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In #Iran, thousands take to the streets for day two of anti-regime protests. Flashback to 2009 #IranProtests? So who is demonstrating now and why? I'll compare/contrast movements. Some thoughts & on-the-ground insights to follow:
The protests are largely targeting government economic policies, price surges on basic goods & the regime's economic & material support of Hezbollah & movements in Syria, Gaza, Yemen, etc. #Iranprotests #مظاهرات_ايران
But grievances have expanded, similar to the #GreenRevolution of 2009, which started out as a contested election but evolved into a movement against the entire regime..Now protesters' slogans are targeting President Rouhani & Supreme Leader #Khamenei #Iranprotests
Mehrdad from #Tehran tells me “We can’t take the economic pressure anymore. You shold see the price of eggs.” #IranProtests
New: Shooting in #Ahvaz as day 2 of #iranprotests intensifies
An interesting slogan heard on in #Mashad: (translated) “We don’t have a Shah. We don’t have any accountability.” Interesting reference to monarchy which was toppled in 1979
A popular slogan that has been used over the years: "Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon... My Life is Dedicated to Iran" chanted by demonstrators in several locations. #Iranprotests
The Iranian people are calling out the hypocrisy of their government pouring money into external activities in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen & Hezbollah, rather than helping the Iranian people. #IranProtests
Which is we warned against releasing billions to the mullahs, knowing it would never reach the people of Iran but be used to support the regime's nefarious activities. #IranProtests
Seems like the Iranian people can't catch a break on's either Michael Jackson's death or New Year. #IranProtests #PayAttentionWorld
Lots of historical overlap here--> "Reza Shah, may you rest in peace," chanted by large crowd in front of Gowhar Shad Mosque in #Mashad, where Reza Shah sent the army in 1935 to suppress the mullahs' uprising in reaction to the abolishment of the hejab #IranProtests
Crowds gathered in the religious city of #Qom chant "Oh Shah of Iran, return to Iran!" Calling upon Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah, to return. He currently lives in Maryland. #IranProtests
Interesting to see so many pre-1979 references when most protestors were born after that time- In fact about 2/3 of the population were born after the Revolution. Goes to show, 4 decades of political suppression has not suppressed the power of dinner-table politics. #IranProtests
New: #StateDepartment statement in support of #IranProtests
.@StateDept: Calling on all nations to “publicly support the Iranian people and their demands for basic rights and an end to corruption” #IranProtests
Reality Check: When #IranProtests slogans say forget Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, its mind-boggling some say Iranians wouldn't want support from @realDonaldTrump bc of the Jerusalem announcement.
When the Iranian people tell me it's about price of bread, eggs, getting medicine, it's about life, not about taking sides in an external social justice movement #IranProtests
Day 3 #IranProtests: Tehran University
Another video sent to me from protest in #Tehran today- “Death to the Dictator!” #IranProtests
Video of demonstrators at the Basij headquarters in #Arak. The Basij forces are a brutal paramilitary force - one of the arms of the Revolutionary Guard (#IRGC) #iranprotests
For more news from #Iran & the region, sign up for my daily emails ---> #Iranprotests
New: In #Zanjan this evening, anti-riot police close the gate of a shopping district, locking protesters inside #IranProtests
Also in #Zanjan this evening, video of protesters confronting anti-riot forces #iranprotests
Yesterday, Uber driver told me his late father, Antonio, always said "People will be lazy until they go hungry." Shout out to all those who understand this & more importantly, to those who live this reality and are trying to give everything they can to change it. #IranProtests
Day 4: Protesters confront anti-riot forces as they march toward Bank Melli in city of #Shushtar, state of #Khuzestan, chanting “Don’t fear! Dont’t fear! We’re all together here!” #IranProtests
Political cartoon circulating in #Iran, reminding the people of their strength against the government. #iranprotests
Since early this morning, many telling me Instagram & Telegram have been blocked off in areas. Many posting, urging friends to use proxy servers to access these sites #IranProtests
Very probable that the government will continue more social media blockages & even an entire Internet blackout, given regime's history of cyber crackdowns & the people's heavy use/reliance on these sites for organizing & civilian reporting. #IranProtests
Another image circulating, demonstrating a low battery life on the mullahs’ regime. #iranprotests
Some examples of the mullahs’ propaganda machine: Schools were closed in #Tehran today for “pollution” & Telegram & Instagram have been blocked for “peace.” Regime has mastered this part quite well. #iranprotests
Today in #Rasht, chanting “Death to the Dictator!” For those asking if movement is dying down, appears it’s gaining momentum in numbers and in cities. There has been, however, a slowdown in sending videos as Telegram & Instagram are blocked in certain areas. #iranprotests
Tonight in #ShahinShahr, #Isfahan, video purportedly shows Basiji vans set on fire by protesters after Basij forces attacked a large group #IranProtests
To better understand protesters’ sentiments-Some more chants today: “We don’t want a mullah nation!” “We’re not Arabophiles; We are Iranian” (referring to $ govt gives Arab countries) “Reza Shah, we apologize!”(Speaking to son of late Shah living in exile in the US) #iranprotests
The irony in all of this is that the Iranians are basically saying they can no longer look the other way when it comes to the regime's terror funding the way Obama & Kerry did. #IranProtests #Hezbollah #Syria #Yemen #Iraq
Day 5: Ten people killed overnight in anti-government protests across several cities in Iran bringing the total number of dead to 12 since the start of #IranProtests
Circulating post asks demonstrators to refrain from using violence and destruction of property, particularly of religious sites #IranProtests
#IranProtests carry on, here in #Kermanshah. Despite rising death toll demonstrators continue radical chant "Death to the Dictator!" An earthquake struck here in November with grievances against govt for lack of aid. The people r asking where the $ went #Syria #Lebanon #Hezbollah
NEW: Iranian police officer shot dead, three wounded in the city of Najafabad, Isfahan province according to a police spokesman. First confirmed police killing likely to raise tensions further #IranProtests

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