9. John Podesta didn't write that article that came out the other day. Robby Mook wrote it, Hillary helped.
Skippy was in ill health at the time. He is not doing so well health-wise.
10. The intellience community is annoyed because some of you guys aren't normally watching Dilley scopes and only in there to watch for Intel, write things down, then publish it on YouTube as if it were your own. You start to build your own brands around it.
11. The INTEL Community know & they don't like it.It's not a good look whether you're doing it to Q or Dilley's Intel Source or other sources.
"Annoyed" is not even the right word.
12. They don't like it because you guys SCREW IT UP and you change things, add things, and you start being "conspiritorial" instead of just taking the information.
13. With the Intel, people are trying to play "Clue" instead of just watching what's happening (and) having some faith, they start stealing information and pretending that someone told it to them. They're capitalizing on it.
14. John Podesta is in ill health at the moment."
"Skippy was in a military medical facility till Monday, just left. Waiting to hear where he is right now. His brother is in the lower 48 in Military Custody."
15.GITMO journeys R 2 get the intel, they are not yet permanent residents. Again, for the record,we have never said they were there permanently.We said they had visits,some for much longer than others.There R so many moving parts that it changes not by day/week but by the minute
16. Main Stream Media is the disinformation campaign to rock patriots.
Example, POTUS just had to clarify he never wanted to sack Mueller. I think he has said it about 40 times+. Yet media runs a hack piece and he has to say it again.
17. Podesta Op-Ed (Hillary really) is the same crap as is Obama. They want to push a narrative that they're untouchable and they get the low-educated CNN and Company to fall for it.
18. “Disinformation is a tactic - both sides. However, our side is done to protect assets. Their side is to cause carnage."
Old news being passed as current.
We're livid with people "repacking the Intel as theirs" and adding lies and misinformation to it. It distorts the facts.
19. #Q rolled out the word #Cyanide and that #HRC, #Soros, and #Hussein would not see a public court.
Huge Military references in the drops.
20. Prince Alwaleed got released.
Intel Source: "Yes, minus some toes and a device fitted internally. Think 'Kill Switch'"
21. Confirmation - Earlier today, #JeromeCorsi dropped that #Hannity was attacked by #DeepState for posting form submission #1649 - which is a reference SUGGESTING Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (were) guilty of treason.
22. #Qanon warns Deep State in panic, will attack Conservative, Libertarian, Red-Pilled Journalists… This is from Jerome Corsi, a tweet that he put out.
Intel Source - "He's on the right track", Not confirming EVERY bit of it but at least stating that on the right track.
23. Intel source picked Dilley because they watched "Your Voice America" and was able to vet Dilley.They chose him because of his ability vet, process, and communicate information.
24. Besides Fox and Friends and Hannity, "YourVoice America" is a favorite show 'Inside the White House Administration'
25. Sean #Hannity knows a LOT.
26. No deals for the people at the very top.
Every day, Intel is being dropped and will continue to be dropped. Not all at once to prevent civil unrest. When the "Hammer" drops, people will not be so surprised.

• • •

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11. Wouldn't it be interesting if the media started talking about the "Popular vote" this week and there was strong evidence to back up the claims?
"Whoever is feeding Thomas Paine information is potentially feeding me info as well."
12. PLANES = "reference a past event not anything going forward."
"They've cut off the routes those planes were going to escape through."
13. Main Stream Media knows that their days are numbered
#Rosenstein is dirty, we've said that from the getgo, but they were all used. A lot of them. There's a reason they were kept close in the administration to continue to do their jobs.
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