The Obama administration reversed all previous policy in dealing with the outlaw thug regime that runs Iran. Instead of isolating it & choking it off, they gave it billions of dollars & free reign to spread terror all over the region.
So I'm not interested in hearing one goddamn thing Obama, Rhodes, Kerry or Samantha Power have to say about the #IranProtests.
We just discovered about a week and a half ago the policy decisions by this group of so called elite geniuses included sabotaging #ProjectCassandra & giving Hezbollah free reign to traffic in drugs and weapons to keep the #MullahMafia happy & help get the Iran Deal done.
As somebody who studied the Iran Deal from the beginning, the revelations about #ProjectCassandra are only the latest in a LONG STRING of exposures of things the Obama White House did to shelter it's Iran Deal.
Not until after the Iran Deal was signed did we find out about all the secret side deals, such as Parchin side deal, that Obama & Co. deliberately kept everyone in the dark about. This happened NUMEROUS times. Note the headline: "Yet another":…
Add on top of this the unfreezing and handing over of billions of dollars to a criminal & terrorist Mafia. Obama & Co. had to know what the Mullah's would use all that $$$ for.

Look at this laughable @Politifact spin:…
Politifact is forced to say "Well yeah we're giving Iran access to $50 billion of it's own money we had control over, but hey, we don't have any evidence they'd actually USE any of this $ to support terrorist groups."
Now add on top OF THAT the fact Obama was caught actually SHIPPING PALLETS OF CASH to Iran as a RANSOM PAYMENT to the Mullah's for the release of Americans. The money was not handed over until the Americans were freed.
Watch this incredible spin @Politifact tries on that: "Sure the handing over of the $ was delayed until the Americans were released, but EXPERTS tell us this was not a ransom."…
"experts tell us" just because we didn't hand the $ over until the Americans were in the air on their way out of Iran doesn't mean this is a ransom, you ignorant wing nuts! 🙄
Following all of this, we were then treated to a YEAR of Iran continuing to - get this! - test and launch ICBM's!
So we spent a year of watching Team Obama patiently explain to all of us that the Iran Deal TECHNICALLY doesn't prevent Iran from developing/testing ICBM's as long as they, you know, don't actually have a nuclear warhead yet to load on it.
According to Obama, Kerry, Power, Rhodes and all these people who gave us this fantastic nuclear deal, Iran was in 'strong' compliance with the Deal we needed to continue lifting sanctions & staying out of their way.
One of the big selling points of Team Obama for the #IranDeal was that once the deal was made, & Iran got the sanctions lifted & we gave them BILLIONS of dollars, they'd be SO HAPPY they'd stop spreading terrorism & proxy wars over the Middle East.
The Iran Deal was signed on July 14, 2015.

As a reward for the lifting of all those sanctions & Obama handing over all those billions of dollars to the Mullahs, what did the world get afterward?
The world got an Iran that INCREASED it's export of terrorism & instability instead of decreasing it.

They HEIGHTENED their involvement in Syria and Yemen. They stepped up their testing/launching of ballistic missiles.
We were told repeatedly after getting this deal done, lifting sanctions, handing over all this $$$, a happier, wealthier Iran regime would be nice, more engaged with the outside world.

Oh they stepped up their engagement, all right. Just not according to the Obama script.
Well doom on them. Top Iranian military forces such as the Quds Force & the IRGC ended up in Syria and Yemen, where they've been slaughtered wholesale.

Turns out beating up on unarmed civilians doesn't prepare you for urban/unconventional combat.
The Iranian people, not having seen any of those billions of $ since the Mullah's spent it all on missiles and support for foreign proxy wars & funding terrorist groups instead, have risen up.

And the Mullah's top military guys aren't around to help them any more.
In 2009, the regular Iranian army would not fire on the Green Rev. protesters. So the Mullah's brought in Basij goons & Hezbollah enforcers to do it.

Most of these hardline soldiers were wiped out in Syria the last 5 years.
The Mullahs took all that cash Obama gave them and stepped up their exporting of terror & instability. But to do that, they had to spread their forces thinner than ever. They don't have the manpower resources they did in 2009.
The Mullah's spent the past weeks coordinating their Hezbollah goons with the Syrian & Hamas forces on the Golan Heights.

Those are guys they NEED back in Iran right now to put down these protests.
So the ONE GOOD THING that might have come out of the whole Syria civil war could be it bled the Iranian military of it's top effective enforcers and now the Mullah's are trapped in a country they can't assert any control over.
Obama & his team's entire vision of the future was a nuclear armed Iran with backing from Russia asserting a hegemony over the region. It couldn't be stopped. It was, we were informed, inevitable. All we can do is delay it, manage how it happens.
Instead of working to weaken & isolate this criminal regime in Tehran, Obama & Co. worked to strengthen it and more strongly establish it, exactly the WRONG thing to do.
And now that the Iranian people have risen up to try to overthrow this criminal Mafia that oppresses them for decades, Team Obama can't find a coherent voice because once again, a false narrative they embraced with totality is being exposed.
Look back at everything they did, all the lies, all the illegal spying, all the deceit, all the subterfuge & hidden side deals.

WHY would you expect these people to have ANY kind of honest take on what's happening now in Iran?
So no, I'm not interested in the slightest to see what Obama, Rhodes, Kerry, Clinton, Powers, or any of them have to say on these #IranProtests.


• • •

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Sep 18, 2020
You know how a jet fighter launches chaff to throw the enemy off the target?

I'm halfway convinced it was the **TRUMP TEAM ITSELF** in the White House sending out people to be anonymous sources spreading these "OMG Kushner is an IDIOT!" stories in the Fake News Media.
Trump is a master of information warfare.

If anybody started putting 2 and 2 together and snooping around what Kushner was up to, I can totally see the White House sending people out to anonymously seed the media with stories like...this:…
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Hi @seanmdav.

For a guy who calls out the Fake News Media an awful lot, you sure seem to trust what they tell you when it suits you.

Somebody who **actually** listened to Wray's testimony **instead of** getting their "Cliff Notes" from the Fake News Media:

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We already saw this movie.

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The only thing **different** about how Comey won't answer the questions put to him by these Congressional commitees [other than the standard "I don't recall"] is he won't be saying:

"I can't comment on that because it's currently part of an ongoing federal investigation."
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To people endlessly asking me if President Trump is aware of and taking steps to combat this whole "Color Revolution" playbook:

Yes, he is aware of it.

Yes, he is taking steps to deal with it.

No, he's not going to tell you what they are.
The biggest assumption people make is because Trump hasn't **publicly rolled out** his strategy for dealing with this threat that is all over the media & we're all talking about it is because....he's blind to it.

Utter nonsense.

Trump does not reveal things until HE'S READY TO DO THAT.

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Yeah. Durham's wrapped.

That's why they are issuing the subpoenas now.…
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While the investigation is ongoing, you wouldn't learn anything from subpoenaing these goons because they'd do what COMEY & STRZOK & Mueller & everybody else did when they testified before Congress.

How many times did you want to hear over and over

"I'm sorry I cannot answer that question because the matter is currently under investigation by the Dept. of Justice" or the dozen of variations to that?

Because THAT'S what you would have heard before now.

You know I'm right.
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