So let’s talk about this Feinstein / Schiff letter to Twitter and Facebook about the influence of ‘Kremlin-Linked’ bot accounts who apparently made #ReleaseTheMemo trend so much the other day (starting 1/18/2018)
The link is here…
So 1st sentence: “We seek your companies’ urgent assistance” -Worried much? Translation : “we managed to get you to send out a vague letter to 675000 twitter users about Russian accounts.. we really need your help again. We are in panic mode here: #ReleaseTheMemo is trending
Second sentence is about public reports that indicate Russian government accounts exploiting Twitter to manipulate public opinion. You reference 3 articles.

So let us delve into those articles about #ReleaseTheMemo :
Let’s look at the first by Natasha Bertrand - Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks (… )
Natasha’s only source for Kremlin linked activity is a group called ‘Hamilton 68, a website that tracks Russian propaganda in near real time’
Let’s now look at the second article: Ken Dilanian and Mike Memoli - Right-wing demand to #ReleaseTheMemo endorsed by Russian bots, trolls
(… )
Ken and Mike’s ONLY source for Kremlin influence is again Hamilton 68, this German Marshal Fund funded operation.
Let’s look at the 3rd article: Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay - In fight over Russia memo, Republicans have unusual ally.
(… )
Oh look: Warren and Jonathan’s ONLY source here is again this group Hamilton 68. Do we see a pattern here?
So the three sources that you use in the first reference all have the same primary source. If I was marking this as an academic paper you would get an F for sourcing, as you use 3 secondary sources all relying on ONE primary source. And that one source? Clint Watts of FPRI
The next page. You state that several twitter hashtags, including #ReleaseTheMemo calling for.... [the release of the memo] .. were born in the hours after the Committee vote. You reference a source: Fox News (🤦‍♀️)……
This was between 9 and 10 pm EST on Jan 18th 2018.. Even though they only actually state #ReleaseTheDocuments is trending, when we look at twitter prior to that #ReleaseTheMemo was the actual one trending organically at 8.11 pm with ~3500 tweets per hour
Half an hour after Foxnews’ @seanhannity show had finished it was up to 44000 tweets per hour . Maybe @saracarterdc didn’t have time to get the exact trend, maybe she was preparing for the show.
But it is entirely possible that some of @seanhannity’s 3.2million viewers got on twitter and found the hashtag that was trending and started tweeting #ReleaseTheMemo.
What portion of @seanhannity’s 3.2 million audience would be needed to tweet 44000 #ReleaseTheMemo tweets in an hr? well 44/3200 =0.01375 or 1.375%. But a lot of those 44k would be multiple tweets and RTs by the same viewers. So the % would be even smaller.
The exact point that @saracarterdc mentions ‘hashtag #releasethe documents hashtag #releasethedocuments, everywhere.’ Is at 12:50 in this advert-strip version of the show: + this is after 12 mins of @seanhannity @Jim_Jordan and @mattgaetz going on about it
If there was an advert break in that time the latest the hashtag on twitter is mentioned is at 9:20pm EST. At 9:18pm twitter has 6850 TPH (tweets per hour) at 9:21pm it is 7400 TPH and at 9:26pm it is at 14900 TPH.
By 9:32 pm 22000 TPH by 9:36 pm 23000 TPH by 10:29 it’s 44200 TPH
All those numbers 🤷‍♀️Let me make it simple for you with a graph: 👨‍🏫
This is TPH (Tweets Per Hour) vs Time in Blue and @seanhannity talking on Live TV vs time in Orange.. all about #ReleaseTheMemo
As even a seventh grader could tell you the sharp increase in rate of tweets (TPH) happens exactly at the time that @seanhannity is talking about it on liveTV to 3.2 million or so viewers..
So @SenFeinstein @RepAdamSchiff you have basically asked for an investigation of how the trend #ReleaseTheMemo got trending. here is your answer: it is the #Deplorables and #MAGA people who watch @seanhannity
That is unless you think that #RussianBots can watch TV as well🤷‍♀️🤔🤭🤫 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #ReleaseTheMemo
Think you can now ask @twitter and @jack to step down on their #ReleaseTheMemo as this #NotARussianBot has just shown the reason why :; those deplorable @SaraCarterDC @seanhannity @mattgaetz and @Jim_Jordan on Live TV
So in summary your letter uses four secondary sources relying on one opaque group #Hamilton68 which is a bit dodgy (reminds one of the #SteeleDossier)

The other source you show @foxnews and their video neatly ties in with the trending of #ReleaseTheMemo.. 😎😎😎
Blindly even the daily beast agrees:

• • •

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Jul 17, 2018
So yeah a lot of hysteria yesterday regarding #TrumpPutinHelsinki yesterday and it is quite hard to live by @HNIJohnMiller’s 24 hr rule:

But luckily waiting 24hrs has shown the deranged media and democrats for what they are.:: they don’t wait
They don’t wait : they preempt :They have that drunk $Hillary and friends pre-empting the meeting up to 48hrs before: What ever he said they would attack.. If he went hard on Putin they would say that he was play acting: Either way he is accused of #Treason just for meeting
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Oh My God: Grassley has just uploaded (5 mins ago) a newer version of the mini memo/ referral letter this tweet here () where I guessed at the WaPo article in the footnotes is now confirmed..

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So this redacted Grassley letter:
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Steele received a report from Winer at State, who in turn had received info from Sid Blumenthal (Hillary’s BFF), who in turn received it from Cody Shearer’s sub-source
Also this washingtontimes article:… (h/t @BEdeal45 ) mentions that both Sid and Vody were in the names that Grassley sent to DNC:…
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1. Gonna give some advice to all you aspiring Federal employees who wish to use another phone to communicate your plans to bring down a President to your bit on the side:
2. One of the texts Page sent Strzok was:

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3/ In June /July 2016 I predicted, via twitter that @realdonaldtrump would win by roughly the margin of ECV (electoral college votes) that he actually won by (I was a state or so out)
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