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👉🏼 1. The Bannon/Trump blowout is part of the strategy to drain the corrupt as f**k MSM Swamp. #MegaAnon lays it out and it’s connected to Jared Kushner’s role in negotiating with the Saudi’s, Israel and China. Read on...👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
2. They (Trump/Bannon) told you before the election that they'd destroy the corrupt MSM, in 2 years.

Welcome to year 2.
3. Kushner had a pre-determined temporary role to fill in the admin. He negotiated China, Saudi and Israel. Saudi purged their swamp. Israel is purging theirs to include Mossad and half their elitist money rings operating out of the Deutsche Bank Reference that 12/20 Exec. Order
4. All Israeli dirty money. Saudi and Israel are going to directly fund and manhandle the Iran purge happening now and the Pakistan purge that's coming down with the Abedin/Awan familial regime like the bin Talal's of Saudi.
4. Palestine, Israel and Jerusalem hype were an establishment/media distraction, over impending Iran protests. This really didn't happen over night.

Just as what's going on in Middle East, China and South Korea were brokered by Jared and his relations to handle proxy NK.
5. NK will never nuke us. NEVER. It's impossible, literally. It would've been China who'd have struck us.

Remember, Iran "backdoored" arms deals w/NK, after the nuke deal, right? Wrong.

They sent them in an out of China, the NK proxy arm; another fast & furious deal gone wrong
6. We named NK a terror state.

We sanctioned the s**t out of them.

We denounced partnerships and affiliations with anyone who aided or supplied NK against those sanctions and threatened to cut them off from us, if they did.

Trump noted China was still running oil.
7. “Kim" got trigger happy again.

Trump called his bluff on whose buttons are bigger. key point: who's buttons work. Kim doesn't have a f*ing button. He never did.

CHINA DOES. NK didn't really make a "decision" to reopen DMZ calls with S. Korea, but China made them do it.
8. This was all Kushner. He brokered these things. Why?! It was his temporary job.

Kushner got $258 million loan for Cadré via Soros. You now should realize Soros falls under the December exec order. So do his US based assets, investments and funds, including Cadré.
9. Trump knew this would happen. Jared knew this would happen. Jared doesn't care. Why?!

Who made out from Cadré? Charles Kushner, Jared's corrupt as f**k dad.
10. While Charles was in jail, he made Jared and his brother manage and assume the assets he'd liquidated and diversified to evade tax and asset seizure right after he'd been charged. Jared technically acquired 666 in NYC by name only. He's on papers but it was always Charles.
11. Same goes for Cadré.

Jared got <1200 on his SAT's. How many Cuomo's, Schumer's, Senator Clinton's, etc. did his dad grease the campaigns of to get him into college & Goldman? Jared was not the brains but a legal name who got a paper to play with until Ivanka and Trump.
11. Trump has done a lot for Jared and he's utilized those skills and leveraged his international relationships for good. End of story.

I’ve threaded before on Netanyahu/C Kushner ties. Benji’s a pedo and Charles gave him JK’s room & the boy with it every time he came to visit
12. Bannon is only separating the Trump/Kushner narrative, now that Kushner's job is done, just like Bannon's job and Scaramucci's job were specific, temporary and eventually, done.
13. Now, we just get to watch the MSM swamp drain itself, starting with those who took and spun the bait on this story, starting Monday. (Reference to Trump Tweet about Fake News Media Awards.
14. This now holds all those falsely reporting the bait, who've already tried to start backing off and editing their "reported" Bannon remarks, legally to the fire. This will get turned back on these outlets reporting this s**t falsely.
15. The C&D citing "based on Wolfe's reports" all over it, is intentional. Just please watch as it plays out. It's why I generally say, let s**t like this bake for 24 hrs. before getting worked up.
16. The MSM proves every day they never have to be accountable for retractions, because all that matters is what the first bullshit headlines on fake stories, plants in readers minds.
17. The false narrative is already set and no one pays attention to small font retractions added, edits denoted with * or complete deletions all together.
18. Read this:
19. And this...
20. And finally this and remember what Trump posted about Bannon before.

• • •

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#NoName #McStain #QAnon
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1. #MegaAnon THREAD regarding the AL Election. This is really, REALLY good. You're going to want to follow along. 👇👇🍿📽️🌪️
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THE NEXT SERIES OF POSTS I’M ABOUT TO TYPE are going to REALLY come in handy…especially as we rapidly progress through to the New will get increasing rushes of information at firehose speeds the MSM will try to slow to you, through a bendy straw
3. Remember when I told y'all EXACTLY how Trump felt about HOW this was gonna shake out for Moore, back on 11/15?! Remember when I told y'all in this cap WHY Trump PURPOSEFULLY tipped his hat to Strange via a single tweet endorsement?
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Swamp Draining 101: The true genius of Trump that every #MAGA needs to understand as events begin to unfold. Spoiler alert: surprises are in store for everyone. THREAD 👇👇
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Comey, Mueller, and MANY others, never CHOSE to drown in the swamp. Most of them originally got into politics because they altruistically wanted to serve the public.
2, They had no intention to get sucked into the muck but it happened before they realized what they'd been roped and doped into doing wasn't actually for "national security" or the "protection/defense of the greater good". By then, it was far too late for them.
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