceit on Tamil culture and Civilisation with the agenda to hide the Hindu identity of Tamil Nadu! Its about #Keeladi #Keezadi #Excavations
2. .How many of us do really know that #Keeladi , a recent panchayat, is originally identified as a part of another adjacent village #Kondhagai? This beautiful village has 2 temples. Archaeologists knew about this village and its ancient history for a very long time.
3. #Pandian King’s stone inscriptions of 12CE has been excavated which was gifted to #Brahmins as Kunthidevi Chaturvedi Mangalam. Adjacent to this is another urban settlement called Kunthadevi Chaturvedi Mangalam.
4.#Konthagai is the birth place of noted Sri Vaishnava Saint #ThiruvaimoziPillaiAlwar . We get to know more about this village through Meikattita padalam of #Thiruvilayadalpuranam, which narrates a chieftain & a Shiva devotee
5. According to this narrative, #SedhibarKoman was planning to invade the Pandiya Kingdom from north. Upon hearing this news, the king instructs #SundaraSambandhan, his chieftain, to prepare an army to counter the invaders.
6. Unfortunately, this chieftain spends the money for the welfare of people. As the war approaches, he prays to the Lord who in-turn creates a "Mirage" through which the invaders perceive the presence of huge army. It deters #SedhibarKoman who avoids waging war there
7. Even today the progeny of Kondhakulathu #SundaraSambandan survies as Kondhagai Vellalar (as recorded in 6 nattar pattayam). But Who is this #SedhibarKoman? Is he a fictional character? Where is he from?
8. Apparently, he belongs to the lineage of Sisupalan (Ref: Mahabaratha). His kingdom was in Orissa in a place called Sisubalgarh (outskirts of Bhubhaneshwar). In its hey days it must have been a big city with over 25000 inhabitants.
9.There is a stone inscription dated 172BC which mentions a King, Sedhibar Kaaravelan, which says he broke a grand alliance (Thamiradesasangadham) of Tamil Kings and took jewels of about on lakh worth of Pearls & gem stones (muthu mani rathinam anekani lakhani)
10.This king is proud of his victory as even mighty Mauryas couldn’t break. Purananuru and Ashoka’s inscriptions confirms this fact. With this it becomes clear that Sedhibar Karavelan invaded Kondhagai after Maurya’s era.
11.The current narrative is that Keeladi is a totally secular state with no relation with Hinduism. Keeladi/Kondhagai has been an urban settlement through out the ages with strong Shivaite and Vaishnavaite link. Why this truth is hidden from general public?
12. Have you seen any archaeologist participating in TV debates that surrounds Keeladi? Why “secular” film directors are more concerned than archaeologists? What is their agenda? Do we get to see the truth of “Hindu” identity of this village?
13. Dravidian parties have been ruling Tamil Nadu since 1969. What did they do to develop Tamil or to identify significant archaeological sites? If any thing happened, it was during K. Kamaraj rule.
14. This careful deception is planned by DMK to hide the Hindu identity of Tamils so that they can keep deceiving ignorant masses through false emotions that Tamils are secular and Tiruvalluvar is a Jain thus effectively erasing Valluvar’s own Hindu identity.
15.It’s a shame that many Tamils are sucking-up to this false narrative, purely on emotions with out thinking or asking for evidence. Wakeup friends! Smell the Sambar!

This thread is based on the narrative of Archaeologist S.Ramachandran

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Apr 24, 2018
#MotherAndal abuser Vairamuthu thanks #Missionariymafia for introducing 'Education' to Indians!
#MotherSonia praiser @ShekharGupta thanks Nehru for introducing 'Science'!

Either they are joking or they are thinking we are fools!
India had a fantastic education system b4 these desert invaders stepped inside our land. Owing to large-scale destruction of libraries & academic institutions by invading armies in the 12 CE, our science was lost forever. But the surviving pvt collections tells us the greatness!
To me, the western science research only the observed and completely ignores the observer. But our Indian system, Vaisesika system (VS), considers mind & consciousness as a starting point. Kaṇāda (of VS) in his sutras enumerates real entities.
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Mar 14, 2018
1/18 We were repeatedly told that Europeans came to India for trade while toning down their marauders' missionary objective in fear of politics. Worse, they were praised by the communist designed education system. We will unwind the true story through #ThiruchendurMurugan
2.A Quiz for you. Which is the world's first and oldest Multi-National Corporate?
3.Dutch East India Company or Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC)(1602), was the first publicly tradable corporation. Started as chartered company 2 trade with India & Indianized Southeast Asian countries & was listed in Stock exchange. They are a pioneer #missionarymafia -3
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Feb 27, 2018
Who is a Brahmin? Lord Buddha Defines in Dhammapada (Ch:26) as follows...

" O brahmin, strive and cleave the stream,
desires of sense discarded,
knowing conditioned things decay
be Knower-of-the-Uncreated"

Verse 383. Be A Knower Of The Deathless
"When by the twofold Dhamma
a Brahmin’s gone beyond
all the bonds of One-who-Knows
have wholly disappeared."

Verse 384. Cultivate Concentration
"For whom is found no near or far,
for whom’s no near or far,
free of fear and fetter-free,
that one I call a Brahmin True."

Verse 385. The Unfettered Person Is A Brahmana
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Feb 24, 2018
1. What’s #Hospice? It’s a recent term coined by #MotherTeresa to serve dying & destitute without any proper medical investigation. Simply put, feed them without any medical aid till they die, even if they recover & serve the society. #StJosephHospice
2. #Hospice keeps patients against their will (read #kidnapping). They served us in their youth, worked in the farms to create crops, vegetables etc.. which we might have consumed. In-turn, our shameless society has no regard & leave them to die as destitute? #StJosephHospice
3. Having a #Hospice is understandable in a financially or medically challenged society. TN is lacking neither of that. Why do we need it? Above all, why a foreign church needs to fund & organize these kinds of activities? @PMOIndia and @CMOTamilNadu needs to answer
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Feb 3, 2018
1. Vēḷāṅkaṇṇi is a Christian pilgrimage site—that is what most of us have been led to believe. We may however be surprised to learn about its Śaiva origins. Read more. #MissionaryMafia -2 ‘Kaṇṇi’ in Tamil means ‘she who has beautiful eyes’. @jayasartn @Bharathgyan
2. ‘Vēḷāṅkaṇṇi’ is etymologically derived from the old name ‘Vēlana-kaṇṇi’—a name by which Ambikā is known in the Dēvāram, owing to her eyes appearing like a spear-head (vēl = spear) eyes, she is also known as vēlaṉa-kaṇṇi.
3. About 10KM south of Veḷāṅkaṇṇi basilica, there is a town called ‘Karuṅkaṇṇi’ ( black-eyed”). Tamil poem praises Parvati as Velinertaru Kanni, Iru-malar-kaṇṇi , aṅgayaṟkaṇṇi (Meenakshi), maiyar-kanni, Kāvyaṅkaṇṇi, Nīḷneḍuṅkaṇṇi, Vēlneḍuṅkaṇṇi, .etc.
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