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White Beard and Black Beard were seated in large comfortable chairs across each other in a simple room, sipping Assam tea.

The wall facing them had several niches in a neat array, each with a diya glowing steadily. Behind them historical stalwarts gazed from their portraits. 1/
White Beard, lost in distant thoughts, recited some lines:

वो जितने अँधेरे लाएंगे मैं उतने उजाले लाऊंगा
वो जितनी रात बढ़ाएंगे मैं उतने सूरज उगाऊंगा
इस छल फ़रेब की आंधी में मैं दीप नहीं बुझने दूंगा...

In came Andhakar slowly and hissed, "Namaste!"

A diya got snuffed out. 2/
White Beard was shaken out of his reverie even as Black Beard stood up to light the diya.

Holding an old-style phone in his hand, Andhakar sibilated in a low whisper, "Radiation causes cancer." More diyas were snuffed out.

"Is that what you came for?" retorted White Beard. 3/
Black Beard came back and shouted at Andhakar, "Sit down and do not hiss!" Andhakar took out a ribbon from his pocket and started fidgeting with it.

"I don't understand why you retain him," said Black Beard to White.

Meanwhile, a little girl sitting in a corner came forward. 4/
She had a cherubic face that radiated wonder. Her eyes were intelligent and curious, but with a tinge of anxiety. In her hand was a deck of playing cards whose top faces had the Aadhar motif. A Joker lay on the ground.

"Why are you tired, #Tina?" asked White Beard, concerned. 5/
Tina had materialized magically after the incredible election win in 2014, and both the Beards had adopted her lovingly. She turned out quite happy and healthy, until now.

She looked at White Beard, but did not reply.

"Is it Andhakar?" asked Black Beard, as Andhakar cringed. 6/
"Him?" she pointed at Andhakar. "He doesn't matter to me."

"Then who troubles you? Annē Cessarey?" asked Black Beard. "Or is it the Dhimmendra Duo?" added White.

Andhakar asked feebly, "Is it Torn Kurta and his new chaddi-buddies?"

Tina opened her mouth, but didn't reply. 7/
White Beard, reading her unspoken words, said, "The newly evoluted Torn Kurta is worrying you, hmm?"

Black Beard said, "We are firing on all LPG cylinders, Tina! Sam Osa-ji is building 130 kms of road every day. Visalakshi-ji is giving 260 visas every day. What can Kurta do?" 8/
Tina shouted, "You know why I am tired? None of you tells me anything, and what you do doesn't make sense. All I hear are Torn Kurta jokes. I am sick of them."

White and Black Beard exchanged glances, and then said as one voice, "Do you want Vikas to talk to you more often?" 9/
Even as the Beards summoned Vikas, Tina shouted, "I can't bear this boredom. I need story books and comic books, not these workbooks!" Angrily, she strode out of the room.

Vikas tottered in, lean and frail, as if he'd had no nourishment for some days. White Beard was aghast! A/
From a basket nearby, White Beard picked up a handful of dry fruits to give to Vikas.

As he extended his hand, three incredibly corpulent people, like orca fat, dressed similarly in white pants and shirt materialized magically in front of him, extending *their* greasy palms. B/
Black Beard raised his eyebrows. "Babus!" he spat out! "You cannot dole out anything without them around."

An unctuous smile adorned their oily faces. "We will take care of Vikas," said one of them, stretching his pudgy hands, the flabby fingers decked with huge golden rings. C/
White Beard dropped the dry fruits in one of their greasy palms. All the cashews, pistachios, walnuts and almonds disappeared into the palm and what remained was one tiny shriveled raisin, which the Babu grudgingly gave to Vikas.

The Babu's girth increased ever so slightly. D/
Black Beard said, "No wonder Vikas is stunted!"

In an effort to intimidate them, White Beard took the Aadhar playing cards that Tina had left, and asked them to pick one.

One of them pulled out the Queen of Diamonds. "We've house-trained Annē Cessarey!" they laughed smugly. E/
Saying so, they vanished.

Suddenly remembering the other kid, White Beard asked, "How is Ram?"

"Still sleeping," said Black Beard.

"We should probably wake him up."

An old man dressed in an all-black gown materialized magically and said, "Not until I allow you to, OK?" F/
"Who are you to allow us?" bristled Black Beard.

"Well," said the black gown suavely, "let's not be hasty! We have more important things to pass our verdict on, OK? A few more decades will not destroy your civilization, OK?"

Andhakar, who was still sitting nearby, twittered. G/
"Milord," asked White Beard sarcastically, "What is it now? The thickness of agarbathis? The viscosity of ghee? The length of sindoor in micron?"

The black gown said, more to himself, "Ah! I have an idea!" and promptly vanished.

Meanwhile, the djinn appeared out of nowhere. H/
"It's a shame," he shouted at the Beards, "that Kumbhakarnas are wide awake in your rule, and you have the audacity to let Ram sleep!"

Although the Beards squirmed, the saffron-clad djinn continued, "If *you* don't wake him up now, Torn Kurta surely *will* in a few months." I/
"Yes, we should," said White Beard sheepishly.

The djinn retorted, "Goswami Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitamanas so that the common people could appreciate the life of Ram. You cannot even explain your *own* achievements to the common people! Haven't you learned anything at all?" J/
On seeing Tina peeping out of her room, the djinn told the Beards, "If you want her to remain here, wake up Ram. Let him take care of Tina and Vikas."

Andhakar was hiding behind a chair. The djinn looked at him and raised his right hand. All diyas started glowing brightly. /END

• • •

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Oct 6, 2018
"Who will you vote for?" asked Moh diffidently, for she knew the responses she would get.

"Ugh!" said Eeny with disgust. "Who goes to vote?"

"I heard there is no AC in those trolling booths," added Meeny.

"Polling booths," corrected Moh.

Mynie just shuddered at the thought.
"I meant," lied Moh, "that if you were to *hypothetically* vote for someone who would that be?"

Eeny said, more to herself, "I *love* those dimpled cheeks."

"Me too," said Meeny.

"I adore his dimples too," said Mynie. "He was bloody brilliant in Chak De!"

They all laughed.
"How about Modi?" asked Moh.

Three glasses of wine met the floor at an acceleration of 9.8 m/s² and the spilled wine looked like blood on the shards.

Three pairs of baleful eyes stared at Moh. She was made of sterner stuff than the broken glass.

"How about Modi?" she repeated.
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Sep 30, 2018
Nehrendra Chol̠an was the greatest ruler of the Chol̠ā dynasty, whose influence extended to all past, present, future, and unknown regions of the Universe.
I once travelled with a most scholarly taxi driver when in Sangiliyandapuram. A Vulcan, he talked about how Nehrendra and Spock helped sustain Indo-Vulcan ties. Nehrendra gave Vulcans their salute. Live Long and Prosper. 🖖
The carpenter from Krappatti who conned me into refurbishing my kitchen was most knowledgeable. An elf, he talked about how Nehrendra and Elrond worked for Indo-Elven ties. Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo.
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Sep 29, 2018
The bubbly quartet walked in and took their usual nook in the terrace bar.

Eeny ordered Cabernet Sauvignon, a suave name for a wine, and along with it, some hors d'oeuvres, a sophisticated name for chakhna.

"Supreme Court finally allows women inside that temple," started Eeny.
Meeny, who had never been to a temple in her life, rolled her eyes up. "Why would anyone go to a temple? It's just oh-so-superstitious."

"Ugh!" chimed in Mynie, who considered her last visit to a temple when she was 3 as a trauma to be remembered.

Moh was sipping her wine.
"It's not about you or me, fellas, but all Hindu women who have been oppressed for centuries by the inherent patisserie," said Eeny, picking up a phrase from some article she had read.

"Patisserie?" asked Moh, feeling hungry. "Did you mean patriarchy?"

"Whatever!" said Eeny.
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Sep 27, 2018
God said, "Let there be Light," and there was light.

And the Light was bright, and God said, "Yippee!"

And God made a vessel to hold the light, and said, "Behold, for this is Lamp!"

It so happened that the light was extinguished and the lamp was broken, and God was dismayed.
And God said unto Herself, "What the," and left the statement incomplete.

And God looked around the enveloping darkness and saw a dark Shape ominously approaching.

The dark Shape said unto God, "You may be the Lady of Light but I am the Doyen of Darkness. I am Andhakar."
And God saw Andhakar, a black outline against the darkness , his black eyes set in a dark face with black hair and black beard.

And God asked unto Andhakar, "What is in your hand?"

And Andhakar lifted his hand and Lo! Behold! A black ribbon appeared and Andhakar cut it atwain.
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Sep 26, 2018
#TeamBOTCH reads the googly well. Surprise. And a dot ball.

What a way to get out by #TeamBJP. Flopping the bat like a sword. Hit wicket. (90000 ₹)
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Sep 23, 2018
Rahul, Kejriwal, and Trudeau walked into a bar.

The bartender saw them, took a deep breath, looked up at the sky-themed ceiling, and said to himself, "It's gonna be a long day."

The bartender greeted them and turned to Rahul, who was in his best torn kurta and untorn jeans.
"Sir, what would you like to have?" he asked.

Rahul grinned confidently and said, "Let me ask you the question. What would *you* like to have?"

The bartender swore under his breath, "I would like to have this evening off."

"Royal Salute? Scotch?" he ventured with a smile.
Rahul's face changed as the grin devolved into a smile and evolved into a frown.

"Royal Salute? Scotch?" he echoed, and called Pidi, who was always there wherever he went.

"Write a tweet," he bellowed in a mellow manner for his voice was not meant to carry far.

Pidi waited.
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