This is a pretty significant slam against Obama... considering the source is @politico ... I'm providing the source link so that others can read the full report as written (No, Im not a fan of politico, but in fairness, posting it)…
Obama officials defend their complicit actions of not pursuing Hezbollah aggressively by offering up 8 arrests of evidence that they did?

THAT is funny right there! Weren't there 19 people arrested in the #BundyRanch incident? Thats more than 2x the # of Hezbollah
OF COURSE!!!!! Obama Administration falls back on "... but but but... we can't just arrest major drug-smugglers / sex-traffickers / terrorists... what if MOSSAD had an inside lead?"

Obama-Era U.S. Treasury Official even testified before CONGRESS stating they were afraid to even try to go after Hezbollah for fear of getting DENIED by the DoJ / WhiteHouse... think about that. The Treasury... same dept that houses the US Secret Service. #ProjectCassandra
Insiders of #ProjectCassandra testified that the closer they got to #Iran, the more Obama pushed back... thus allowing his failed #IranDeal to be pushed through without any issues. Can't have mass arrests of terrorist when trying to make a deal. #Traitor
President Trump correctly identifies the threat. Meanwhile, Obama, by way of not allowing law enforcement to make arrests, allowed terrorist cells to flourish. #ProjectCassandra
Even though @realDonaldTrump wants to crack down on Iran / Hezbollah, DEA and other #ProjectCassandra officials say it's too late...

They also felt like they were treated like "fly in the soup" / "train that went off the tracks..." INTERESTING statement there.
Because Hezbollah was allowed to flousish unchecked by #ProjectCassandra they were able to exploit the Black Market and obtain EFP's (Penetrating Explosive devices) that KILLED MULTIPLE US SOLDIERS. #Obama has #BloodOnHisHands... as does HRC
Due to Obama policy, and restricting assets from making legal arrests, Hezbollah took over all black market enterprises in an Organized Crime Syndicate fashion. US Most Wanted Person was the leader; Law Enforcement had their hands tied by Obama /Lynch /Clinton #ProjectCassandra
DEA and others in #ProjectCassandra make startling discovery that connected Hezbollah to Lebanon, Mexico, Venezuela, Africa and Los Zeta crime syndicate.
Dept of Defense identified a Columbia / Iraq connection, the source of some of the EFDs were exposed and shared with the DEA. #ProjectCassandra
Under Obama's watch, the FBI and DEA were set to make serious arrests based on intelligence gathered under #ProjectCassandra ... Obama's CIA blocked their operations. Power struggle / jurisdictional battles in play. Poor leadership of intelligence.
DEA leader Jack Kelly asserts that under Obama's watch, there were endless (read: USELESS) meetings to make sure #ProjectCassandra followed Obama's "Whole of Government" approach. Typical of someone who hails from Academia vs "Real World"
Jack Kelly from DEA (who also holds a Ph.D. degree) asserts that the Obama Justice Department (DOJ) under either Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch DENIED the DEA and/or FBI from making legit arrests under RICO statutes with #ProjectCassandra
Obama and his DOJ also batted down ideas of making arrests that were clearly tied to Hezbollah, Lebanese banks and Islamic terrorist using used car dealerships to launder money under #ProjectCassandra (read: INTERFERENCE)
Obama Administration place financial sanctions on some of the $200Million/month in terrorist financing, but never filed RICO charges. 50 FBI agents sat around doing nothing due to Obama's lack of interest charging known terrorist/traffickers with RICO. #ProjectCassandra
FBI / DEA discover massive network of smuggling including Colt Rifles and Bell Helicopters to Hezbollah... Obama's DOJ places charges on one part of the operation, but the main smuggling ops continue on, including IRAN. #ProjectCassandra
After the 2012 re-election of Obama, John Kerry (Sec of State), John Brennan (CIA Director), Lisa Monaco (now White House Natl Advisor to Obama) all agree that "talking with Iran" is better than making lawful arrests. Nothing was to stop #IranDeal
Obama and his cohorts (Monaco, Brennan, Kerry) by way of not allowing DEA/FBI to build RICO cases, allowed Hezbollah and other terror cells to grow out of control in Syria, Iran, and right to our south in Mexico #ProjectCassandra
Despite a massive case built against drug trafficking / weapons trafficking kingpin and "the Ghost"... Obama National Security Advisor Lisa Monaco puts the brakes on making any RICO charges a reality under #ProjectCassandra ; Monaco/Obama become complicit (read:Negligent)
#ProjectCassandra having solid RICO case built against Hezbollah and others in Iran, became viewed as a "threat" to Obama's #IranDeal and as such, Obama's Administration squashes all of their efforts. Major blow to Law Enforcement / Military Intelligence.
Despite knowing the risks, the charges that could be levied, and taking down a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK, Obama's insiders report that Obama "really wanted the #IranDeal..." NOTHING was going to stop it... #Treason / #Negligence (Eric Holder part of this)
That is the basic gist of the Obama interference with #ProjectCassandra that was publicly "outed" against the advice of senior law enforcement personnel. Lisa Monaco was a major problem... as were Brennan, Kerry, Clinton, State Dept, CIA...
Full Story:…

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
⚠️Hurricane Michael 11:00PM update: Forecast on track for Major Hurricane to affect Florida panhandle, coastal Alabama, with Tropical Storm winds into Mississippi and central Florida...
Hurricane Warnings are active along most of northwestern Florida and coastal Alabama at this hour. Tropical Storm Warnings south central areas of west coast Florida and coastal Alabama. Watches extend west and south of warned areas.
Wind probability graphics for the warmer areas:

1. Hurricane force winds;
2. 50 KT winds;
3. Tropical Storm force winds
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Oct 8, 2018
Just spent overnight in twitter jail 🙈

Can you hear me now?

I’m still curious why twitter won’t answer me as to why subscribers are being deleted. They found time to suspend me, but not answer my question!

This will be added to my testimony to Congress.
They knew I was not making a malicious remark about mentally challenged people, yet that was the basis of the ban.

The quote was from a movie, “Tropic Thunder” (2008) which has been widely used in memes and common English vernacular since 2008.

It’s ok 👌🏻... now answer my ?
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Oct 6, 2018
Do you think University Academia has gone bonkers? You’re not imagining it. Left leaning hoaxers expose Academia bias to publish literately “junk research.”


What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia - The Atlantic…
1 of 3: Leftist get bogus studies published in peer-reviewed Academic Journals
2 of 3: Leftist get bogus studies published in peer-reviewed Academic Journals
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Oct 3, 2018
🚨 FACT CHECK: Danielle Muscato makes the claim that men are more violent than women (thus the need for a 9PM curfew for all males).


1. Men had a 25.1% DECLINE in violent behaviors;
2. WOMEN, have had only a 14% decline;

Men are becoming less violent; women more
From 2013-2017, WOMEN have had a 58.3% INCREASE in rape arrests; men only 18.3% increase. This number is very likely to increase as more men start to come forward.
FBI Crime Statistics show that between 2013-2017, WOMEN had a 3.3% INCREASE in violent crimes against the FAMILY / CHILDREN; men had 11.4% DECREASE!

Women are becoming more violent against children.
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Oct 3, 2018
So sad that some in the #MeToo movement are using ridiculous, sexist, racist tweets to seek fame.

Danielle Muscato is employing fear tactics to further divide Americans.

I’m so glad many THOUSANDS are seeing right through this! @NYDailyNews didn’t.

Danielle Muscato tries to sweep the sexist / racist part under the rug by self-describing it as a “thought-experiment”... that’s like saying that the KKK should be allowed to post up their hate 24/7 since, you know, it’s meant to “engage dialogue” (which is complete BS).
When you look deeper, what you see are hundreds of seemingly “abuse survivors” replying on her thread.

While I feel horrible for anyone that has gone through something as bad as sexual assault, Muscato leaves 50% of our population out of the equation:

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Oct 1, 2018

This doesn’t look good for Senate Democrats...

Multiple images in order to follow:
2 of 9
3 of 9
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