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Today's thread

Measurement of time.
How current calendars can't match ancient Hindu timekeeping.

Why a day isn't always 24 hours long

Why a year doesn't have 365.25 days

#science #astronomy #Time
How long does a day last everyday? 24 hours? Wrong.

We define day as the time taken by Earth to complete one rotation around its axis.
But with respect to what is the measurement made? 2/n
Since Earth is also revolving around Sun while it is rotating, it needs to rotate a little extra when rotation is measured w.r.t. sun (solar day) than a distant star (sidereal day)
You come back to same point after rotation in 24 hrs when measured w.r.t Sun but takes 23 hours 56 min when compared to very distant stars.

Is that all? No.

Earth rotates in an oval orbit around sun. And moves faster at Perihelion and slower at Apihelion. This changes the duration of day as measured w.r.t Sun (Solar day) through the year....
This variation in the duration of Solar day through the year is described using the equation of time.
Now compare this with the ancient Hindu calendar method of Tithi.

A Tithi is exact measurement of moon in sky by 12 degrees. And due to equation of time, it varies in time but each lunar month is precisely 30 tithis of 12 degrees = 360 degrees

That is why a Tithi doesn't last for exactly same time duration - varies from 19 hours to 26 hours.
But is precisely always 12 degrees. Synchronized at Amavasya.
But Lunar year (12*30 lunar tithis) has almost 10.87 days less in a year. So, after every 32.5 month an extra month of 11 days is added to sync lunar and solar calendars.

This is the auspicious Hindu month called - Aadhik Maas dedicated to dharma, teerthas. 9/n
So while modern Gregorian calendars can't handle equation of time....
Ancient Hindu calendars had it inbuilt in it. The End.

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Sep 29, 2018
One day, mother nature read Karl Marx and became a communist.

She felt guilty that she had created inequality in topography. "Haves" tall mountains and "have nots" ocean floors.

BOOM! A just revolution then levelled the mountains and the oceans.... 1/n
The oceans were gone and so were hills. A blob of a great swamp replaced them all.
"It ain't pretty but there's equality" , she said.

But her joy was short lived for she realized the horror she had created amongst living. Tall giraffes and tiny moles, cheetahs vs sloths. 2/n
"By Marx!", She swore, "I shall fix it ASAP". And lo the haughty elephants and the meek rats and nimble deer and elegant peacocks vanished in a flash!

She gazed upon her new creation , a creature to replace all creatures.
"Perfect !" , she cried with joy 3/n
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Sep 15, 2018
Today's thread.
How an ancient Danish King, who united several warring clans, inspired modern Engineers to create a unified wireless standard.

Bluetooth: one protocol to rule them all

#CBG_Thread #EngineersDay 1/n
In late 90s , connecting devices with each other was a big nightmare. Almost every gadget had a custom cable.

And wireless space was fragmented among infrared and proprietary wireless protocols. 2/n
Intel's Jim Kardach and Ericsson's Sven Mathesson were presenting competing wireless technologies MC-Link and Biz RF to industry.

Both got rejected. Later in the evening, they met up over drinks where Sven told Jim about King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark eetimes.com/document.asp?d…
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Aug 25, 2018
There are so many problems with this thread.
1) Assumes dark skinned premise for Asuras. Hence as per him Keralites were asuras.

Many "North Indian" Gods are proudly dark like Krishna, Rama, Vishnu and Kali. So flawed premise.
2) As per Bhagvatam, Mahabali performed the yagna on banks of Narmada and not Kerala so any appropriation of Bali is by Malayalis and not vice versa
3) Bali wasn't killed by Vishnu for a reason. Because barring his ahankar and usurping 3 lokas, he was dharmic. In fact as per the story Vishnu grants him a boon and Bali asks Vishnu to stay with him in Sutala.
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Jul 27, 2018
Today's thread

Once upon a time Hindi's Devanagari script was written in 2 different ways...

Then a few missionaries in Danish colony in Bengal and their rival press in Bombay changed it forever !

Read on.

If you read old manuscripts of Sanskrit / Hindi you would notice many strange characters in them. Characters no longer used in modern Hindi.

They were called the Calcutta style of Hindi. While the modern form is called Bombay style.

Why these names? Herein hangs a tale.

In late 18th century, Baptist missionaries led by William Carey wanted to setup a press in Bengal for printing church literature locally. Denied permission by East India company who feared a backlash, they found haven in Danish colony of Serampore. 3/n
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Jun 10, 2018
Today's thread:

The legend and history of a trader king, his city state and a clan.

King Agrasen - Agrawals - and the archeological excavations of Agroha, Haryana.

As per the legend, King Agrasen ruled over the kingdom of Agroha 5000 years ago.

He was a trader king and his 18 sons eventually led to 18 gotras (actually 17.5) of Banias that form the umbrella "Agrawal" business community. 2/n
He established the city of Agroha where everyone was welcome to come and establish business.
The original startup capital.

Everyone contributed one brick and one coin to new trader to help him setup his house and start a new business.

Talk about ancient angel investing! 3/n
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Apr 29, 2018
Before the Wire, Quint and The Print gang starts talking about how village electrification means nothing as it's not household electrification, just two cents that I learnt from my father who was an engineer with state electricity board.
Electricity is transmitted at very high voltages to cut down wastage. E.g. pinjore shimla line is 132kv.
So village electrification means adding poles, cables to connect to high voltage transmission and then down transformers to bring it down to 220V used at homes.
Once this infrastructure is ready and 10% households +panchayat etc gets electricity it's a proof that the village CAN now receive power. Hence it's deemed electrified
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