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A little Seth Rich Thread for your Sunday Afternoon, just some thoughts and facts in this Investigation... Let's look into Brad Bauman, Rod Wheeler, Detective Joey DellaCamera, and what we know is being said. #AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
In April of 2017, Detective Joey DellaCamera met in Private Investigator Rod Wheelers Maryland Office. DellaCamera made some very interesting statements that contradict what was said in an Audio Interview by DNC Crisis Fixer Brad Bauman. Who now speaks for the Rich Family.
“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the DC police or FBI headquarters.” -Rod Wheeler
“My investigation shows someone within the DC government, Democratic National Committee or Clinton team, is blocking the murder investigation from going forward,” Wheeler said. “That is unfortunately (sic). Seth Rich’s murder is unsolved as a result of that.” -Rod Wheeler
At this point, DellaCamera voluntarily stated that the whole “conspiracy” story really “threw things off with the investigation.” He heard that Seth was an email leaker; however, he states, #SethRich #DellaCamera #RodWheeler
When asked specifically was there any information located on any of Seth’s computers that would indicate that he did in fact send emails to WikiLeaks, DellaCamera replied, “there is certain information that I can’t provide regarding the case itself, and I hope you understand"
"and I hope you understand, like I said, I can’t reveal detailed information about the case itself.” “I have strict, strict rules by my bosses, because of what this case is, that says don’t provide information out, other than what is already publicly out there. -Det DellaCamera
"I just can’t go into detail with what I know.” -Detective Joey DellaCamera, Washington D.C. Homicide Detective on the Seth Rich Case. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
At this time DellaCamera was asked is it a possibility that emails were found on Seth’s computer related to the DNC and this could be a motivation for his being killed? DellaCamera replied, “anything’s possible; I can’t say one way or the other…..” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
I (wheeler) haven’t been able to rule out that someone from the DNC could have been responsible for Seth’s death. DellaCamera was asked, “were you aware that Seth was having problems with two supervisors at his job (DNC) #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Wheeler "and he was very emotionally upset because of his problems at the DNC? DellaCamera replied, “I was aware that there were problems, but I don’t know who the supervisors were that he was having problems with.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Now let's stop the press one second in this thread... You mean to tell me that you're a Homicide Detective working on an unsolved murder of a Democrat Director of Staff.. You know he was having problems with his Superiors at the DNC, and you don't know who they are? #SethRich
One would think Detective Joey DellaCamera, that if one was doing his/her said job as a Homicide Detective, you would know the names of the DNC Supervisors a MURDER victim was having issues with, in the workplace? No? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Next, Detective DellaCamera was asked if he was aware that Seth received money from Wikileaks in exchange for the emails? Did you look into his (Seth’s) financial records? “again, I can’t go into details with specifics about the case such as that…I really can’t" #SethRich
Nothing against you, Rod but I’m just not trying to get myself jammed up.” DellaCamera was asked, “so the higher-ups in the department are very aware of this case?” He replied, “Oh yeah, for sure.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Washington D.C. Police Homicide Detective Joey DellaCamera stated, “honestly, put it this way, if Seth worked anywhere else other than the DNC, nobody would give a shit about his death." #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
DellaCamera was asked, “so why is that?” He replied, “again, it goes back to the DNC…a political organization and it all started stemming from around the time of the election..and it sounds like someone was trying to ruffle feathers…I mean that’s what I think.” #SethRich
Wheeler asked DellaCamera, “but Seth’s death could have been a hit, ordered by the DNC, right? He replied, “um, me personally, I don’t think it was a hit because he wasn’t shot in the head. If you’re going to kill somebody, you’re going to make sure that they die… #SethRich
Seth didn’t die right away…he lived for a while and died at the hospital.” Detective DellaCamera stated to Rod Wheeler. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Wheeler asked, “and he never made any statements as to who could have shot him?” DellaCamera replied, “I can’t go into detail about that (sniff)….um, I just can’t Rod.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Wheeler asked, “so it is possible that he could have said something in terms of who did it (shot him). DellaCamera hesitated, and said, “um…it’s possible: anything is possible…..” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
“I mean, what I’m getting at with it being a hit, I mean, if you want somebody dead where is the one place you’re going to shoot them…in the head right. You want to make sure they’re dead…not shoot them in some other part of the body where you don’t know if they’re dead or not"
Detective Joey DellaCamera, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Homicide Detective "you don’t know if they’re going live to give information out, and you might get yourself caught, that’s why everybody got their theories. I got mine.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AFMG
DellaCamera was asked, “here’s a fair question, can we rule it out that Seth’s death is definitely not related to the job?” #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
“we can’t rule anything out….” “I feel that if its related to the DNC, at some point, it may come out.” “If somebody gets locked up, and they’re like, I’m taking the heat for this, and their approached about somebody else, I feel like somebody’s going to start snitching then.”
DellaCamera stated, “You’ve been looking into this yourself, and, and, you have investigative experience, and like we said, anything is possible right. Until we get somebody locked up, we just don’t know. Anything’s possible.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
“Look, look Rod, please, please do not quote me on anything…..I don’t need that shit coming back on me..if I’m quoted, I will probably be reassigned to CCB somewhere…..moving property around." -Detective Joey DellaCamera #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
"There’s certain details of the case that we just can’t renewal to anybody, just for the integrity of the case. But, do what you got to do for your business and the news story, but please don’t, don’t throw me under the bus Rod.” -Det DellaCamera #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
Wheeler asked, has the investigation shown that Seth received any money from anyone such as WikiLeaks during that time period. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
“I don’t know. I need to go back and look at his financial records. I didn’t notice anything back then when I looked, but it’s been a while. And if he (Seth) did receive any money, who knows where he put it at… #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Detective Joey DellaCamera: "Especially if he did receive money. Maybe he stashed it somewhere else..and we just don’t know.” #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Wheeler asked, “did your review of Seth’s computer reveal that any emails went out to WikiLeaks?” DellaCamera replied, (after a long pause), "well, well…there’s stuff on there that, it’s its, emails are sent everyday….um…the context of the emails I can’t get into the details"
Detective DellaCamera "um, again, I don’t have anything pointing the finger at the DNC other than the conspiracy theories. Nobody has come to me with direct information and provided detailed information about the DNC being involved somehow." #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AFMG
Now let's look at what was revealed in this Conversation between Detective Joey DellaCamera and Private Investigator Rod Wheeler..

1) Detective Joey DellaCamera refused to talk about what was on Seth Rich's Computer.. Refused... Now let that sink if if nothing was there..
2) Detective Joey DellaCamera wouldn't state anything also about the Hospital... Just that Seth Rich lived for a little bit.. Again, this is probably what he was told by those put in place. There is ZERO proof of this, nor evidence. Keep in mind they tried to hide the Hospital.
3) Brad Bauman states in Audio that we have, it's been released before that the Family sat down with Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police and reviewed the laptop. We know this isn't true, and we can prove it. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Brad Bauman for those that aren't up to speed on this Investigation is the DNC Crisis Fixer assigned to the Family by the DNC. He was assigned 24 hours after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange mentioned Rich unprompted on a Dutch TV Program 30 days after the murder of Seth Rich
Brad Bauman also when the reporter recording him asks about the FBI's involvement in unlocking the devices gets very angry and says "The FBI was NEVER EVER EVER EVER involved in this investigation"... They don't want you to know they were involved. We know they were. FOIA's SOON!
Attorney @Ty_Clevenger will be working with our Team on the Investigation, he's a True Patriot who wants the truth! Stay tuned, and make sure you are following Ty and his website
So in the Audio Interview, Brad Bauman refused to name the Hospital, the reporter does a great job in asking "Why, I've never heard that before" Bauman states "Because it's an ongoing Investigation." This is because they wanted to eliminate as many pieces of the puzzle. #SethRich
If you're paying attention, they want this Investigation to go away.. The more facts, details they leave out, the harder this is to solve. They know.. They absolutely without a shadow of a doubt know this was no botched robbery. They are doing everything to cover up this murder.
Brad Bauman claims he was asked by the Family to step in about 3 weeks after the Murder, however Joel Rich is quoted in other publications stating he doesn't know how Bauman was assigned to them? Which is it? #SethRich #BradBauman #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Brad Bauman states that Attorney's sent Rod Wheeler a Cease and Desist to not talk about Seth Rich any further.. Now why would they do that? What does Rod Wheeler possibly know, or have? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Brad Bauman states that Rod Wheeler was doing more harm than good.. Then he also states that "This is a question for the Attorney's" Brad Bauman is talking out of both sides of his ass... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #BradBauman
Brad Bauman states that "Anything that might have been said by Seth Rich to Criminal Investigators are a matter for the Investigators to follow up on" #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Brad Bauman "It kills me that I can't talk about that"..... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #BradBauman
Brad Bauman States that the Laptop never left the family of Seth Rich... Then why did Police issue a Warrant at 9AM and take possession of the Laptop? Furthermore, why did Aaron Rich in February post on his personal Facebook Page asking if anyone had contacts to Cellebrite?
I mean, would you really need to ask if any of your friends have contact with an Israeli Digital Forensics Company named Cellebrite, who just happens to work with the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police and the FBI.. If the laptop stayed in the Family's possession.. #SethRich
I mean, this guy works for Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police... Oh... and guess what he specializes in.... Cellebrite...

You know Brad Bauman... Just more Conspiracy Theories from your friends at America First Media Group & Investigations.. We're probably way off here ;)
Brad Bauman is adamant that Seth Rich didn't have access to the emails, even went as far to bring up Podesta... Even though it's been proven that Podesta's emails were phished
Brad Bauman in Interviews really likes to push the so called Job offer from the Hillary Clinton campaign. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Brad Bauman said that Kim DotCom is Lying... Those are bold words if Kim Doctom isn't bluffing... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Brad Bauman also tells the reporter that Kim Dot Com could be subject to Legal Proceedings from the Family... How so Brad? Kim Dotcom isn't even a United States Citizen... The Hypocrisy of the Left is astounding. #SethRich #KimDotCom #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Brad Bauman claims that the reason for the Cease and Desist put on Rod Wheeler is because Rod Wheeler is in Breach of the Non Disclosure Contract that he had with the Rich Family. #SethRich #BradBauman #RodWheeler #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Brad Bauman states that he's not allowed to talk about anything Criminally related to the Seth Rich Investigation. Although he has no problem giving his opinions that he can't prove, and or back up.. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #BradBauman
Let's talk about what we can back up... Shall we...

Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the DNC.. He was shot and killed in the streets of Washington D.C.

CIC Shotspotter picked up shots fired at 4:19 AM on the early morning outs of Sunday July 10th
There were 6 Officers that responded in the Fifth District of Washington D.C. to the shooting of Seth Rich. Four of the Six Responding Officers were wearing Body Cams. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
The Body Cams despite multiple FOIA's being requested by America First Media and others representing us have all been denied on the body cam footage of Seth Rich's murder. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Liz Lyons, the Privacy Officer for Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police has claimed that the Body Cams are either not relevant to the Investigations, or may have been misplaced. She has a background working for DHS and the Comey/McCabe/Mueller FBI.... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
Per Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police's own General Orders, Body Cams when murder is involved must be kept for 65 years.... So where are they Washington D.C. Police? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Ambulance #17 which is part of Engine #6 was the first on the scene from DCFEMS, and they arrived at 4:33 AM. Seth Rich was then secured and arrived at MedStar Hospital in Washington D.C. at 4:48 AM. We've talked to other First Responders, who said this is not out of the ordinary
Seth Rich underwent Emergency surgery at the hands of MedStar Trauma Surgeon Christine Trankiem, who also operated on Congressman Steve Scalise.. She Pronounced Seth Rich at 05:57 AM after not being able to revive him on the operating table. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
One of our Private Investigators on our Team Bill Pierce spoke to the Medical examiner who did the Autopsy on Seth Rich for about 20 minutes. This is all that his office would put in writing for our Team because its' still an open Investigation according to Metro DC Police.
Gunshot wounds to the Torso can mean a lot of things, but the Medical Examiner specifically told Bill Piece and I on the phone that Seth Rich succumbed to his wounds. He also had one of his assistants tell us the same thing in writing via an email. If he's lying, we'll know soon.
According to Joe Capone, the General Manager of Lou's City Bar, Seth Rich was at his bar in Washington D.C. the night of the murder. Joe event went on a 2016 Crime Watch TV Show with Chris Hansen and claimed this. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Months later Joe Capone went on the record with other people stating he wasn't even working at the bar that night. Yet in the Crime Watch TV Interview he claims he offered Seth a Cab, or to stick around and get a ride home. He even states "Seth said he was going somewhere else"
That's multiple stories that Joe Capone has either lied or changed his story in an open Murder Investigation. That's called a Suspect in ANY Investigation. Joe Capone also visited the White House on July 6th, just a few days before the murder of Seth Rich #SethRich #AFMG
A little more on Joe Capone, He's also featured in the Re-Election Campaign of Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser... Just more Facts Over Feelings Moments.. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Liz Lyons the Privacy Officer over the body cams for Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police just happened to visit the White House on July 12th, 2016... Just two days after the murder of Seth Rich.. Now what could they have been talking about Mr. Obama... #SethRich
Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser visited the White House on July 8th, 2016... Why did so many of these people involved in the Investigation of Seth Rich's murder visit the White House before and after the murder America? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Cathy Lanier, the Police Chief at the time of the Seth Rich Murder, resigned 30 days after the murder. She went from making $250K per year to a 2 Million Dollar Salary as the Head of Security for the National Football League.. #ClintonFavors #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AFMG
Cathy Lanier and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser pictured below. Make no mistake about it, these Women controlled what happened in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Kurt Alder, who rose extremely fast to the rank of Asst Chief of Police under Lanier, was also the head of the ISB (Investigation Services Bureau) under Lanier. Which means all Homicide Detectives reported to him. He left in May of 2017 to join Lanier at the NFL... #SethRich
So it went like this...

Detective Joey DellaCamera..

They were told to Stand down in this Investigation, there's no other explanation.

Seth Rich is the ONLY Caucasian unsolved murder in the District of Columbia in a decade..
Seth Rich is the only murder in the last 18 months in the District of Columbia to not have a YouTube Video about the murder from Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police... Let that sink in... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Let's talk about one of the roommates of Seth Rich who wished to remain anonymous in the Washington Post... Probably because he was telling a lie, and knew this could come back to bite him in the ass.. He stated "He was probably walking home from his girlfriends house" #SethRich
Why are so many people remaining anonymous that gave statements in a case that's supposed to be a botched robbery? There's another telling point that people need to let sink in.. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
The Family was put in touch with Ed Butowsky, a very wealthy individual who is also the reason Americans know about Benghazi, and other key things. Ed's a Patriot, and he wanted to help. Ed offered to pay for the services of a Private Investigator. #SethRich #EdButowsky
One more thing on Alder... He went from a Captain to a Commander to an Asst Chief in record time. 2 years or so. Unheard of for anyone who's ever served in or knows anything about how Law Enforcement works.. #SethRich #Alder #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Let's talk about the former Girlfriend of Seth Rich, Kelsey Mulka... Multiple People Friends and Family confirmed to America First Media Group that they were in fact broken up at the Time of the murder. Broken up for several weeks one Family member told me personally. #SethRich
Now why would the entire Family, Roommates, Friends, and Colleagues lie about the relationship status of Seth Rich and Kelsey Mulka? The Coverup is real here America, and we can prove it. Now we're on track for the killers. Join us! #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AFMG
The fact that Kelsey Mulka continued to show up at Press Conferences with the family, knowing that She and Seth Rich were in fact broken up at the time of the murder, it's disgusting America. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Less than 3 weeks after Seth Rich was murdered, Kelsey Mulka hosted a "Make your friends Squirm Party" in Washington D.C. I called them out on it.. Here's what Two of them had to say about me, including former DNC Data Science Director Andrew Therriault. #SethRich
Then we started digging into the Roommates, Dov Friedman just happened to interject himself into the Seth Rich home right as the Leaks were starting at the DNC. The DNC had just hired Crowd Strike, Dov was a Turkish Lobbyist for Middle East Petroleum Ltd, a shell company.
Dov Friedman once moved into the house as one of Seth Rich's roommates, started making Pro Hillary Clinton accounts for President in June 2016. Seth Rich was murdered on July 10th, 2016.. #DovFriedman #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Three days after Seth Rich was murdered, Dov Friedman made a Facebook Post on his personal page talking about how he didn't realize that Seth Rich worked for the DNC, even though Dov worked with the Democratic Party of Virginia, and had Pro Clinton Accounts he was creating...
Less than 3 weeks after the murder of Seth Rich, Dov Friedman would announce that he had taken a full time job with Hillary Clinton for President... But he didn't know that Seth worked for the DNC, or had a Clinton Job Offer..... right..... #SethRich #DovFriedman #Sarcasm
So how many of you actually believe that Dov Friedman was creating Pro Hillary Clinton for President Social Media accounts before Seth Rich's murder, then went to work for Hillary Clinton 3 weeks after the murder, but didn't know Seth Rich worked for the DNC???? #SethRich
Seth Rich had also given access to the Drop Box to several close friends, this was a fail safe, kill switch, in case anything happened. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Shawn Lucas from our Intel knew Seth Rich. Shawn Lucas was found dead at 38 years old 3 weeks later in his bathroom floor. #ShawnLucas #SethRich
According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich had multiple incoming and outgoing calls after 1:30 AM on the night he was murdered. To date, the Family refuses to release the phone records of Seth Rich. #SethRich #AaronRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
The family has also never let outside Investigators see the Phones, or Laptops of Seth Rich. He had 2 of each. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Now why would the Family refuse to give Private Investigators such as Rod Wheeler and others the phone records, laptop, and phones of Seth Rich? What harm would that cause if there was nothing to hide? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Why did the Family serve Private Investigator Rod Wheeler with a Cease and Desist in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. His Contract stated he wasn't allowed to discuss the case with the Media.. Now who or why would anyone put that contract in place on purpose? #SethRich
Rod Wheeler is now suing Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, and Ed Butowsky, which keeps Fox News from being able to talk about the Seth Rich Case... That's something no one has the balls to tell you.. Well, my Team does! #FactsOverFeelings #TheTruthHurts #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
So they've silenced the Private Investigator hired by the Family....

They've silenced the biggest unbiased Network (They aren't unbiased at all, but they aren't CNN, if that makes sense)

They've done everything they can to silence anyone that had information in this case.
No Video exists anywhere the night of July 9th or the early morning hours of July 10th, 2016 of Seth Rich. The most guarded City in the World, and nothing exists... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Police have never released the Ballistics Report of the murder of Seth Rich. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia #HisNameWasSethRich
Police have never released the Caliber of weapon used in the murder of Seth Rich, even though they claim they have "exhausted all leads" #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Here's Detective Antoine Weston a Detective in Washington D.C.'s 3rd District attacking me last July on Social Media. Seth Rich was murdered in 5D.. Now why would Westin in 3D care about our Investigation? Who has he been talking to? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
Here's more from Detective Antoine Weston a Detective in the Third District of Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. Again attack yours truly.

For the Win... Detective Antoine Weston with the 2017 Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Trollsman of the Year Award... He trolled so hard that the lovely Cassandra @CassandraRules even wrote an article on this, as she noticed the attack before my Team did on Twitter. #SethRich
Here's the article that Cassandra wrote when she worked with Big League Politics, she's now tearing it up over at The Gateway Pundit.…
Now the fact that a Detective in a District that Seth Rich's murder didn't happen in attacked Myself and Team on Twitter.. That says a lot America.. That shows they do not like what we're doing, it shows we're close to the Truth, and they can't have that, now can they. #SethRich
The Body Cams have never been released in the Murder of Seth Rich... #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Aaron Rich refused to release the phone records of his brother Seth Rich? Why Aaron, what are you hiding? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
Aaron Rich also refused to let anyone see the Laptops of Seth Rich, including Private Investigator Rod Wheeler from his statement in multiple interviews. Why Aaron? What are you hiding? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
So if there was nothing to hide, why does the Family continue to hide the Cell phone records, cell phones, and laptops from anyone Investigating the murder of Seth Rich? Wouldn't you want to clear it up if you're "Tired of people talking about it"? #SethRich
-No Video of Seth Rich on July 9th of 10th in Washington D.C. anywhere has been discovered.

-No Ballistics Report has ever been provided by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police despite them constantly saying "We've exhausted all leads"

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AFMG
- Kelsey Mulka (The Ex Girlfriend) and Seth Rich were broken up at the time of the murder. We were told this by multiple FAMILY and Friends. In writing.. No hiding this anymore people.

-Why did EVERYONE lie about the Relationship status of Kelsey Mulka & Seth Rich?

-Dov Friedman the Roommate of Seth Rich claims he had no clue that Seth worked for the DNC..

-Dov Friedman started making Pro Hillary Social Media Accounts in June of 2016..

-Seth Rich Murdered July 9th/10th 2016..

-3 Weeks after murder, Dov Friedman goes to work for HRC
John Brennan is the only person in the Intelligence Community who's been trying to push the Russian Collusion Angle.. Comey called Trump and told him there was no Evidence of Russian Collusion. How is John Brennan involved here with Seth Rich? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
-Guccifer 2 was a FRAUD, and anyone telling you otherwise is 100% DISINFORMATION.

-Many so called know it all's in the Media Fell for the Guccifer 2 Hoax, and they've tried to play it off as truth, it was FAKE, wasn't it Shawn Henry.

-Ed Butowsky came on our Program and stated that money went into Aaron Rich's bank account from Wikileaks..

-Detective Joey DellaCamera of Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police claims he never even looked into the bank records of Seth Rich or Aaron Rich.


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Oct 7, 2018
⚠️**Official Seth Rich Thread** from America First Media Group
1) Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party.

He was NOT a "DNC Staffer" as the Mainstream Media would love you to believe, along with the Democrats.
2) Seth Rich was shot at 4:19 AM on the morning of Sunday July 10th, 2016.

CIC Shotspotter (A D.C. Surveillance system on buildings that monitors gun shots and locations picked up the shooting and alerted Police.
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Oct 4, 2018
I’m sorry you feel that way John. We’re the only team in America fighting for the truth in multiple cases. We’re on the ground in Las Vegas right now with Licensed Professionals Investigating. We don’t just make YouTube videos.. We actually do the boots on the ground work. -MC
Furthermore we’ve been In Vegas working for a week, we’ve raised $320... not sure where you or anyone else thinks our team is “making money”

All of our Funding is public on Go Fund Me And Fundly.

Plane Tickets, Hotels, Meals, Travel, FOIAs, etc. are you trolling Tom Fitton to?
And Yes, this turned into a thread. We have hundreds of thousands of followers and the only people who ever complain about our Funding have never donated, they don’t share or retweet our Intel, they just complain. We have less than 500 donors in 1.5 years.. those are the facts.
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Oct 4, 2018
This card was left in US Marine Lieutenant Colonel Matt Meck’s Door. He’s not an ATF Agent, he’s an FBI Agent. Colonel Meck is blowing the whistle on Fast and Furious. We are going to help him anyway we can. #FastandFurious
They are trying to silence Colonel Meck
This was found in Colonel Meck’s mailbox...
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Sep 20, 2018
The President said release the Carter Page FISA and the Text Messages of Comey, Page, Strzok, McCabe, And Ohr to the PUBLIC!!

Any member of Congress or Senate on either side of the political aisle not okay with that, is a traitor to the Republic.

Are you fed up yet America?
This is why I only trust Trump and no one else! The evidence of corruption on both sides is overwhelmingly obvious..
If you don’t trust Trump by now you never will. There is no place in this movement for Never Trumpers like Joe Walsh, Trish Regan, Ben Shapiro and others.

They are bought and paid for opposition period!
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In just a few minutes I will have an Exclusive LIVE Interview with Former Navy SEAL and founder Craig Sawyer. It's going to be heart wrenching, and I'm truly honored Craig has entrusted my team to do this story. @CraigRSawyer We will not let you down.
You will be able to listen LIVE on all of our platforms, and I encourage you do to so.

You can listen LIVE on Periscope @RealMattCouch

You can listen on Spreaker at…

You can listen on YouTube at…
Again, this will be the first time that anyone will hear what Craig Sawyer, Former Navy Seal is about to reveal.

I know the back story, and I'm crushed for Craig and his family. I am however proud of their courage, fight, and God loving spirit to want to get this out
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