Eight Conspirators Attended #MagnitskyMeeting6_9_16 At Trump Tower.
#TrumpRussiaConspiracyProven By Follow Up To #MagnitskyMeeting…
2) The #MagnitskyMeeting 8
Donald Trump, Jr.
The president's son arranged to have a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya with a series of e-mails exchanged with publicist Rob Goldstone.
The emails...confirmed Trump Jr. was promised damaging information on Clinton.
3) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, did not disclose the meeting on an application for his security clearance.
Kushner met Kislyak in April 2016. Told Flynn to contact Kislyak about foreign policy issues.…
4) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Paul Manafort took notes during the meeting on his iPhone& submitted them to the Senate Intelligence Committee..References to political donations and the RNC in the notes have "elevated the significance" of the meeting..…
5) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Natalia Veselnitskaya is the Russian lawyer Trump Jr.'s son arranged to meet. She works against the Magnitsky Act, a law reviled by Russian President Vladimir Putin and represents Prevezon a real estate firm subject to Magnitsky Sanctions.
6)The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Rinat Akhmetshin is former member of the Russian military intelligence services known as GRU. He’s now a U.S. citizen& works as a lobbyist,& is registered w/Veselnitskaya's organization.
He’s renown in IC for obtaining e-mail.…
7) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Rob Goldstone is a British publicist who arranged the meeting between Trump Jr.& Veselnitskaya. He represents Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, son of Aras Agalarov, Russian oligarch, who partnered w/Trump on the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.
8) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Anatoli Samachornov acted as a translator for Veselnitskaya.…
9) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
“Ike” Kaveladze was in 2000 named by @nytimes as responsible for using about 2,000 shell companies in the US to launder $1.4bn from Russia& eastern Europe into accounts at Citibank and the Commercial Bank of San Francisco.…
10) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Of course, as a follow up to The #MagnitskyMeeting , Trump Sr. famously asked “Russia” to obtain 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton on national television on July 27, 2016.…
11) #The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Delivering on the promise by Russian reps at the #MagnitskyMeeting ,40,000 e-mails stolen from @DNC were released by Russian hackers thru WikiLeaks.
“..the Russians were trying to help the Trump campaign,”…
12) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
After the huge boost given Trump Campaign by Russia, as promised, Trump was obligated to return the favor. (Allegedly)
Veselnitskaya represents the sanctioned Prevezon. Akhmetshin fiercely fought against Magnitsky Sanctions.…
13) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
Concrete steps were taken by The Trump Administration to allow a substantial money payoff to Veselnitskaya’s client, Prevezon, a Magnitsky sanctioned defendant.@PreetBharara , prosecutor of Prevezon was fired by Trump.…
14) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
After firing @PreetBharara ,inexplicably, DOJ settled a $260 Million Claim vs Veselnitskaya’s client, Prevezon, owned by Putin’s close friend,Denis Katsyv, for $6 Million.
(Quid Pro Quo completing a conspiracy?)…
15) The #MagnitskyMeeting Eight
DOJ has yet to explain the shocking dismissal of the Prevezon money laundering case.…
Post Script To #MagnitskyMeeting
Sergei Magnitsky was murdered in prison.
Russian lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov “fell”from a window of his Moscow apartment bldg, one day before he was scheduled to appear in court in a case related to Sergei Magnitsky's death.…
Does Trump get a Mulligan for the Deal with Russians to hack the DNC e-mail and to dismiss the $230 Million Case Against Prevezon, the largest money laundering case against Russia in which evidence had been assembled?
#FakePresident #

• • •

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Sep 18, 2018
Trump Knows Why Putin Wants Him To Declassify Our Intel Secrets About Sources And Methods.
Nunes gives cover to Trump by saying @GOP needs to see FBI efforts to “Frame” Trump and Russia.
But, Putin is FSB. He wants our Intel Agencies crippled.
2) Putin murders Western Intelligence Agents and Sources.
If Trump declassifies Sources, our overseas human assets will disappear or die.
“Russia has been accused of...harassment, assassinations and the novichok poisonings in the UK.”…
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Political/Social Lexicon

A name reserved for liberals and progressives by Republicans meant to be disparagingly disgusting because it includes welfare for poor people. Ignorantly, it gets confused with communism.
2) DemocraticSocialism—
A term mistakenly associated with Scandanavian countries because they have a form of welfare state within a complex economy. Bernie Sanders adopts this label to avoid being called socialist.
3) Nordic capitalism/social democracy—
A comprehensive welfare state& collective bargaining at nat’l level w/high percentage of workforce unionized,while being based on economic foundations of free market capitalism,w/higher standard of living than USA& people generally happier.
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Jul 16, 2018
#IDedicateThisWeekTo Edgar Mowrer, Pulitzer Prize winning international and war correspondent, who warned the world about Hitler& Mussolini, at risk to himself.
He was a beacon of truth, when the free press was under attack.
As did Hitler, Trump would have called him Fake News.
"Like other newsmen, I was crazy to see all I could... we rented bicycles and pedaled eastward... eager to see what we could of the recent battlefields.... When we finally arrived, I realized with delight that we were at the headquarters of the French Fifth Army.”
Edgar Mowrer
“To the north we heard the faint roar of guns..Before we knew it,we were under arrest as spies. In answer to my insistence that we were free-born Americans w/papers,...the captain cursed me roundly. Next a major led us to courtyard& locked us up in separate sheds."
Edgar Mowrer
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Jul 2, 2018
For Putin, Trump has betrayed America and executed a strategy to destroy The Alliance Of Western Liberal Democracies that have kept the peace for 70 years.
The Republican Party is co-opted due to corruption.
Attacks on our DOJ and @FBI serve Putin’s strategy to bury us.q
Donald Trump’s Betrayal of American and European Diplomacy
His withdrawal from the Iran deal is the biggest breach in transatlantic trust since the Iraq invasion.…
“To the 28 member states of the European Union,..Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement (..JCPOA) was not just a diplomatic catastrophe of the highest order—it was a betrayal of everything America and Europe have worked towards for the past 15 years.
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