#Qanon bible students re: #FakeNewsAwards
1) Let's examine a historical/biblical fact, and then retrace the past few days events. Could this be pure strategy to set the Media up for its final fall, clearing the way for the upcoming MOAB of TRUTH?
#qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
2) Historically, Cyrus had to conquer the Medes prior to Babylon. If His-story repeats, then Trump has to conqueror the MEDia first before he finishes off the DeepState/Elites. How would he do this?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
3) By positioning them into a place where everyone can
see with no doubt they have LIED and spread a HUGE lie, that can be backed up with indisputable FACT.
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
4) January 4, the White House instituted a ban on personal cell phones. @PressSec said it begin to take effect next week, and didn't include the @POTUS .

#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
5) Thursday last week, @SenatorDurbin and others made a visit to the President about #DACA deal. Afterwards, #trickyDick accused the President of being a racist, stating he made a #racist #Shithole remark.
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards

6) side note: Durbin had said he thought it was just going to be a couple of people in the meeting, but turned out Trump then invited a few more. Good idea to have several witnesses, right?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
7) Durbin claimed the president called third world countries #Shitholes . But there hasn't been any absolute comfirmation he really said that. Even @LindseyGrahamSC didn't come out and back Dick up with the exact word.
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
8) at least 2 others (Cotton & Perdue) stated they did not hear the president say that word.

That's not enough to convince any Liberal or #TalkingHead media-ite.
The story brewed all weekend long.
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
9) While the focus was on #Shithole gate, on Friday evening of a 3 day weekend, the first sealed indictment connected to #UraniumOne & the Clintons was posted to the DOJ website. No comment on this by 95% of the #PropagandaMachine
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
10) #Shithole had 24/7 coverage. A perfect cover for the bigger news story, and a set-up for the awards show on Wednesday. Still not enough, though, right?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
11) Saturday night (14th), @PressSec disputed w/ @WSJ about another statement, & both provided recordings of alleged friendship b/t Trump and #Rocketman . Seems everyone intent on proving #DJT a liar. This was after #HawaiiFalseAlarm
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
12) 2 side notes:
A--Julian Assange chess board tweet posted late Fri night, &
B- OIG dropped some of the docs from report as well, setting stage for #TheBigUgly supposedly coming today. No liberal will want 2 believe the #PlotTwist
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
13) Compound this with @JamesOKeefeIII @Project_Veritas
expose of Tw*tt3r bias, manipulation, corruption. This is a recipe for a MOAB, isnt it?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
14) How do we get to the Awards show being completely validated as truth on Wednesday?
Maybe via a *recording* of the #Durbin #Shithole show, proving #TrickyDick lied, and proving @POTUS never even uttered the word?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
15) Before the
"Unbelievable" Sting Op of Horowitz/Assange/Mueller
3 prong attack can be released, the #Liars have to be PROVEN to be liars, not trusted to give facts and truth.
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
16) The methane build-up in the #Shithole 'outhouse' #Shitshow will make the explosion bad. (Anyone but me remember blowing up outhouses as sport?)

• • •

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Sep 20, 2018
Thread #ChristineBlaseyFord
I can fix this crap right now.

She wants the DVD to investigate. Repeatedly, it has been rightly said the FBI has no jurisdiction on this-its a STATE matter.

What state?

Maryland. Let's see the statutes for sexual abuse/assault.
2) Do you see the problem?
*Can't file a civil suit for damages (which wasn't even the objective here).
*Can't file a misdemeanor, either, too late.

All that's left is a criminal felony charge.

Okay, let's go there. What happens?
She would have to go the police, in the jurisdiction where the incident happened, AND FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES. The police would open an investigation of the alleged incident. She would have to provide detailed information, that could be corroborated.
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Sep 16, 2018

Liar, pawn, or both?

1)1st "discrepancy".
Therapist notes say "four boys". Conveniently, it's now just Kavanaugh and Judge.
2) Everyone else was drunk, but not her?
3) Can't remember whose house? Trauma victims remember details.


4) Notice she didn't tell the THERAPIST the names...but told her husband? No. Of his name isn't in the therapist notes, it could have been anyone at that party.
5) Overkill shot...2012, she says "he might be up for Supreme Court someday".


6) "former FBI agent" admins the lie detector test.
We're supposed to believe a broken, lying agency? Why not current FBI?
7) deletes social media accounts well in advance of breaking story...

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Aug 22, 2018
Illegal alien identity theft. True story...thread.
Picture it...a small, West Texas town, May, 2007. 5 women are sitting in the training room of the local cable company as new hires. 4 are Hispanic, 2 are white. Enter a 19 year old pregnant Hispanic girl, who is to train us.
2). After a couple of hours of basic company policy, we switch to customer service policies...particularly the sign-up process for new customers. We cover the information we must have to put in the computer.
3) At the point where we find that both a gov't issued photo ID, AND a Social Security number is REQUIRED to open a new account, one of the Hispanic new hires inserts a question into the session that almost turned into brawl.
"What do we do if they don't have it?"
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Aug 8, 2018
Thread: Chris Collins.
1- Yes, 99% chance he is guilty. So, what's the problem?

Think logically.
2- They've been investigating him for over a year. Why NOW?

It's all about the timing.
NY deadline for filing for office, and primary date.
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Jul 17, 2018
Thread: Seth Rich, The DNC breach, and Occam's Razor.

Thread: Seth Rich, The DNC breach, and Occam's Razor.

Thread: Seth Rich, The DNC breach, and Occam's Razor.

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Jul 8, 2018
Thread: TRUTH about illegal immigrants and welfare.

1) We've been told over and over again about how illegal immigrants do not qualify for welfare. In the narrowest sense, this is true, but they get it anyway, and here's how.
2) Illegals enter the country, and then they have what we call *Anchor babies*. These babies (because they are born on American soil) are considered United States citizens. As citizens, these babies are entitled to certain benefits.
3) These benefits include Medicaid SNAP WIC, TANF, in some cases, housing, and of course, free education.
Babies, of course cannot cash checks or use SNAP cards, so their parents can receive the benefits for them; and these parents don't have to be citizens.
Read 8 tweets

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