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1. Here I present some analysis into the chronology and timing of the past year events, and how they point to the dramatic shutdown of a global criminal syndicate going back several decades. #QAnon
2. As a starting premise, accept that the END GOAL is to get to the final conclusion; which is all of the prominent members of the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal imprisoned for their crimes against humanity.
3. There is one major barrier: public perception and understanding. Going straight the end goal immediately would not have been politically viable with a deceived population who had to be persuaded that what was good is bad, and what was bad is good.
4. There needed to be an order of events playing out over a period of time to draw the public closer to being able to accept the end goal and the shocking reality they now find themselves in.
5. Remember I said the good guys knew everything as soon as they took the center of power, D.C. They knew of the Obama admin scheme to block Trump using his fake ties to Russia but yet allowed this farce “investigation” to silently continue over the period of a year.
6. While people waited for Trump and his family to be indicted, a counter-intelligence operation had been raging. Courts were being stacked with with uncorrupted judges while all the evidence was being collated and prepared.
7. I'll skip over all of the stuff that came out on its own, such DNC rigging, Clinton emails, Comey exoneration, Lynch tarmac meeting, Podesta emails etc, all of that were uncontrolled disclosures but helpful nonetheless for #theGreatAwakening.
8. So let’s talk about the order of events deliberately timed to draw the public towards the ultimate reality that Obama and Co are going to face military tribunal as enemies of the state.
9. The fall of Hollywood elites starting with Weinstein was the first to get set into motion because it was the softest target, relatively insulated from D.C, even though massive Clinton donations expose these obvious connections.…
10. We also saw a lot of other peripheral criminal enterprises shut down, that is the MS-13 gang round-up, and also the drug and child trafficking cartels dispatched.…
11. But the first major political maneuver was the Saudi purge. This is a global operation, not just US. The bribery to the corrupt US politicians and Clinton Foundation needed to be cut.…
12. Once all of the corrupt princes, including the worst of them, Al-Waleed bin Talal, were arrested, we could turn our attention to the US.…
13. A side event was the fall of tyrant Robert Mugabe, a cabal puppet who destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe and enslaved his people. #SouthAfrica leader Jacob Zuma has also been removed. He & Mugabe make up the African arm of the cartel.…
14. We then saw the stories seeded into Left-wing media that started with The Hill Uranium One disclosures; that there was a suppressed FBI investigation into corruption surrounding the deal, and $145MM in cash going to Clinton Foundation.…
15. After that, the first news of Peter Strzok's bias, his role in the pissgate dossier and basically the whole Mueller investigation compromised to plant the seeds of doubt in Trump's guilt, and vindication of his wiretap tweets.…
16. These bad actors in Mueller's Special Council were known from the beginning, the public were led to believe a valid Trump/Russia investigation was taking place when the real investigation was into the Obama/Clintons.
17. Then it was getting bad actors out of the House Intelligence committee by setting up the media leak stings, exposing recently Peter Schiff as being the guy who leaked the retracted CNN story with a tiny date discrepancy.…
18. Tax reform is critically important to get through. The best way to convince anyone in the public that their government might not be so bad is to feel a financial benefit.…
19. With everyone about to notice a cash benefit from the new tax bill, either in the size of their refund, or in a cash bonus by exuberant corporations (as we see with AT&T and others), they will be psychologically warmer to the government they once feared would hurt them.
20. With the major legislation achievement, and Clinton appearing cooked, lets turn to Obama. The bombshell disclosures in Left leaning Politico showing how Obama helped Hezbollah smuggle in drugs and other atrocities.…
21. Don't get complacent to this revelation. Its stating in plain terms that Obama was a US president who actively undermined the interests of Americans, putting them in harms way to help a hostile foreign enemy that funds ISIS.
22. Sessions, who has been actively presiding over the whole counter-intelligence sting, was keeping a low profile to keep the public focused on the Trump/Russia distraction.
23. Now all is done and he came out today finally demanding an investigation into the Uranium One deal. It looks like he is just doing this now, but it has really been ongoing since he stepped foot into the Justice department.…
24. As momentum accelerates, today's disclosure of sanctions against global corrupt actors as part of the Magnitsky act, all pieces in the greatest, most sinister and most prolific global criminal cartel the world has ever seen.…
25. You are going to hear the EU go next, with another similar corruption purge in 2018 of European officials who have been engineering a massive migrant crisis via their major source of funding, George Soros.…
26. The crescendo of events can now get going with full force now that all of the other pieces are in play. No more long delays now, this should all wrap up pretty swiftly over the coming weeks.
27. Buckle up and enjoy the show. Oh yes, happy Christmas, happy new year, and happy NEW WORLD! -- The end
*Adam Schiff, not Peter.

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Oct 9, 2018
1. I wish I could explain it better. There's a vast multi-generational mafia who hates all that we think is good. They've been behind all wars and communist revolutions for centuries. They crossed the Atlantic, infiltrated America and were about to launch an all-out war on us.
2. They'd hijack the leaders of a functioning country, install their brand of communism to leech its resources, collapse its economy and finally impoverish everyone. Then they would move to the next one. Can't you see just by looking at communist countries that it's not benign?
3. You can reject open borders and globalism without being a bad person. You can have compassion for all people without letting these selfish criminals manipulate you. When you have enabled them and gotten your humanitarian award, that is precisely when they'll come for you too.
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Oct 7, 2018
1. Q says America will be reunified again. When we see the hysterics of the Deep State supporters who have been so severely deceived by the compromised mainstream media, we cannot comprehend how that would ever be possible. With all this demented hate, is Q delusional?
2. Well here's the thing. In America today, we are divided not by political affiliation, but by an ability to individually trust our instincts about what is wrong and right. It takes a certain strength to hear what others say and then judge for ourselves whether they are true.
3. The more insecure we may be, the more likely we will grasp onto narratives pushed by what we perceive to be the collective majority. Of course, as we have learned about the #MockingbirdMedia, these are not the majority at all, but a fabricated illusion.
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Oct 1, 2018
Today's spitball: maybe Q's "RED OCTOBER" is not referring to #RedWave Republican red. That will only happen in November. What else could it mean?
Maybe the month where 95% of the country decide to vote red after seeing what the blue team are capable of. Although that may be a little basic for Q... 🤔
This is the month we learn what last arrows the Deep State have in their quiver. They will likely attempt to unload the last bullet in their chamber, so stay alert.
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Sep 30, 2018
It is quite possible that #JFKJnr lives. The good thing for us is that, if it is him so brazenly parading himself in public, the Patriots are very advanced in their takedown of the Deep State. I have gone from 20/80 to 50/50 on this theory.
We cannot claim to be open minded about some things but then so adamantly resistant to others without due consideration. Coincidences are possible, but the number of them with this #JFKjrLives theory are statistically significant enough to deserve some inquiry.
The anon called R I'm pretty sure was an imposter though. Don't get thrown by that clown op.
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Sep 30, 2018
More evidence that Flake's FBI investigation is another #ThinkMirror. "THEY HAD THE VOTES" already and this looks like a counter-sting against the actual bad guys to uncover their fraudulent attempt to frame #Kavanaugh. Patriots are in CONTROL!…
This is the #RussiaCollusion scam all over again. Just like the dirty dossier to frame Trump, they did exact same putting that lying hussy in front of Congress to get Kavanaugh. They just cannot stop their treason. We'll have to stop it for them.
Yup, its clearly the ONLY thing this #Kavanaugh FBI investigation is about. They break the law to get us, we follow the law to get them. Losers.…
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Sep 28, 2018
1) In the 80s, there was this surge of moms freaking out about satanic symbolism in music and cartoons. They even said Mickey was evil. It faded out of the media and we laughed it off. But then something happened. It was called #TheStorm.
2) We learned that it never actually disappeared, and that those moms were trying to warn us about a surging force of evil that had matastisized throughout society, and frighteningly also into the very media we depended on for our knowledge of the world around us.
3) We learned what Satanism really is: a worldwide parallel secret society who look and act like you and me, but who are motivated to secretly indulge in acts that are so monstrous, we would never be able to comprehend the motives that drive humans to even dream it up.
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