Mueller's probe is entering it's 'critical phase' according to the media.

They still haven't figured out what's going on.

Dan Coats, Mike Pompeo, Mike Rogers....these guys aren't being interviewed by Mueller in regards to nailing Trump.
Trump actually IS looking forward to being interviewed by Mueller.

What do you think Coats, Pompeo, Rogers &Trump told/will tell Mueller in these interviews?

When they became aware of the 'secret society' making it's moves to spy on/entrap Trump & his people.
It's all coming together. The plotters spent the time from the election to early Jan. setting up a plan to use Flynn's phone calls about Russian sanctions as a pretext to launch an investigation they could turn into an impeachment.
While they coordinated with media allies thru #FusionGPS, the #secretsocietysedition group in the DOJ first had to make sure their communications 'went dark', which they did.
They then coordinated with media allies at Buzzfeed and The Washington Post and the New York Times and other outlets to launch two narratives in early January.
These people had been leaking to the media all during the 2016 presidential election campaign, so this coordination wasn't hard to set up.

They also had a well established relationship with #FusionGPS, as the evidence has shown & will continue to show.
The plan the #SecretSocietySedition group came up with during those offsite meetings was this: they were going to create a media demand for Flynn to be investigated for Russia collusion.
As I'm going to show you, these plotters inside the DOJ/FBI are well versed in this tactic. Use media allies to drive a false narrative that calls for an investigation, then start the investigation & take it where they want it to go.
The first step in launching the plot to frame Lt. General Michael Flynn as a traitor who was violating the Logan Act was to use media allies at Buzzfeed to finally put the entire #SteeleDossier out into the open by publishing all of it.

This happened on Jan. 11, 2017.
Ah. The actual Buzzfeed article says Jan. 10. Here it is:…
Now go back in your memory to early January, 2017.

The media is still in shock that Queen Hillary's Long Awaited Coronation did NOT happen.
The Dem base is ANGRY. They want to know how this could possibly have happened, especially after the MEDIA repeatedly told them Hillary had this in the bag.

They are demanding AN EXPLANATION of how Donald Trump could POSSIBLY beat Hillary.
Well remember, back in November after her stunning defeat, Team Hillary *immediately* began loudly claiming one of the biggest reasons she lost is because the RUSSIANS interfered in our election, helping to throw it to Trump.
The media, eager to cover up for just how disastrously wrong all their polls & coverage had been, seized on this narrative and spent the remainder of November and all of December 2017 relentlessly 'explaining' this was how Trump won & Hillary lost. CHEATING. She wuz ROBBED.
Obama reacts to all this media driven hysteria about Russian interference. WITHOUT giving Trump's transition team a heads up, he suddenly announces harsh new Russian sanction & expels 35 Russian diplomats on Dec. 29th, 2016.…
President-elect Trump asks his incoming National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, to contact the Russians and ask them not to overreact to what Obama just did.

Flynn makes a series of phone calls to then-US Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak on Dec. 29th.
As the intelligence intercepts of these phone calls on unsecured lines later showed to investigators, absolutely nothing illegal was done during these phone calls. Flynn discussed a UN vote with Kislyak & then urged Russia not to retaliate or do anything harsh.
However, when the intel intercepts of these phone calls were put into intelligence reports, they were seen by members of the #SecretSocietySedition group.

And somebody went "Oh hey. we can use this."
"Now, there's nothing illegal in this phone call, looking at the transcripts. *But*...what if we PLANT A MEDIA NARRATIVE THAT THERE WAS? What if we used our media friends to get calls for Flynn to be investigated coming from everywhere?"
So: first step in getting this plan enacted: they get Buzzfeed to 'prove' real live intelligence sources 'found' 'real' 'evidence' proving that Trump 'colluded' with Russia & this is how he stole the election from Hillary.
The totally fake #SteeleDossier is seized upon by both an angry media and an angry Democrat base & political machine as PROOF that Hillary had just been CHEATED by Trump and the Russians.
So Buzzfeed publishes the #SteeleDossier on Jan. 10th, 2017.


What happens two days LATER on January 12th, 2017?

THIS story appeared in the Washington Post:…
Right into the middle of this newly launched media-driven hysteria over Russians helping Trump cheat to win the election, this column based on a criminal leak from a classified intelligence report appears with the sole purpose of PUTTING A TARGET ON FLYNN'S BACK.
You gotta remember what that atmosphere was like back in January 2017. People literally were TERRIFIED of Trump becoming President. He was going to blow up the world!

They were also INFURIATED Hillary had been robbed. By Russian collusion with Trump.
And then all of a sudden, just in the span of TWO DAYS, media narratives are launched like V-2 rockets heading for the stratosphere that

1) Trump DID steal the election with Russian help, read this dossier!


2) Trump continued colluding, read about Flynn's phone calls!
The USA needed SAVING from a mad puppet of the Kremlin, and so a brave patriot high up on our government risked breaking the law to expose that nefarious Flynn tryin' ta do some kinda SECRET DEAL to undermine Obama's new sanctions!
Only, as we all know *now*, that's not really what was happening.

This was a coup attempt launched by political partisans inside the DOJ that started with framing an innocent man for something that wasn't a crime.
But both narratives were successfully launched. Starting on January 10th with the publishing of the #SteeleDossier, intensifying dramatically 2 days later with the publishing of the Ignatius column, cries for investigations & prosecutions intensified and built.
By Jan. 20th, 2017 as Trump was inaugurated, the hysteria from these false narratives were still building.

At least SOMEBODY in the new administration took steps to push back. They announced on Jan. 23rd the FBI had investigated Flynn's phone calls, found nothing illegal.
But remember: that #SecretSocietySedition group is out to save America from a madman. This 'insurance policy' is a Hail Mary pass, but they feel they just HAVE to take it.

And so on January 24th, FBI agents led by Peter Strzok show up to interrogate Flynn.
Under Strzok's questioning, it doesn't take Flynn, a 33 year intelligence operative and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to smell a rat.
Remember, Strzok seems to be a charter member of this #SecretSocietySedition group. He may have played a role in leaking that intel report about Flynn to Ignatius himself just 12 days earlier.
What was the plan the #SecretSocietySedition group inside the DOJ hatched?

To take Flynn's perfectly legal phone calls with Kislyak and turn them into a serious crime.

Flynn instantly realizes Strzok is questioning him as if he's done something REALLY BAD.
Flynn has 33 years experience in the intelligence field. He is well aware of the fact any phone calls made to top Russian diplomats on unsecured phones are monitored by US intelligence agencies.

Flynn knows that *Strzok* would also know this.
So it's likely the entire line of questioning in this interrogation was absurd.

Strzok was pressing Flynn to admit he was trying to do a secret deal with the Russians to undermine the newly imposed Obama sanctions on Russia.
It's also very likely during the course of this interrogation, Strzok kept pressing Flynn to say it was then-President Elect Trump who told him to call up the Russians & try to do this 'secret deal'.
Now, Flynn is not an idiot. In fact, he's a very sharp guy.

He READ that report in the Washington Post 12 days earlier. He knows about the narrative that was launched based on a criminal leak from a very highly placed US gov't official.
SOMEBODY is trying to make it look like his legal phone calls to Kislyak were a very serious crime. They launched a media narrative, and now here's an FBI agent who should *KNOW* that narrative is absurd pretending it's real.
Here's something Flynn also knew on Jan. 24th, as he's watching this FBI agent press him to admit it was Trump who told him to make that 'secret deal' with the Russians:

Obama gov't people had been spying on Trump's team for months.
NSA Director, Admiral Mike Rogers had already alerted Trump's transition team to the fact they were being illegally spied on back in Nov. 2016.
This was why after Roger's visit to Trump Tower on Nov. 17th, 2016, later that night Trump suddenly announced he was moving his transition to Bedminster, NJ the VERY NEXT DAY.…
Even before THAT, I'm sure Trump & his team members knew there were people in the Obama administration & holdovers that were playing dirty pool & planning to come after them.
So here's Flynn, looking at Strzok angrily trying to get him to say Trump ordered him to do some kind of illegal, secret deal with Kislyak to undermine the new sanctions.

Flynn INSTANTLY realizes what's happening.
"I'm the target of a plot to pull the incoming President into a criminal investigation by a faction of politically motivated partisans inside the DOJ."

So he didn't give the plotter sitting in front of him the answers he was looking for.
And here's the key point: Flynn didn't give Strzok the answers he was looking for EVEN WHEN the answers he gave directly contradicted his own prior statements about the phone calls or things he said on the transcripts of the calls themselves.
So....yes, it's highly likely Lt. Gen. Flynn gave deliberate false answers to questions during his interview with Strzok.

But as I've laid out here, I think he had very good reasons for doing that.
Even if he is on the phone call transcripts at some point, saying "Sergey, Trump wanted me to call you...."

when Strzok asked him "Did Trump tell you to make these phone calls?"

Flynn lied to him. "No, this was all my own idea."
Now, true: this opens Flynn up to the charge of PERJURY. He is in fact lying to a federal investigator.

But here's the point: That's all that's going to happen.

If Flynn WON'T ADMIT Trump asked him to make the calls, where can the plot go?
CAN they actually charge Flynn with treason, violating the Logan Act, trying to do a secret deal with the Russians?

Well OF COURSE THEY CAN'T. They always knew this.

The *transcripts* of the calls shows nothing illegal happened.
Remember: these plotters are desperate and their ideology blinds them.

This plot needed to unfold FAST. Trump had be taken out EARLY. This was all supposed to have run it's course by March or April at the latest.
These people actually were confident they could quickly manufacture a completely bogus case of collusion using Flynn, pull Trump into it, and get Trump out of office in just 2-3 months.
But they hit their first snag on Jan. 24th when Flynn falls on his sword and won't LET them pull Trump into the investigation.

"No, I made these calls on my own initiative." Flynn likely told them, a completely innocent look on his face.
OK, the plotters regroup. What can they do now?

All they've got to investigate here is a perjury charge generated during an interview about phone calls they already know were legal.

They can't REALLY press on with the 'secret deal to undermine the sanctions' BS.
They publicize the fact Flynn got caught lying to FBI investigators.
And that he likely took steps to freeze out all other Trump administration officials from this by not telling them things about his being investigated by the FBI.

So Flynn ends up being fired.
This is when James Comey decides to get creative. They can STILL use their Flynn investigation to get Trump, he's sure of it.
All you have to do is use media allies to sell a narrative that Trump ORDERED Comey to back off or end the Flynn investigation. That'd be obstruction of justice, right?
Trump fired Comey in early May, likely after seeing enough evidence of all the shenanigans that'd gone on at the DOJ as the plotters spied on his campaign on Comey's watch, and then framed Flynn for a non-crime.
Watch what happens: Comey turns to media allies to launch a narrative. Through a friend, he has 1 of 7 memos he illegally took with him after his firing leaked anonymously to the NYT's, claiming Trump obstructed the FBI investigation of Flynn.
Still doing this all anonymously, Comey calls through his media allies for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate this President & all the Russian collusion that supposedly occurred during the 2016 election.
Having created the demand through his anonymous leaking campaign, Comey then dramatically comes out from behind the curtain & appears before Congress to testify & demand the appointment of a special counsel.
What the country needs right now, Comey tells the Congressional committee, is a special prosecutor & a very special team looking into President Trump's obstruction of the Flynn investigation & Russian collusion.
Comey gets exactly what he demands. Robert Mueller is appointed to investigate both the Flynn obstruction charge and the Russian interference into the election.
Now since May, when Mueller & this team began investigating, various theories have been floated, some by me, as to whether Mueller is a white hat helping Trump or a black hat, one of the members of the 'secret society'.
What people need to remember is this: while theories are nice to play around with, and I myself enjoy them highly, it actually DOESN'T MATTER if Mueller is a white hat, black hat, gray hat.

Why is that?

Because there's nothing REAL for him to find.
There was no 'Russian Collusion'.

And let's be honest here: since the DOJ IG investigation surfaced dramatically last December like a sub breaking the ocean surface, there is NO WAY Mueller & his team would try to fake a case against Trump at this point.
HOW would Mueller & his team successfully manage to manufacture a fake case of Russian collusion against Trump & his team with THIS guy standing behind them, looking over their shoulders ESPECIALLY since they now know he's there?
I myself find Mueller's hours-long interview with Trump - supposedly for the FBI director's job - the day before he was appointed to the special counsel position quite intriguing.
Mueller then went out & assembled a rather large team made of what is now known to be a rather rabid group of politically partisan Democrats.

This has caused a lot of Trump supporters anxiety since May, a period now stretching to 9 months.

Well don't worry.
As it so happens,while the #SecretSocietySedition group in the DOJ was doing it's desperate coup plotting, somebody was watching them.


Even before assuming office.
This person very likely had a *very* good idea what was going on inside the department he was about to assume control of.

And he had an ally ready to step in and help him expose, then prosecute all the illegal activity that had been going on. And was continuing to go on.
For months all you heard about Jeff Sessions was that he was 'recused' and since he wasn't publicly talking much about what he was doing, it was assumed he wasn't doing much at all.

And DOJ IG Michael Horowitz? A nonentity. Nobody knew him or remembered he was there.
So from May, all the way to about December 12th of last year, a period of some 8 months, people assumed Mueller's team had Trump & his people on the ropes, and Mueller could KO Trump at any moment.
The reality?

Mueller's team was digging and digging and digging and...finding NOTHING.

All they've managed was 4 process violation type indictments.

Manafort/Page for FARA lobbying, Flynn & Papadopoulos for perjury.

That's it. So far.
How bad has it gotten? In the last 4 months we've repeatedly seen the media think it's finally found that smoking gun & rush it out to the launch pad and......

watched it blow up on the launch pad.
They have NOTHING.

They're going to find NOTHING.

Because there is NOTHING to find.

This #SecretSocietySedition group was SPYING on Trump & his team as early as APRIL OF 2016. If they'd found ANYTHING they could use, you've have seen it LONG AGO.
The Brian Ross fiasco. "Candidate Trump told Flynn to call the Russians and....oh wait....ha ha sorry folks...uh....actually....that was President-elect Trump, sorry!" :(
The Don Jr. Wikileaks email fiasco. "3 independent sources tell us on the 4th Don Jr. was sent this email about this before it was public and....wait, WHAT?! The 14th? It was actually the 14th?! Well....never mind!"
The DeutscheBank fiasco. "We have a source that tells us DeutscheBank REPORTED Jared Kushner to authorities for suspicious financial transactions! A subpoena was issued and...what? DeutscheBank denies it? THEY'RE GONNA SUE US?!"…
This is why they keep burning themselves over and over again. They desperate for real evidence of collusion to surface, so they don't look at it or examine it too closely when a source offers it to them, they rush it out the door.

and then BOOM!

It blows up in their faces.
The #SecretSocietySedition group has nothing REAL to feed them.

All of their narratives they've fed their media allies have been FAKE.

Flynn's 'illegal' phone calls? FAKE

Trump 'obstructing' the Flynn investigation? FAKE
Now you're supposed to be REALLY concerned and fearful as Mueller brings in Trump and Rogers and Coats and others to grill them 'Russian interference'.

Of course, the MEDIA & DEMOCRATS & their base will sell it like this spells DOOM FOR TRUMP, etc. etc.
Real or not, Mueller's investigation had no real crimes to uncover. The only things it's found are either process violations of perjury or FARA lobbying violations that occurred years before the 2016 election.

But there's been ANOTHER investigation going on.
And this OTHER investigation, that started last January 12th, 2017? THAT one HAS uncovered very real and very serious crimes.

And the people committing these crimes are NOT Trump & his people.

It's highly placed officials inside the DOJ.
As more and more of the evidence DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found is shown to members of Congress and then to the public, the full scope & seriousness of the crimes involved will be staggering.
Everything you are seeing now started on Dec. 12th, when Horowitz released his first batch of evidence to the Congress, and then SOME of that evidence was shown to the media.

Including the first Strzok/Page text messages.
Since then, Horowtiz has handed over 1.2 million documents worth of evidence that he compiled during an investigation that thus far has stretched to well over 13 months.
The beginning of the transfer of these 1.2 million documents of evidence of political fixing & abuse inside the DOJ was on January 12th. That was 12 days ago. So it's likely done by now.

Congress is now looking through that evidence.
Horowitz could release that evidence to the Congress now because his investigation is almost over.

Congress had been clamoring to see many of these documents for some time now.

They now have them.
It's not a coincidence that you are seeing the #FisaAbuseMemo now within days of Horowitz releasing that evidence to the Congress.

Nunes likely had some missing pieces of the puzzle fall into place with new documents found within the 1.2 million Congress just got.
I believe that #FisaAbuseMemo, and those 5 months of missing text messages, when they are recovered - and they will be - will show the #SecretSocietySedition group forming their plan to frame @GenFlynn & how they used their media allies to launch that plot.
The entire Mueller probe was launched under false pretenses, on the basis of false narratives fed to willing media allies to first place Flynn under suspicion & then to claim Trump obstructed the resulting Flynn investigation.
These traitors left enough of a paper trail that they exposed. Someone followed that paper trail. And now Congress has seen it.

While they were doing their illegal spying/plotting someone was coming up behind them.

They had no clue he was there until it was too late.
It's literally too late for them to change what's about to happen. It's all going to be exposed. It can't be stopped.


• • •

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To people endlessly asking me if President Trump is aware of and taking steps to combat this whole "Color Revolution" playbook:

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How many times did you want to hear over and over

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