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1. Congratulations American taxpayer, you've purchased three new missile defense systems for Israel! Here are a few details about your gift to Israel.
2. The missile defense systems include the Arrow 3, David's Sling, and Iron Dome, forming a multi-layer defense for incoming missiles. The missile systems are primarily being developed by a company owned by the state of Israel called Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.
3. Per the 2016 US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding, US taxpayers must pay $500 million for the systems every year for the next decade. This is part of the $38 billion aid package Obama agreed to give Israel. The US Gov't sure is generous to Israel with Americans' tax dollars!
4. Americans should know that the dollars allocated to Israel's missile defense program come from the National Defense budget, not the Foreign Aid budget. So every dollar that goes to Israel for missiles is one less dollar spent to defend the US. It's your money, you should know.
5. However, there was one string attached to the $38 billion of welfare Obama gave Israel: Israel is not permitted to lobby for any more money for the next decade starting in 2019. Oy gevalt!
6. Israelis weren't pleased w the lobbying restriction b/c they wanted $45 billion. This despite the fact that $38 billion was a 20% increase over the last aid agreement & Israel got 51% of all US foreign aid in 2016; a country the size of New Jersey & top 25 in per capita wealth
7. So before the lobbying restriction takes effect in 2019, AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobbyists went to work. The ink wasn't even dry on the Memorandum of Understanding before Lindsey Graham was shilling Congress for $1.5 billion more for Our Greatest Ally™
8. And dual-citizen Congresswoman Jacky Rosen, a former Synogogue president, introduced a bill to give Trump discretionary power to expand the missile defense funding again to $706 million in 2018 without Congressional approval (circumventing the lobbying restriction). #MIGA
9. Catch that? Rosen's bill reads the "Jewish State of Israel." Now, despite what Israeli hasbarat says about "only mid east democracy," Jews consider Israel a Jewish ethnostate. President Truman even had to correct this on 1948's press release recognizing Israel. But I digress.
10. Incidentally, Jacky Rosen is a really proud of her bipartisan work in Congress--here she is gushing in an interview about how she reaches across the aisle.........for Jews
11. With efforts from "Americans" like Rosen and Graham, Israel's missile defense fund has ballooned from the Obama-approved $500 million per year to $705 million, a 40% increase in just one year. We know Rosen's excuse but what about Graham?
12. So how exactly did Israel get 40% more money for FY 2018 than the originally agreed upon $500 million per year for its missile program? It was the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018. And like all pro-Israel bills that go before Congress, it got bipartisan support.
13. The National Defense Authorization Act doesn't even require Israel to match US taxpayer contributions to their defense program. They simply must make their "best effort."
14. And the best part: Israel won't even tell the US how much of their own money they're putting into the missile defense system, so American taxpayers could be financing the entire thing!
15. Now, once Israel's missile system is fully deployed, Israel will be the first country in the world that is entirely covered with three layers of missile protection. Yes, there are large parts of the US that don't even have that level of protection. Chosenites, goy.
16. While the US continues to fund its development, Israel is already planning to sell the missile defense system back to the US, which will be purchased with...TAXPAYERS' MONEY!
17. Israel is also selling the Iron Dome to the UK, India, and other countries. Despite the fact that US taxpayers financed the Iron Dome, they won't see a single cent from those transactions.
18. Unsurprisingly, the missile system, which includes David's Sling, Iron Dome, & Arrow 3, is complete trash. Israeli PR touts the system as being over 90% effective while an MIT professor estimates it only neutralizes 5% of the missiles it targets.
19. Meanwhile, Russia laughs at the US for even considering buying the Israeli-made garbage from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. And of course AIPAC will be lobbying Congress to purchase this shiny turd.
20. So expect Congress to use American tax dollars to buy an over-priced, sub-par, Israeli-made defense system that won't keep American's safe. But as long as the Chosenites are happy, this is fine. 💩
21. Instead of giving Israel $38 billion in military aid, the US could:
- give each of its 60,000 homeless military vets $633,000
- pay for the $21 billion border wall & pay down the national debt with the remaining $17 billion
- buy 3 of the most elite aircraft carriers ⛔

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Aug 3, 2018
1. On July 17, the House Judiciary Committee held a 3-hour hearing to examine the content filtering practices of social media companies. Executives from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were invited to provide testimony and answer questions from the committee.
2. Over 210 million Americans use social media. Even the Supreme Court called it a Constitutional right. Thus, it's staggering that only a few executives in Silicon Valley decide what 2/3 of America is allowed to talk about. This a growing concern to Congress.
3. So who are the employees at these companies controlling what America is allowed to say? Nobody knows.

What is the process for censoring or banning? Nobody knows.

What training materials do they use? Nobody knows.

Are they men, black, religious, American, etc? Nobody knows.
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1. Marxist Jew Noel Ignativ never obtained an undergraduate degree from college. Nevertheless, Harvard University invited Ignatiev to attend a graduate program (ie Jewish privilege). Upon completion, Ignatiev was hired by Harvard where he lectured about "abolishing whiteness."
2. Prior to attending Harvard, Ignatiev had a criminal record and was a member of six communist organizations. So why would Harvard invite a criminal, anti-white communist into their graduate program with no undergraduate degree and then allow him to teach their students?
3. Jewish in-group preference. This started in 1971 when Alan Dershowitz, together with another co-ethnic professor, succeeded in pressuring newly promoted Harvard President Derek Bok into appointing Jewish Deans by insinuating he was discriminating if he didn't.
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Jun 23, 2018
1. Let's look at how global Jewry exerts pressure on Western countries to advance Jewish interests. To illustrate this, we'll need to travel to Iceland...
2. On February 1st, Iceland's parliament introduced a bill to outlaw circumcising children younger than 18-years-old. The bill was sponsored by 8 of Iceland's 63 parliament members, who spanned 5 different political parties, which represent 48% of Iceland's parliamentary seats.
3. Within just 48 hours, 422 doctors (25% of all doctors in Iceland) and 1,325 nurses signed a declaration supporting the bill. This wasn't surprising since Iceland already outlawed female circumcision in 2005 and only 21 male children have been circumcised in Iceland since then.
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Jun 15, 2018
1. Tax-exempt, women Zionist organization Hadassah made $137 million from a $40 million investment with Jewish Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff. To date, Hadassah has only returned a portion of the $97 million in profit to Madoff's victims.
2. Coincidentally, Hadassah's CFO Sheryl Weinstein withdrew the $137 million only months before Madoff was arrested and his fund was closed. Whew!

Just kidding! It actually wasn't a coincidence at all b/c Sheryl later revealed she had a 20-year long adulterous affair with Madoff
3. Years later, Sheryl Weinstein would go on to sign a blockbuster book deal disclosing how she was Bernie Madoff's biggest victim. She also claims that in their 20-year long affair, Bernie never shared any info about his Ponzi scheme with her.
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May 17, 2018
1. What do these products have in common? They have all been certified kosher by one of the 225 kosher certification agencies in the US.
2. What is kosher? According to Orthodox Union, the world's largest kosher certification agency that certifies 70% of all kosher food, kosher means "fit to eat according to Jewish dietary law." Weird that laundry detergent & disinfectant wipes would need certification, right? 🤔
3. Currently, there are about 1.5 million products that are certified kosher. To obtain certification, manufacturers must contact a Jewish certifying agency and pay a fee for a Rabbi to fly out and inspect the ingredients, equipment, & cooking process to make sure they're kosher.
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