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1) Time for another #QAnon thread.

This thread covers Q posts on #8chan #GreatAwakening from Thursday and Friday, January 18 and 19, 2018.
2) Q begins with a self-explanatory post.
Thursday was a big news day with the disclosure of a 4-page memo written by the House Intel Committee summarizing unthinkable weaponization of the NSA intelligence by high-ranking members of the FBI & DOJ.
3) “It's troubling. It's shocking,” Rep. Mark Meadows said. “Part of me wishes I didn't read it. I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things are happening in this country that I love so much.”…
4) Q suggests the information will literally destroy the Democrat party and take down many people who were perceived to be "untouchable."

We have the power?
The public call to #ReleaseTheMemo will cause it to be made public.
5) The next post by #QAnon is a bit longer. It asks a series of questions.
6) I suspect that the answer to the first few questions may have been given to us by Byron York this morning. Over 100 congressman went into the SCIF to view the 4-page memo.

(To prevent photos from being taken, all electronic devices are left outside the room.)
7) Why does it take the information going public before justice can be served?

Because these people are heroes to many.

You can't destroy someone's hero unless you first wake them up to the evil deeds they've committed. Otherwise, you have civil war.
8) Why are Dems making every effort to block the release of the classified FISA info?

All the Rs on the Intel Committee voted in favor of releasing the memo to Congress.
All the Dems voted against it.

This strongly suggests it's bad news for the Dems.
9) Why did (RR) Rod Rosenstein plead with Paul Ryan not to release the memo?

One possibility:
It could drop a MOAB on the Mueller investigation since it seems likely it will further tarnish the credibility of the top FBI & DOJ people on Mueller's team.

Other possibilities?
10) Or it may destroy Rosenstein himself. That's one I haven't figured out yet. How much dirt is there on Rod?
11) Where is (AS) Adam Schiff?
(I'll let you guess.)

[8] Fired
[X] Jailed
Possible suicides

The guilty are being rounded up. Some may choose to end it all rather than face the music.
12) ++/+ tick tock

From previous posts, we know ++ is a reference to the Rothschilds
+ is a reference to George Soros
Tick tock = Time is running out

(+++ refers to the House of Saud)
13) The next post by #QAnon is self-explanatory
14) As is this one.
15) 7 photos are posted next.
16) Info on this group
17) Next photo
18) The photo was taken from this article:…
19) Next photo: George Soros and Jacob Rothschild.

Note: On the left margin is someone's ear.
20) Surprise!

Yes, this was photoshopped, but #QAnon is making a connection. Obama was (or is) funded by them.
21) In the next photo, the Pope is shown kissing the hand of one of the holocaust survivors.
22) That photo was taken from this article:…
23) The next photo by #QAnon is of President Obama.
24) The photo was taken from this article.…
25) The article mentions that George Soros was the power behind this particular meeting. As the headline suggests, it was the night when Obama learned who his masters would be.
26) The next image posted by #QAnon is an old photo from an article that describes the early roots of communism.

In the photo are: W. E. B. Du Bois, Tang Ming-Chao, Ting Hsi-lin, Chu Poshem, Mao Tse-tung, Anna Louise Strong.

28) The next #QAnon photo is of George Soros and John McCain
29) According to the Blaze, the photo was taken three years ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.…
30) Let me summarize a couple of points before moving on.

First, I find it humorous that #QAnon is posting about the Davos forum now. A few days before Rex Tillerson and President #Trump will be there in person.
31) That's right, next week, our two favorite billionaires are going to a shin-dig where globalist billionaires meet with globalist politicians to work out their deals.

Oh, Theresa May is going to be there, too.…
32) I think what #QAnon is driving at is this:

How are globalist elites going to act when some of their dearest friends don't show up?

And a couple of anti-globalist crash the party?
33) There's a religious angle in the previous images that's easy to miss. Let me provide a little background on that.

The globalist agenda is to achieve world domination through the elimination of sovereign nation states. They want a borderless global community.
34) The theory is that without national borders and nationalistic pride, there will be no wars.

The long-term goal is to end all war. (A noble goal.) That's done in the short-term by inciting wars that gradually undermine nationalism and erase international borders.
35) The end game is to create a global community with a single, centralized government which, oddly enough is to be overseen by Jewish leaders. That's the religious angle.

It's too complex to explain in detail here, but it's not hard to find more info on that.
36) The next post questions the acceptance in the Senate by Rod Rosenstein compared to the resistance Jeff Sessions received.

Rod Rosenstein was confirmed by a vote of 94/6
Session was confirmed by a vote of 52/47/1
37) Did the swamp see Sessions as a formidable enemy if given the office of Attorney General?

Did they perceive Rosenstein to be a friend?

Why did Rod write the letter that terminated Comey?

I suspect he was forced to because the swamp would not accept it from Sessions.
38) Putting Rosenstein in as Deputy AG was strategic. He oversaw Mueller's investigation. He was trusted by the swamp. But Trump's intel people began dropping bombs on Mueller's team, exposing their corruption and there was nothing Rod could do about it.
39) Why did Rod use the weight of his office to try to block the release of the memo?

My guess is that Rosenstein is compromised and covering for those who are exposed. He's in a difficult spot. Trump and Sessions have the upper hand, but he's under pressure to obstruct them.
40) Confused?

Well, yes... just a little.

News unlocks past.
Dems cannot survive.
Beginning of the end.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried but failed to flee.
~ #QAnon
41) #TheStormIsComing

Roger that.
42) #QAnon asks if we think they're using a civilian process or a military one.

FISA judges and the FISA Courts may be compromised.
They require probable cause.
The civilian approach creates roadblocks and hurdles.
43) But Military intelligence is governed by different protocols.
Protocols that give them an advantage.

#QAnon has told us in the past that Trump and his people trust their generals more than anyone.
44) I believe #QAnon is telling us yesterday's report of the CNBC crew being arrested for bringing a bomb through an airport was, in fact, a failed CIA false flag. (ISIS would normally do it, but they're tapped out, so the clowns are doing it themselves)…
45) Next, #QAnon posts about the President's State of the Union Address on January 30th,. My guess is that something will be timed to coincide with it.
46) #QAnon posts a long series of initials related to the use of private emails and the reason why these people used them.
46) My guess on the names:

LL Loretta Lynch
HRC Hillary
JC James Comey
JC James Clapper
CS Chuck Schumer
AM Andy McCabe
(no name) McCain
RR Rod Rosenstein
SR Susan Rice
JB James Baker
HA Huma Abedin
VJ Valerie Jarret

(Feel free to offer alternative names)
47) President Obama had one private email address that the public knows about (Thank you, Wikileaks) and many others that were secret.

The one Wikileaks published: <>…
48) A list of others. including many of Obama's cabinet.
@jerome_corsi provided the list and points out Obama likely had a private server like Hillary's. He felt this was necessary to avoid FOIA discovery and/or to prevent the NSA from finding them.
(But the NSA sees all.)
49) The official reason Eric Schmidt went to NoKo was to assist with the release of Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American who had been held captive.…
50) But #QAnon suggests it was a cover.
@jerome_corsi believes it was to set up a secret communication network between NoKo and President Obama that might even be hidden from the NSA.

Who went with Schmidt?
Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico
51) Nothing is ever erased or deleted.
These people are stupid.
Shot heard around the world

If POTUS declassifies the evidence, these people are toast.
52) #QAnon suggests that the subsidies (your money and mine) going to Elon Musk are payments for services rendered to the cabal.

He suggests checking into relationships between Google, NoKo and Musk, who owns SpaceX.

(Post your SpaceX-NoKo-Google comments here, please)
53) Hey, guess what? The Memo is only the beginning.

The shot heard around the world signaled the beginning of a revolution.

We are in a second revolution. A revolution against tyranny within our own government.
54) #QAnon posts an ominous message to the mainstream media.
Their private emails with talking points, payments and other dirty secrets are about to be released.
55) #Qanon asks us to remember this day.
56) Finally, #QAnon gives us an exhortation about why we're doing this.
57) Just in from #QAnon

MSM got the word out to attack accounts posting #ReleaseTheMemo
Called bots.
Accounts shadowbanned and suspended

These people are stupid.
Contractors are going down
None are safe

A bird sings in the morning.
Another chance to fight.
58) #QAnon posted this around the time Chuck Schumer visited the White House.

Top tweet by POTUS optimistic for a chance to avoid the #ShumerShutdown
Bottom tweet - not much hope.
Q warns Chucky.

• • •

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