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1) My Q Thread
Whether you follow #QAnon or not, you might find this thread helpful in analyzing recent news events (both fake & real).

There is debate over the validity of Q's posts, the identity of Q etc. My research leads me to believe Q is a valuable source of CONFIRMATION.
2) Q does not provide news.

Q points to future news and confirms news stories that have already been reported.

Q helps us connect the dots and helps us know we're on the right track.
3) Q dropped a lot of information on #8chan this weekend. Much of is has to do with things you've heard in the news recently.

I'm going to provide selected Q posts from this weekend and share my observations on their relevance.
4) FYI - Q posts and commentary can be found on the Reddit page CBTS_Stream
5) Let's begin with this post.
As Sundance has warned, this is going to be a big news week.

Q often says "future proves past"
(Look at what Q posted previously and see if lines up with future news)

What news was unlocked?
Do you believe in coincidences? (Q does not)
6) Q answers his own question:
The first new indictments in the #UraniumOne case were opened.…
7) Green text >Defcon1 [non-nuke FALSE] refers to a previous Q post.
The text following:
Command >@PacificCommand
It was necessary
No such Agency (NSA)
Where did POTUS stop while returning from Asia
(Pearl Harbor Naval Base)
The stop was necessary for national security
8) No other vehicle to regain re-entry
[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge
[AGAIN] warning ALERT
Think BTD
9) Trump stopped at Pearl Harbor to coordinate with NSA & Pacific command to test Hawaii missile alert system. Possibly to verify that no missile from North Korea would be able to re-enter after launch.

Q ties it to a previous post >Defcon1 [Non-nuke FALSE] (future proves past)
10) BDT = Bangladeshi Terrorist
Q posted about the Bangladeshi terrorist event before it happened. (Future proves past)

The point?

The missile alert was known in advance just as the terrorist event was known in advance.…
11) The next post is about #JulianAssange
As before, green text is Q quoting himself from previous posts.
12) Shall we play a game?
How about a nice game of chess?

We've interpreted this as Q confirming it's time for Assange to take center stage and drop what intel he has.
The chessboard tweeted by Assange a few days ago puts black (deep state) in checkmate
13) Again, we see:

Who is talking?
Think big, bigger, biggest
(Who is talking could refer to who is turning state's evidence? Who is bargaining for a plea deal?)
Answer: All the big names
14) Again, The green text is Q quoting a prior post
Why is this relevant?
What COmes Next?

15) Why did the Clintons tweet about Haiti this week?

Why is MSM focusing on Haiti?

Because Assange is about to drop a MOAB (boom) on the Clinton Foundation (CF) that will expose their crooked dealing in Haiti.

MSM is trying to get out in front of the bad news that is coming.
16) > ADM R

Admiral Rogers (NSA Chief) is playing a key role in the way the intelligence community leakers and black hats are being neutralized.

Rogers is one reason why we can trust that Trump is in the driver's seat.
17) The next string quotes a POTUS tweet about shutting down the government over DACA. Q says focus on what it means.

Are Dems really using DACA as a way to defund the military?

Note the last entry: CLAS_EO [2]
18) Trump's previous executive orders (EOs) declared a state of emergency relating to corruption & human rights violations.

Q is suggesting that POTUS has already anticipated the removal of funding for the military and the state of emergency EOs prioritize its continued funding
19) Next post.
Again, green text refers to a previous post.
Missing 1,2, and 3 are believed to refer to President Obama, John McCain and the Clintons. (In a later post, this is made more clear.)
Q suggests their whereabouts are unknown.
Find Missing 3
(Where are the Clintons?)
20) Summary: Trump and his administration have prepared the way for a methodical takedown of the corruptocrats. Their finances have been removed; their way of escape blocked. Even the deep state's 7th floor has been neutralized.

NSA, Rogers, & Trump have cornered the rats.
21) This is a continuation of the above post. It finishes with a few statements suggesting the ultimate end for the rats.

Iron Eagle may be a reference to the 80's flick about a fighter jet pilot's valiant effort to save his father who was a prisoner.…
22) This post is self-explanatory for the most part.
Note: We are at war [@]
"@" is the beginning of your Twitter handle.
It seems to suggest a social media war.
(See next Q post)
23) [SCARE] Necessary event

Seems to suggest an event is coming that will frighten people but:
a) It won't frighten those who know it's coming and
b) It's a necessary event.

Trust Trump. Trust his Generals. They have things under control.
24) This post confirms that events we've seen recently were planned. Power outages at airports, flights being returned, etc.
All planned.
Bad people are running scared
The public is being red-pilled.

An ominous message for Jack Dorsey of Twitter.
☠️Skeletons in his closet?
25) Q is often too cryptic for me to understand.
I did want to point out the scripture Jer: 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

(To be continued in post #26)
26) This post follows the previous one.

Q is telling us again, the bad guys are cornered.
27) The next post involves Loop Capital.

CEOs and Board of Director members (usually politicians) are often given paid positions as a way to transfer money to them in exchange for political favors.(Pay for play, or bribery if you prefer.)
28) Green text is previously posted material.

Hussein [1] (Obama) received $29 Million from Singapore
We don't say his name [2] (McCain) $19 Million
Hillary and Bill Clinton [3] $15 Million from Banco de Mexico
Nancy Pelosi (NP) [4] $8 Million from Deutsche Bank
29) On and on... More politicians accepting money for political favors.

The ones making the most noise in DC

Check their net worth against their annual salary, speaking fees, etc.,

Note: Clintons are [3] which confirms previous post "Where is [3]?"
30) Marc Mezvinsky married Chelsea Clinton. His parents were quite the couple.

Q suggests more digging is needed in this rabbit hole.…
31) A hint that the news will grow bigger with each passing week.

Your concerns were heard
Former 20/80 ratio of public to private information is now closer to 40/60

Don't be frightened by what you hear and see.
You are safe.
Trust Trump. Trust the Generals.
32) MSM will go full throttle on Conspiracy narrative. Be ready. It's a deflection.

Dems have lost more control than people realize. MSM wants you to think they haven't.

A wink to George Soros, who is trapped with the other rats.

Consider comparing Q posts with news reports.
33) Q is asking us to focus this week on the #FakeNewsAwards
We need to be engaged.
Bots will try to swarm POTUS.

Be prepared with memes, threads and anything you can come up with to help Trump expose the #FakeNews industrial complex.

It's our opportunity to help POTUS #MAGA
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