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Some (more) thoughts on #Shithole - specifically the narrative that African immigrants are highly educated. American politics is colouring the argument in ways that stop a useful debate
A simple question to ask is this - how is it that immigrants from a poor continent and countries with overall terrible education systems are sending highly educated people to America? It’s worth a ponder
Important to note - unlike Australia or Canada, America’s immigration system does NOT select for skills or education per se. 70% of immigration to America is ‘family reunion’. They don’t have a points based system (Trump wants this)
The answer is simple - African countries are doing the discrimination work themselves without America needing to do it. There is a ‘points based system’ if you want to leave Africa for America. The points are money and education, things which 80% of Nigerians don’t have
Logically you can see how this plays out. The Africans who don’t ‘score enough points’ to leave by themselves are the ones you see going through Libya or all sorts of places in Latin America uk.reuters.com/article/us-usa…
The number of highly educated Nigerians in America is only going to increase in fact. A not insignificant number of Nigerians are having kids in America (“anchor babies”). To score enough ‘points’ for this you need at least $10k - 90% of Nigerians disqualified already
It’s a bit like Justin Trudeau declaring visa free travel to Canada for Mexicans in 2016. Nothing to worry about - since Canada doesn’t have a land border with Mexico, you have already screened out the Mexicans who are too poor to get on a ✈️
Now before anyone calls me a hypocrite - I’m an immigrant myself. Moving to Britain is the single best thing that has happened to me in terms of personal development. I highly recommend it and will never discourage anyone from doing so
We weren’t rich when I moved here but my uncle gave me a letter to the High Commission and they gave me a visa without even opening the envelope with all my documents inside it.

I just wish there was a way to select talented immigrants out of Africa sans money and education
So simply repeating that African immigrants are highly educated and so Trump is something something a racist white supremacist is just blowing gas. And this is why I hate using ‘racist’ like some kind of lightsaber in arguments.

Rant over

• • •

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Oct 5, 2018
Yesterday I listened to an audio recording of a phone call between 2 people. Some random chap and a lady who appears to be a state of the Lagos Taxman, LIRS. They were discussing the many sins of Ambode and why he’s lost his seat
As @RemiAdekoya1 pointed out, a skillful politician relieves you of the burden of having to think for yourself. So the first sin they attributed to him was ‘deviating from the Lagos Masterplan’. Well done to Tinubu for this genius narrative
But as I’ve said before, economic development comes down to whah people believe. And that conversation showed that you’re not going to get a Singapore out of Nigeria anytime soon. The country is destined to remain this way for a while
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Sep 26, 2018
But the Nigerian Govt does NOT know how to spend money. There is simply no capacity or institutional knowledge or pipeline through which what you’re saying they should have done could have been achieved. Quite harsh
Saving was fine to do. Mobilising the private sector to roll with the government in the same direction is the tricky but most beneficial part. The current Govt does not even believe in that so it’s a non starter
Imagine the FG announcing something like New Deal right now. It will be an absolute nightmare. Go back to Keynes - if you concentrate economic power in Govt hands you encourage people to mobilise and make unrelenting demands on Govt
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Aug 20, 2018
Today is Monday, which means it's a good day to remind you that Buhari and his acquiescent party, APC, were 100% responsible for the economic crisis 2016. The recession was avoidable and caused by them. Issa thread
In 2008 July, oil prices hit a high of $147/barrel. Life was good and the cash was flowing in reuters.com/article/us-mar…
Yet by December, the usual swing had happened and oil prices dropped below $40/barrel. One of the biggest falls ever seen in recent times and definitely a bigger fall than the one in 2014 theguardian.com/business/2008/…
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Jul 25, 2018
To start, I view Nigeria today as the sum total of policies today and those taken in the past. In that sense, I like to view Nigeria as the result of ideas. If you do A, you shouldn’t expect any other result than B. @TheLiberalForum @nonso2 #TheLiberalForum
So Nigeria today is working as designed, whether the design was intentional or not. As bleak as things might be now, there’s a real chance - for this generation - to un-design a lot of what’s clearly gone wrong @TheLiberalForum #TLFPoliceTownhall
Every successful country I can think of went through a period when the ideas were good, the better of reform was grasped and real change came about. Not often painless or easy but it was done nonetheless #TLFPolicyTownhall @TheLiberalForum
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Apr 20, 2018
I'm still vexed by Buhari's comments on education. So I want to do a thread with some numbers to show how shallow his thinking on this matter is
So, companies in Nigeria, by law, pay 2% of their profits as an education tax. Now on a good day, this is a very good and stable source of funding for education that can do good stuff. But Nigeria has turned this on its head
The money goes into TETFUND. According to a NEITI audit 5 years ago, N366bn went into this fund between 2007 and 2011. This is money that supplements the FG's education budget
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Mar 8, 2018
Never looked into Visionscape before yesterday. Just took the ‘story’ at face value. A bit of digging now and ...sigh. What a hot steaming pile of 💩
This company - ABC Sanitation (wicked people tell me it’s Alpha Beta) owns 15% of the Visionscape SPV. On their website you can’t see any information about who they are abcs.com.ng
So I went to check out the CSH Environmental that’s UK based. At least it’s been around for a bit. But note the company’s address - same place as Visionscape in the U.K.
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