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1. Jinnah declared that the Muslims should observe -Friday - December 22, 1939 as Day of Deliverance to mark the cessation of Congress Governments 🤔 !! Mr. Ambedkar stood with Jinnah 🤓
2. Amedkar supported the Day of Deliverance at Bombay in a public meeting organized by the Muslim League in 1939 🤔!! Sir Currimbhoy Ebrahim moved the resolution and Ambedkar seconded it on December 22, 1939 !!
3.The news on ‘ Day of Deliverance ‘ was that both Ambedkar and Jinnah met each other at a public meeting held at Pentiarghat and shook hands 🤔 ‘Day of Deliverance ‘ was first step towards creating Pakistan 😌! Jinnah Became Powerful 😠
4. The meeting Between Shri Bhimarao Ramji Ambedkar, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Erode Venkatappa Ramaswamy Naicker took place at Bombay on January 8, 1940 Again 🤔
5. On 08-01-40, they met Jinnah at his residence and discussed about the current situation of their activities in evening . They discussed about the working of anti-Congress parties🤓
6. It is said that they had also discussed about –

1.The possibility of creating a non-Brahmin opposition group within Congress.
2. Urging Muslims, Scheduled Caste and non-Brahmins to leave Congress and join non-Congress parties.
#CastePolitics took shape
3.Joint action by parties opposed to Congress.
4. Anti-Hindi agitation.
5. Embarrassing Congress and Congress leaders by all means.🙄
#LanguagePolitics took shape 🤔
6.Muslims, non-Brahmins & depressed classes working together.
7. Demand of separate states for Mahars, Muslims and Dravidians.
8.Representing to British Government accordingly

Poison of Caste/Religion & regional was Seeded by these 3 gentlemen in India😠
9. Accordingly, they agreed for the following on That day in 1940-

1. Jinnah and Ambedkar would tour Tamil districts for a month in April or May 1940 and support the demand for Dravidanad (as announced by A. Ponnambalam).

2.EVR and his followers support for the Muslim cause and work together.
3.Ambedkar also would support the Muslim cause.
4. All would create more problems for Congress.
5.Make representations to the British to that effect🤔

Who started Divisive politics🤔?
11.Within 3 months of these Meetings-resolution 4 demand of Pakistan was passed by Jinnah on March 25, 1940 at Lahore session of AIML & within 7 months Dravidastan by EVR on August,1940 at Thiruvarur.🤔
Common Factor- Shri Ambedkar who Is being worshiped 😂😂
12. In January of 1940 these Three Gentlemen discussed about the creation of separate States for Muslims, Hindus, Depressed classes and Dravidians.🤔!! Shri Ambedkar ji was one of them & other one was Jinnah 😟 Who divided the Country & Society 🤔?
13.Ambedkar tried to become a mass politician and tried to exploit the caste feelings & Tried To Take Help Of Muslims for fulfilling his Agenda But Jinnahs were too smart to - Use & Throw Him 😂! They got Pakistan, He got Baba ji ka Thulu🤣 #HistoryWillRepeat😌
14. A picture from History Which traces the ‘Politics Of Hatred ‘ 😌 Created by Few over ambitious Politicians 😠👇🏻 #IndiaFirst
15. In Parliament on September 2, 1953 - Shri Ambedkar ji Said- “I shall be the first person to burn the Constitution. I do not want it, it does not suit anybody.”

And this Gentleman was credited for Writing the ‘Constitution Of India ‘ 🤓
#JaiHo !! #Irony died 1000 deaths 😎
16. Ambedkar ji Formed Several Political Outfits during his Political Career,Sadly all of them had ‘Divisive Agenda ‘🤔
He founded Depressed Classes Federation (DCF) 1930,Independent Labour Party (ILP)1935& Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF)in 1942 🙄
17. All those claiming on My TL That Ambedkar ji was Against Muslim’s-Jogendra Nath Mandal the architect of Dalit-Muslim Equation in undivided Bengal got Ambedkar ji elected to ‘Constituent Assembly’ from Bengal with help of Muslim League after Ambedkar Lost Elections In 1946🤔
18.This Jogendra Nath Mandal Who was First to Exploit Muslim-Dalit equation- and successfully Divided the Society in Bengal- Later Crossed Over To Pakistan In 1947 & became the Minister for Law and Chairman of the Constituent Assembly in Pakistan 🤔 #KnowYourLegacy
19. Jogender Mandal was not only Minister of Judicial, Legislative, Works and Buildings departments but favourite & confidant of Muslim League premier Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy 🤔!!
20. How can we Forget -‘ Direct Action Day’16 August 1946 - also known as Great Calcutta Killings,Took Place When Muslim League’s Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy was Ruling Undivided Bengal 🤔!Ambedkar ji had taken help from this Government for reaching Constituent Assembly In 1946 😎
21. You can find Some info on ‘ Direct Action Day ‘ or ‘Great Calcutta Killings ‘ in this Tweet Series 👇🏻
( Remember- Ambedkar ji Took Help From Same Muslim League In 1946, 😌) #Sad

Well , There was a time when Shri Ambedkar was Close to Muhammad Zafarullah Khan 🤔 Khan was one of the most vocal proponents of Pakistan and led the case for the separate nation in the Radcliffe Commission which created ‘ Pakistan ‘ ☹️ !

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Sep 16, 2018
Sometimes, Mrs Sonia Gandhi has also stayed in the house of Mr Quattrocchi 🤔!!

“He met Sonia 21 times after Rajiv's Death “ - screamed an article in @IndiaToday , Circa - 2011 😉
It seems - From roughly 1980 to 1987 – Indira Gandhi's final years and Rajiv Gandhi's honeymoon years – Quattrocchi had the Midas touch. No deal was refused to him & he Cornered about 60 projects worth Thousands Of Crores- for ‘Snamprogetti ‘ - in India Via Madam Sonia 😌
During H.D. Deve Gowda's prime ministership in 1997, Mr. Gosain (Gosain served as the personal security officer of Sonia) deposed before the CBI, and in the course of his testimony, spoke at length about the close ties between the SoniaG and Quattrocchi 😌
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Sep 4, 2018
1. #NOTA is a Method to Robbing the Citizens Of Their Voting Rights 🤔

Story of #NOTA is Interesting 😉

In 2009 , #EC said to Supreme Court - “ Government is not agreeing to NOTA “ !
2. ‘The People’s Union for Civil Liberties ‘ which is an NGO had filed a public interest litigation statement to favour NOTA 🤔!!

Ohh , just to mention- Mr. Binayak Sen, was once - vice president of People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)🤓
3. #flashback Mr. Binayak Sen was convicted for sedition and given life imprisonment by a Raipur sessions court in 2010. The supreme court granted him bail later😒
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Aug 27, 2018
Yes #Moron , Rajiv G was so devastated after hearing the news of his mother’s death - in plane from Kolkata- They started discussing- How to make him next PM 😏!!

Mr. Siddiqui , Stop lying on twitter- We have Elephant’s memory 😡
Now , Let me take you ‘ Down the Memory Lane ‘ 🤓...
“Immediately after take-off( from Kolkata) , Rajiv went into the cockpit. After some time, he came back and announced, ‘She is dead’.. .. Rajiv was exceptionally calm and displayed total control ...”( Via -Pranab Da’s memoir)
“I took Rajiv to the rear of the aircraft and requested him to take over as Prime Minister. His immediate question to me was, ‘Do you think I can manage?” ( Via -Pranab Da’s memoir)

Rajiv G was eager to become PM after his mother’s assassination 🙄? Who asks such question?
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Aug 6, 2018
Well,Let’s remember some forgotten facts - “The head of investigating commission-Justice M. P. Thakkar, described Mr. Dhawan's responses to questioning on assassination as unreliable and said that ‘needle of suspicion significantly points to his complicity or involvement.'' 😈
The judge Mr. Thakkar noted - the manner in which Mr. RK Dhawan purportedly delayed a television interview by half an hour on day of assassination, a delay that enabled guards to swap duties with other personnel and be in striking range of Mrs. Gandhi🤔 !!
30 + Bullets we’re fired, Target Killed But a Fellow walking with target didn’t even get a scratch 🤔?? Shri R K Dhawan was walking with IndiraG on that Day 😏
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Jun 28, 2018
Army Has Kept This Table Ready For The Past 45 Years, Waiting For Those Who Didn't Return In 1971 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Correction-47 Years 🙏🏽
This Table is In the Cadet's Mess at the National Defence Academy, the largest Mess in Asia & table set for one, with the chair tilted forward since 1971.
The placard on the table reads: “The table set is small, for one, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner against his oppressors. The single rose displayed in a vase reminds us of the families and loved ones of our comrades-in-arms who keep their faith awaiting their return 😌
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Jun 14, 2018
How many #Moron might have heard about ‘ Tom Reiner ‘ being on spot at the time when Mahatma was assassinated in that — Video released by @INCIndia 🤔 !! They are fooling the public again - be careful 🙏🏽
Herbert Thomas "Tom" Reiner Jr. (September 21, 1916 – December 28, 1999) was an American diplomat who played a key role in capturing Mahatma Gandhi's assassin(?) Nathuram Godse 😱
Reiner began his diplomatic career in late September 1947, arriving some time thereafter in the new American embassy in the Diplomatic Enclave in New Delhi 🤔
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