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Who was in charge of 1989 massacre? This report helps Xi.

More on how Xi is putting up a brave fight within. #PRCMyths

Link via @BrigMahalingam ji…
Such things can happen only in China. #PRCMyths

China can never consume even 50% of what it produces. Asian economies are savings oriented. Plus, its economic desperation to a certain extent. 👇


So, @ANI deleted this Tweet.
The retracted tweet is here from @ANI



Exactly. 👍
OBOR is a debt trap. CPEC is curse on Pakistan. #PRCMyths

Two days ago, they used PLA soldiers as models for a photo session. Now, making videos. When will they fight a war, ever?

New Chinese PLA recruitment video aimed at university students.
This will happen soon. Matter of few months. Chinese U-Turn is inevitable. China will need India's help.

So, it was one rogue local commander who did this mess, for a simple ego issue. His name Gen Zhao Zongqi.

This was long suspected. PLA can't do much. Nor, would have Xi ordered it. #PRCMyths

So, one was right. :)

This. :)

Sushant, has written these very points. Happy about it.

Cc: @nitingokhale ji, refer above and this.


That deeper than oceans & higher than mountains, will be dwarfed with this wall? 😁😁

China building wall to prevent infiltration. Xinjiang. 😂

'Black swan' event could threaten China's stability, regulator warns.

Note: He warned just around Sankaranti. :)



Chinese BRI or OBOR will go down the drain. Yesterday's speech at Davis by PM was a catalyst in this.
At times, I unintentionally fall in love with such news. That too, at our adversary - PRC. #Pun

This is how you confuse your adversary. Chinese are clueless. Modi was speaking about Chinese too. Why Chinese doesn't allow foreign cos freely in China.

This explains Doklam. And, the buildup thereafter. Even a few days back. Be careful when you read it. What @rajfortyseven said is equally true as much as what COAS said. Both are speaking truth.
If you refer my tweets during & after Doklam, have been asking people to differentiate what PLA does & what Xi does. While Xi negotiated for overstepping of line by Tibet Region Commander, PLA exceeded brief - clearly. Also their own propaganda machinery (CCGTN & GT).
But, the saving grace is this. Xi is quite happy with Indian moves. Never uttered a single word against Modi - in last 3yrs. But, his PLA is giving him trouble. Now, go back & check what our COAS had said - few days ago.
Our COAS said something similar to this: They're behind the marked line. If they cross & come, we'll see & deal with them. PLA should decide. Get rid of rotten elements. Or else...we'll support your own Nationalist & popular Xi to tame you down. I repeat, PLA is enemy, not Xi.
To know further, just look at the back channel parleys taking place at the behest of China's top leadership with Indian leadership. Something stunning is happening for sure. Maybe, that's what China's Central Bank chief said few days ago. "Black Swan".
I will repeat this for umpteen number of times. As long as Modi trusts Xi, be sure, we need Xi. I said this then, I say it again. And, again.

For those confused, this is what the reports are about. Chinese PLA attempted coup on Xi over anti-corruption drive by Xi. CMC orders violated. (This was just around the same time Doklam happened.) Maybe, PLA wanted to punish Xi & make India attack PRC. India, did NOT for Xi.
So, technically, Xi Jinping is given a face saver. Not PLA. India needs Xi Jinping - for larger scheme of things. Xi will never attack India. Be assured of it.

So, this is what one said then. Now, Wion is reporting stories surrounding it.
#PRCMyths is all about how weak Chinese are INSIDE. Don't get fooled by their OUTLOOK.
What @rajfortyseven said, is being clearly misinterpreted here. For propaganda purposes.…
China declares itself a 'Near-Arctic State'

Hmm...we should also declare them a 'Near-Pluto State'.

Ha ha ha...


Let the Chinese come to us with a begging bowl.


#PRCMyths via @CestMoiz

@CestMoiz Been saying all along, China will come to us with a begging bowl. First step towards that is this. #ASEAN #India #China #PRCMyths
@CestMoiz Epic! Now it makes sense as to why PM Modi spoke of exploitation by certain Nations.

China built brand new $200m African union building, including high-tech computer system, for free. Turns out that the building is riddled with microphones, with the donated computers transmitting all voice data back to servers in Shanghai every night.…
Original Tweet from here.

Let Chinese be threatened, until they come to us, with a mindset to coexist peacefully.

Sad! Am not going to post this with a hash tag. Can understand the pain.)

Makes sense. Don't go by tweet. See what @MD_Nalapat says at the end of the video. :)
Natural course. :)
Why is there not a single statement against ASEAN leaders visiting India. Did they shout? Did I miss something? Pls update me with Foreign Ministry statements. Don't send me PLA media links. :)

It is clearly PLA vs Xi.

** Hope am 100% right on this.
Looking at recent appointments, things are a bit more clear on why Xi is hated by PLA internally. :)

CC: @3nvinyatar - your "tick tock" is here. :)
Gujarat mein kuch toh hua hai. A masterplan of sorts, may be. Who knows, these things are beyond our imagination. But, seeing what is happening, it explains why several times in the past - what Modi does is echoed from Beijing. Several times. Swachch Bharat, Toilets & so on.
One such appointment is now showing its effects at international stage. The very person seems to have played a key role in stopping Doklam & now want to solve OBOR / CPEC issues with India, COME WHAT MAY.
Delhi is interested, if Beijing agrees to Delhi's terms & conditions. Including FULL ACCESS to CPEC. Remember, Afghans don't have access to Wagah. But, Indian trucks will be able to ply to Skardu (PoJK) & Kabul. China will soon come to this. Pakistan is being given Polonium 210.
Kabul - Shashgar - Wagah - Gwadar - Chahbahar. But, after Balochistan & Sindh are freed & PoJK is back to India. Till then, this trade can wait. :)

China should understand, its economy is not important to us more than our sovereignty. You help us, we'll help you.
To that effect, first sign of acceptance has gone from Delhi. Won't be surprised a few U-turns, that are long expected, happens in the coming months. (Name of the appointed person is withheld for obvious reasons).
Probably only very few can understand the above tweets. I am sorry for being very cryptic. I can't help it. Apologies.
Just on expected lines. (This is loosely connected with above tweets.) 😉

Taiwan holds live fire drills amidst rising tensions with China.

(Source: WION)
CIA Chief: "China a greater threat to US than Russia."


Crush their little..........US should first deal with the rise of Leftists in Mexico first. 😁
See? This is the pattern. 👇

China declares intention to improve ties with Japan after threats & intimidation fails
#PRCMyths by PLA media. 😁

In some related news.

Will plug three articles.

Article #1.…
The above articles, have a direct impact. Esp, after Wang Qishan is back. :)

Watch this space for more. :)
Read this, very interesting. By @dipinbharath…
One more. Buying out of hard cash lands you here, sucking out capital. 👇

Meanwhile, in East China Sea area. Japan did a good job. Chinese turned into a coward force.

Amreekans not happy with Want? Wow! What has changed? 😁


China in talks over military base in Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. (Via @YusufDFI)…
Just as expected.


2.11 yrs ago, this was some theory. Now, read above tweets, it's reality. Chinese are actually interested. We'll make our moves soon. 😉
Duterte, is fulfilling the promised... 😉

This is the other side of the coin!… #PRCmyths via (@OosiTappasu)
Read. Laugh.
Just a week after entire ASEAN leadership was in Delhi for R-day. This is happening. Introductory meeting, will not go well for PRC Def Min. 😉…
All in the name of the people, all quiet in Peking? :)
#PRCMyths #OBOR via @biswajeetdash
What!! 😠

How dare USoA calls jokers a threat! FoE!!??

#PRCMyths explained. Even @businessinsider talks about it now.

A global intelligence analyst explains why the ‘real’ China is not the China we think of
In a brazen display of its military might, the neighbouring country has stationed its fighter jets and warships near Tibet. (Via Zee News)…
Lanka - China relationship. 😁

Like you did in Africa? 😂

China can respond if India breaks status quo in disputed border area - Global Times…
Exactly. 😁

Just days after Indian Budget. When bitcoin was announced as illegal & not valid, will be stopped...Chinese did a U-Turn on this.

"Jhukegi duniya...bas....."


DUTERTE rocks! 👍


Sorry! Karachi police is busy with something else. 😁

Ask mercenaries of @AsimBajwaISPR for help from Rangers.…
I can think of only one thing.

"Jab bhi koi chilla raha hai...toh samajh lena Modi ne kahin toh screw tight kiya hai."


Ya, right! 😁
Loyalty can be bought. In China.

HNA needs help from Government. So, "unswerving loyalty to Chairman Xi."


Here you go....

People may LLR (laugh like renuka) reading at this.

Chinese are making all necessary mistakes by speaking out on Maldives. The same clauses & adjectives will be used on them, in SCS. Especially, the sovereignty issue. Pakistan and Nepal should be worried.
Both are jokers.
This was expected a decade ago. @EkamSatt 👇

After banning Muslim's holy book & ramzan rituals, this is what they do outside...far away in Algeria.

Hope these buildings have been bugged with microphones too. 😁

This is where the outflow from PRC needs to be monitored. We're looking at a steep correction.

No, it is NOT sudden. This is what it was, since 2008 crash. More such news will come out. Jiang Zemin, scuttled with data. Some were mocked. 😁


Now, this. 2015 data is itself fake. Fire sale soon? 😂😂😂😂

This Xi Jinping vs PLA is now being discussed even by Western media. 👍

This is the reasons, I say, Xi Jinping won't intervene in *ANY* global conflict. PLA will refuse to fight, if ordered to do so. (Building strong. Basement weak.)…
This one, superbly articulates the China question in Australian politics. Do read.

Finally, someone has said, for what it is. And, called out China, using metaphorical definition of China w.r.t Australia.

The Chinese Police, is fit to be deployed only in peaceful areas. Not in 'peaceful' areas. That's, #PRCMyths.

• • •

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More from @avarakai

Oct 5, 2018
The lady need to be told, that there are not even so many men in India. Secondly, I didn't even know her until I saw your tweet. Hardly anyone know her. Forget abt sending something. If any sent, deserves punishment - after investigation. It is only about bollytards. Not all men.
Mark this. After Bollywood & support industries, the second grade filth is in Media & support industries. Matter of time, things come out from there. Many biggies will fall. High time.
Ask anyone in the industry, which media house conducts a famous party that none would want to miss. It has the saying goes... From booze to boobs to rubber. True stories will send shivers down the spine. Leave it to your imagination. Go figure.
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Sep 10, 2018
Few rants. Don't mind. I have to say this. May at times find many ppl taking sides. I, for one, is a Democrat willing to listen. Don't bring commies. I can hear left tilted ppl too. Certainly not commies. I want a rules based society where rule of law is supreme.
Keep religion away from Govt & keep Govt away from religion. A crime is a crime. Why are we faking this "all are equal before law" when it is in real life hardly is? You messed up with a beautiful constitution. Q&A on Constitutional debates, should be made mandatory for our MPs.
I belong to no party. My preference is public here. I won't jump ship like ppl. For I know that this is the best India's got, with all my grievance. I can listen to my friends that this is working / not working. Best option is to stay put & weed out 'elements'.
Read 6 tweets
Aug 9, 2018
Signs from SM. Kerala flooding will be used as a plank to spew venom between States? Usual suspects leading charge. Not a single word on KL CM until now though. Same ppl who blamed CM for potholes. Fishy.

@rvaidya2000 @surnell
Yesterday, they were all praise for KL CM. Floods wasn't even an issue. So biased these leftist media is. It is down right sickening.

God save Kerala!
KL CM asks TN CM to reduce water level of Mullaiperiyar to 139.

Back in time, the day he took office, he said this. 👇…
Read 27 tweets
Jul 7, 2018
What was once called a theory, by our own ppl, here the facts. Go figure.


Ha! So expected this to happen. Chakan. Miles away from Mumbai. And closer home. Btw, you know why Chakan? Google, which major industry is based there & what growth it had. These are very minute details.


Read 52 tweets
May 23, 2018
@KirenRijiju Shame shame puppy shame.

"US disinvites China from Pacific Rim military exercise"
@KirenRijiju Indo Sino Border dispute and the solution to a resolution ahead. To make a fresh start, let us look at the natural boundary, and move ahead. For the Government of India to take it forward.

Via @Leopard212…
@KirenRijiju @Leopard212 China buckling or trying to save face?

Seems informal talks paying off. "Seems". 😁
Read 65 tweets
Apr 11, 2018
Job done. Tamil Nadu Police, rocks.

Seeman, who's thugs attacked TN police, issues a statement that it was wrong to attack police.

Me: Game has just begun. He'll be screwed with this.

"Sterlite protests has anti-social elements." - Thoothukudi DC

The pattern is same for Jallikattu, NEET, Cauvery, Sterlite, Neutrino Project. Just the cause, is changed. Chaos, remains. L&O is a problem in TN. Better realize it & crush it!


Read 25 tweets

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