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1) #Qanon has a burning question for America.
This thread covers posts by Q from January 21 - 24, 2018.

First, I'd like to point out that Q moved to a different page due to malicious activity on #GreatAwakening

Currently, Q is posting here:
2) This post was sent the evening of the 21st, while I was recording a broadcast covering posts from that day.

It's a screenshot of an email from Todd Macklerr to Donna Brazille and John Podesta informing them of his current work on voting machines.
3) One of the anons points out that it seems to be a deleted email, possibly from Wikileaks.

#QAnon corrects him. It's not from Wikileaks. It's from the NSA database.
(Nothing is ever truly deleted.)
4) #Qanon then replies to his previous post telling the anons not to bother researching the email. It's just an example.

The bad guys think they can delete things to cover their tracks but the NSA has it all. Emails, texts, videos, everything.
5) So the FBI says it lost the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?

What would happen if the NSA released them all?

The flood (of previously deleted emails, texts, videos etc.) is coming.

Shall we play a game?
(#QAnon likes games.)
6) Again, #QAnon responds to his previous post encouraging people to think outside the box.

This was planned by the [3] letter agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc.) for years. They've been moving the chess pieces strategically. But today, they find themselves in a tight spot.
7) As far as the deep state goes, #Qanon says the moves they make this week will be revealing. So pay close attention.

What kind of moves are we looking for?
Peter Strzok lawyers up.…
8) James Comey's former Chief of Staff, James Rybicki, resigned.…
9) In an odd twist, it was revealed that James Comey hired his law professor buddy as his personal attorney. This is the same man he leaked his memos to. (We don't know when he was placed on retainer.)
10) And there's this:
Democrats who fear the damage that will come when the House Intel Committee #ReleaseTheMemo have come up with a counter memo.
11) In a not so obvious move by #Trump & Sessions, Dana Boente was named Chief Legal Counsel for the FBI.

Some fear that Boente is a black hat. Mostly because he's considered to be an "Obama appointee."
12) Obama appointed Boente to be US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in 2013. But he's been with the Justice Department for 33 years. Calling him an "Obama appointee" doesn't paint an accurate picture of him.
13) Consider this:
In January 2017, a week before leaving office, President Obama quietly signed an executive order that removed Boente from the DOJ’s line of succession, effectively removing him from the list of people to succeed the Attorney General.
14) Obama didn't trust Boente, who served as acting AG under Trump before Jeff Sessions was confirmed. Since then he's served as head of the DOJ's National Security Division.
15) Trump & Sessions have had time to road test Boente. If there were problems, they should have identified them. If they trust him, there's no reason why we shouldn't.
16) It's only Wednesday and moves by the deep state are signaling concern if not outright fear. #Qanon
17) Continuing with #QAnon:
SNOW WHITE [1, 2, and 5] offline.

From previous posts, we know that Snow White is a nickname for the CIA, due to the fact that they named their 7 supercomputers "The Seven Dwarves." Three of them are offline.
(Gee, I wonder why.)
18) 7th Floor is no more. (State Dept & FBI command centers)
Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean BIG things aren't happening.
2018 will be GLORIOUS.
19) The next post is self-explanatory. #Qanon again responds to his own question and asks a different one. He's setting before the Bureau a challenge: Come up with the missing texts or the NSA will.

Your move.
20) #Qanon reposts the previous image. This time tying it to the Alabama Senate special election. The suggestion is that there was manipulation of the voting machines, it was discovered (perhaps in advance) and it's going to be exposed.
21) Here's where things get interesting. #Qanon posts a reply from one of the anons. (This is one way he confirms the anons are on the right track.)
22) The post confirms that the white hats (good guys) sent a warning to the black hats letting them know they had all the evidence they needed to prosecute them. #Qanon is letting them know (again) it's going to be released.
23) The meaning of this post is unclear. We know that [3} refers to 3 letter agencies FBI, DOJ etc,
Is #Qanon saying that people from all the agencies are with him as they plan the takedown of the bad guys?

Whatever it means, Q wants us to know we're living in historic times.
24) The next post by #Qanon is cryptic. He reposts a previous message. I could guess at its meaning, but I don't think that would be helpful. (White background is the current post. Burgundy was the original.)

Your thoughts?
25) Someone asked #Qanon why the posts are out of sequence. Prior post was number 578, this one is 580. He says the missing one was a private message.

I'm only getting started, but I need to get some dinner. Be back soon.
Q is posing now here:
Wrong link. Try this one.…
26) Sundance (@TheLastRefuge2) just tagged me in a post. Looks like more maneuvering—or panicking—by the deep state. DOJ is officially begging the House Intel committee not to release the memo because they know it will nuke everything within 15 miles of Main Justice.
27) #QAnon
28) In the next post, an anon surmises that the #SchumerShutdown was Chucky's attempt to out-muscle #Trump.
#QAnon confirms.
29) As most of us who have been following the story have come to realize, there good guys in key places under Obama and Admiral Rogers is one of them.
30) Rogers played the deep state's game so that he could remain on the chessboard long enough to help #Trump
31) Now we need to discuss something uncomfortable.
People talk about it. A few of us have firsthand knowledge of it. But no one has produced hard evidence in (modern times) of the kind of depravity in American government that is suggested in this post.
32) The NSA sees all and knows all. Phone calls, emails, texts, videos are all stored in the database. Permanently. That's a risky proposition.

But no one inside the system ever thought an outsider would gain control of it, Now we must consider some new possibilities. #Qanon
33) What if the dirt, the depravity and criminal activity of people inside government were to be made public?

Something that was until now, unthinkable. #QAnon
34) What would happen if there was evidence that the FBI & DOJ plotted to assassinate or harm the President and the evidence were made public?

Beyond the individuals involved, what would happen to the departments?
35) What if the urban legends about human trafficking and human sacrifices were now demonstrated to be true by the release of evidence to the public?
36) Those [good] who know cannot sleep.
Those [good] who know cannot find peace.
Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.
37) Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.
Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.
Who are we taught to trust?
If you are religious, PRAY.
60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity's sake.
38) These are serious allegations The bible says "Let every accusation be confirmed by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses." In this video that was broadcast the morning after this Q post, Brenden Dilley provides 2 independent sources of confirmation.
39) Subtle irony.
40) #Qanon posts about increased chatter and attacks (I would assume in the intelligence community) as a result of his posts.
41) #QAnon tests to see if the board is secure and notes that someone from the deep state is sniffing around to evaluate the new threat. Prying eyes are watching his posts.
42) #Qanon notes that drones (CIA?) were tracking and there was a failed security check.
43) It's interesting that in this post, #Qanon mentions people who were pretending to be on the team. This was confirmed by Brenden Dilley who said there were traitors inside Trump's cabinet.
44) #QAnon will communicate instructions on how to preserve data in light of hacking activity.

Coming soon to a theater near you.
~ Q
It will all be made public.
45) An anon asked #Qanon about the failed security test. He let them know it was resolved.
46) #QAnon references a previous post, where he predicted trouble for Silicon Valley and the MSM.
47) Jack lost his Chief Operating Officer.
48) And Facebook lost it's Chief Marketing Officer.
49) CBS lost the Executive Producer of its evening news.
50) And the 'Today Show' lost its Executive Producer.…
51) For reference, this was posted by #Qanon on Sunday the 21st.
52) I don't know if he follows Q, but on Sunday night, after the above #Qanon post went out, Thomas Paine posted this.
54) #Qanon is a patriot.
55) #Qanon posts this image.
56) Here's a better view.
57) I believe #QAnon is suggesting the (7) members of the FBI / DOJ "secret society" met immediately after the election to put into action their plan (insurance policy) to impeach the newly elected president.
58) I don't believe the FBI / DOJ "secret society" was an Illuminati type group. It was probably more like a special ops team in the military. (But at this point, it's hard to tell.)
59) #QAnon posts a question to Snowden about Russia.
60) Background info.
These are previous posts from #Qanon about Snowden.
This one was from January 21st.
Q suggests the leak that Snowden facilitated hurt the NSA

I realize that Snowden is considered a hero by many but Q is asking us to think about things differently.
61) #Qanon posted this on November 14th, 2017
Again, Q pits the CIA against the military's NSA and suggests that things are not as they appear.

Did Snowden have a mission other than the one you've been told about?
Who gave it to him?
Who would benefit from its completion?
62) This one is from November 6, 2017.
Again, #Qanon asks us to think about the difference between military & civilian intelligence.
What are the restrictions?
Who put them there?
Why is Admiral Rogers so important?
(Ash Carter and James Clapper wanted him fired.)
63) Next, #Qanon posts a link to a Youtube video:
64) Big, if true.

#Qanon never uses President Obama's full name.
A celebratory exception?

(WW) = World Wide
9 attorneys, worldwide?

Your thoughts?
65) #QAnon occasionally posts photos of things in the immediate area.
66) I reversed the image and zoomed in.
It says:
The White House
67) I just checked and this was the latest post.
If there are more tomorrow, I'll add them.
Thanks for your support and prayers.

Good night, Patriots.
68) Here's a better image of the paper that the pen is resting on. It's been reversed and gamma-enhanced. (The words are reversed in the original because the paper was face down.)
70) About the pen image:
The allegations #Qanon has made are serious. And he wants to be taken seriously.

How do we know someone posting on 8chan is who he claims to be?
The pen image is an opportunity to prove he's a phony.
71) It's pretty simple. #Qanon is suggesting that the photo of the pen was taken in close proximity to the President. He's suggesting that this is in fact, Trump's pen. If he was able to take an original photo of it, he must be close to POTUS.
72) All you need to do is search the internet for the image. If you find it somewhere else, we know Q probably didn't take it.

If however, you can't find the image anywhere else, then you need to explain how Q obtained it, Occam's razor would suggest #Qanon is the source.
72) While you're looking, you might also check the internet for this image. It was posted by #Qanon the weekend the President was at Camp David. (Jan 6-7.)
73) And this one, posted December 12, 2017.
Note the blurred pen in the background.
74) Let me know if you find these images elsewhere. My suspicion is, you won't find them anywhere except on #QAnon posts.
Obama lawyers up.
Is this what #QAnon meant?
75) #Qanon is posting again.
A shoutout to @foxandfriends for featuring a Q post on their Twitter review of #ReleaseTheMemo
76) A thumbs up to AT&T for insisting Congress pass an Internet bill of rights that compels ISPs and platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter to refrain from viewpoint discrimination and censorship.…
77) #QAnon reposts an anon observation about the timing of a Trump Tweet.
He then draws our attention to the President's focus on the UK and how it ought to frighten certain people.
78) If you know #Trump, you know everything he does is strategic. He goes to a globalist forum and gets cozy with Theresa May, who is having a hard time pulling the trigger on #Brexit.
Is POTUS wooing his future favorite trade partner?
79) This tweet is also worth checking out. #Qanon
80) British Intelligence has played a role in the surveillance of Americans, including the Trump team. Because GCHQ is a foreign nation, technically it's not against the law.

#Qanon suggests the terms & conditions have changed.
82) NSA helps fund GCHQ
NSA is under command of Admiral Rogers
Has British Intelligence been brought over to the good side?
83) #Qanon posted a link to an article about John Kerry's visit with Palestinian leaders where he told them to #Resist Trump.
84) Link to article:
85) An excerpt:
Why does Kerry believe #Trump will be "out in a year?"
Does he know about an organized effort (plan) to remove POTUS?
86) #Qanon

• • •

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