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A roadmap for understanding Mueller's strategy: analysis of the 270 people connected to the #TrumpRussia investigation, including
• 138 with ties to Trump Org, campaign, transition or regime
• 53 foreign nationals (39 directly connected to Russia)
Tom Barrack hasn't received much attention, but he's connected to several key figures in the investigation.
Rick Gates worked directly for Thomas Barrack as late as October 2017, days before he was indicted (along with Manafort, whom Trump hired at Barrack's urging) by Mueller
Thomas Barrack was/is also a key figure in Mike Flynn's plan to jointly build dozens of nuclear plants in the Middle East with Russia #TrumpRussia
A new name, not in the Politico database:

Mueller has interviewed George Nader, a frequent White House visitor who claimed to be personally close to Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi axios.com/scoop-muellers…
Special counsel Mueller interviews George Nader, mystery Bannon protege who claims to be close to key Middle Eastern power-brokers, twice in #TrumpRussia probe dailym.ai/2F39RxW
Mueller's focus on UAE advisor George Nader suggests the investigation has broadened beyond Russian election interference to include Emirati influence on the Trump regime nyti.ms/2F86rdF
"The focus on Nader could also prompt an examination of how money from multiple countries has flowed through and influenced Washington during the Trump era"

Nader has some interesting connections.
Elliott Broidy was vice chair for the Trump campaign’s joint fund with the @GOP and is currently deputy finance chairman for the @RNC.

In addition to his Emirati ties, he is also embroiled in a scandal involving a Malaysian state investment fund.
"Erik Prince hired Nader to help the company generate business deals with the Iraqi governmentt."

By coincidence, UAE arranged a secret meeting in Jan 2017 between Prince and a Putin ally in an effort to establish a back-channel between Moscow and Trump
Netanyahu supporter Elliott Broidy named in Mueller probe into Emirati bid to buy influence over Trump haaretz.com/us-news/muelle…
George Nader, advisor to the United Arab Emirates with ties to Trump aides, is cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller and gave testimony last week to a grand jury #TrumpRussia
Among those Trump aides with whom Nader has close ties: Erik Prince.

Nader attended Prince's meeting in the Seychelles, arranged by the UAE, to establish a backchannel between Trump and Putin
"Mueller is examining the influence of foreign money on Trump’s political activities and has asked witnesses about the possibility that Nader funneled money from the Emirates to Trump's political efforts"

Nov 28, 2017 article on the Seychelles trip
"Nader’s cooperation in the investigation could prompt new legal risks for the Trump admin, and Nader’s presence at the Seychelles meeting appears to connect him to the primary focus of Mueller’s investigation: examining Russian interference during the 2016 presidential campaign"
"Dmitriev became a frequent visitor to Abu Dhabi, & Emirati officials came to see him as a key conduit to the Russian govt. In a 2015 email, the Emirati ambassador to Moscow at the time described Dmitriev as a “messenger” to get information directly to Putin."

Incredible detail:
This is why Republicans on @HouseIntelComm relentlessly attack @RepAdamSchiff: he not only skillfully exposes Prince's perjury, but the fallacy of the "unmasking" canard the whole Trump cabal is relying on to get off.
George Nader testified before Mueller's grand jury that the Seychelles meeting was set up in advance in an effort to establish a back channel to the Kremlin, contradicting Erik Prince's statements to @HouseIntelComm
"Prince told lawmakers his Seychelles meeting with Kirill Dmitriev, the head of a Russian govt-controlled wealth fund, was an unplanned, unimportant encounter that came about by chance because he happened to be at a luxury hotel in the island nation with officials from the UAE"
"Investigators now suspect the meeting may have been 1 of the 1st efforts to establish such a line of communications between the 2 govts. Nader’s account is considered key evidence — **but not the only evidence** — about what transpired in the Seychelles"
Nov 30, 2017: Erik Prince, following his testimony before HPSCI, demanded that @RepAdamSchiff apologize for “wasting all of our time, for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a meaningless fishing expedition.”

Congratulations to Rep. Schiff for catching a great white shark.
In his November 30 appearance before the @HouseIntelComm, Erik Prince stated that chairman @DevinNunes spoke to him about his upcoming testimony, despite Nunes' alleged recusal from the #TrumpRussia probe
(h/t @dcpoll) read.bi/2B9JfNZ
From witness tampering to the fraudulent memo to leaking closed-door testimony to targets of the #TrumpRussia investigation, @DevinNunes is in 💩 up to his eyeballs.

No wonder he's so desperate to shut it down. thebea.st/2I9eDw3?source…
Erik Prince lied about the Seychelles meeting being arranged in advance as a secret Trump back-channel to the Kremlin, failed to mention Nader's presence, and @RepPeteKing says "It's all bullsh*t".

And Republicans call themselves the "law-and-order" party
Perjury is a serious offense, @RepPeteKing, not "bullsh*t".

Not to mention Prince meeting with Devin Nunes beforehand to discuss his false testimony. That seems pretty bad.
George Nader has testified to Mueller's investigators that Erik Prince was not introduced to Kirill Dmitriev, head of a Kremlin-controlled wealth fund, by intermediaries from the UAE, contradicting Prince's testimony before the @HouseIntelComm wsj.com/articles/trump…
"George Nader visited the White House several times in the early months of the Trump administration, discussing U.S. foreign policy toward Gulf Arab states with administration officials, including Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner"
"Before Prince’s meeting with Mr. Zayed in the Seychelles, the crown prince had met in December 2016 with top Trump transition officials in New York. The Trump officials who attended that meeting included then-incoming NSA Flynn, as well as Kushner and Bannon"
"Qatari officials gathered evidence of illicit influence by the UAE on Kushner and other Trump associates, including details of secret meetings, but decided not to give the information to Mueller for fear of harming relations with Trump admin" #TrumpRussia
"A spokesperson for the Qatari embassy in Washington said in a statement last week that Qatar won't be providing materials to the Mueller investigation"

But someone's leaking like a sieve.
and @ConawayTX11 to the American public: Are you going to believe us, or your own lying eyes?

House Republicans reach opposite conclusion from intelligence community, claim no evidence of Russia-Trump collusion or Putin preference for Trump nbcnews.com/politics/congr…
The @HouseIntelComm 'investigation' was always a farce, with a member of the Trump transition team @DevinNunes chairing and undermining the committee & Republicans circling the wagons to protect a criminal president, but this is next-level beclowning. intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/…
Since Rep Tom Rooney is retiring, he is free to speak the truth about the committee's findings, unlike his fellow Republicans.
Trump to hire Joseph diGenova, lawyer who has pushed theories on state media outlet @FoxNews that Trump was framed by the FBI and the Justice Department
"Joseph diGenova is law partners with his wife, Victoria Toensing. Ms. Toensing has also represented Sam Clovis, the former Trump campaign co-chairman, and **Erik Prince**, the founder of the security contractor Blackwater and an informal adviser to Trump"
Erik Prince's name just keeps popping up, by pure happenstance.

#CambridgeAnalytica executives, including CEO Alexander Nix, created a company in 2017 with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Erik Prince’s Frontier Services Group @WendySiegelman
Hundreds of pages of correspondence between cooperating witness George Nader and top Trump donor & @RNC deputy finance chairman Elliott Broidy reveal an active effort to cultivate Trump on behalf of the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
"Nader told Broidy that he told the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the UAE about “the Pivotal Indispensable Magical Role you are playing to help them”
"Nader told Broidy that he told the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the UAE about “the Pivotal Indispensable Magical Role you are playing to help them" gain influence over Trump
Nader provided $2.7 million to Broidy for “consulting, marketing and other advisory services rendered,” to help pay for the cost of conferences at 2 DC think tanks, the Hudson Institute & the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, that featured heavy criticism of Qatar
September 2014:

"Policy makers who rely on think tanks are often unaware of the role of foreign governments in funding the research" mobile.nytimes.com/2014/09/07/us/…
Impeccable timing on the Intercept and New York Times bombshells.

Welcome to America, MBS.
Almost like they didn't want to know.

@HouseIntelComm investigation has no or incomplete information about 81% of the known #TrumpRussia contacts
(h/t @TeaPainUSA)
Following a meeting with Trump, the role of Joseph DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing (Erik Prince's attorney) on Trump's legal team is in doubt cnn.com/2018/03/23/pol…
“Mark Corallo’s assertion that Trump may have been planning to obstruct justice during the drafting of a statement about Donald Jr's meeting with Veselnitskaya had come up in Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing's discussions with Trump" nyti.ms/2DSRJpw
Sekulow can afford to work for "free": he funneled $60 million in donations to his Christian charity to himself and his family.

(Of course, nobody in Trump's circle (Manafort, Page etc) is really lending their services gratis)
The Trump cesspool.

"Broidy’s ability to leverage his political connections to boost his business illuminates how Trump’s unorthodox approach to governing has spawned a new breed of access peddling in the swamp he vowed to drain" #kleptocracy

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93% of his records withheld from the American people

43 witnesses barred from corroborating Ford's account & proving he perjured himself

2,400+ law professors oppose his confirmation, citing his partisan, conspiratorial rant which betrayed a clear "lack of judicial temperament"
Any one of these would be disqualifying for a Supreme Court nominee.

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“We cannot continue to make people keep suffering in pain over and over and over again for a debt that’s already been paid.” 

Excellent #longread on the people behind Florida's #RestoreTheVote campaign, inc a GOP lobbyist convicted in the Abramoff scandal
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You thought the world was laughing at him yesterday - they are in absolute stitches at today's epic embarrassment.

Trump addresses a Kurdish reporter as "Mr. Kurd" #25thAmendmentNow
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