1) I was looking forward to see Jim Stone Freelance...

... to cover this train wreck with the Republicans on it. Stone's comments are along the lines of my own thoughts on this event.

2) Jim Stone has some shocking information about this event.

Stone is an ex-NSA dude, so he's legit.

3) Quoting Stone:


"Adding to the credibility of the theory they were fleeing a threat is the fact that ...
4) (Stone con't)

...they had family members aboard the train, including children that should have been in school."

5) (Stone con't)

"UPDATE: CONFIRMED - They did not turn back, they continued on to the safe facility in buses, including the injured. THAT THERE ALONE SAYS IT ALL.

Here's the story, which is all now 100 percent confirmed."
6) (Stone con't)

"A majority of Republican congressmen who voted to release the Fisa memo, which exposes an enormous amount of deep state corruption, were on an escorted train when they were supposed to be in session, with all roads closed ahead of the train..."
7) (Stone con't)

"...(for security reasons) and the train receiving helicopter escort.

Despite all the roads being closed, the train hit a garbage truck while going 70 mph. The front wheels of the front engine derailed, but the rear wheels stayed on the tracks."
8) (con't)
"With all the roads closed for security reasons, the only way the garbage truck could have gotten in the way of the train would be if it was done intentionally.

Even some Congressmen are now saying the accident had to have been staged, and that it was an attempt to...
9) (con't)

"...kill a large number of congressmen who voted to release the memo. Large numbers of deaths would have occurred if the train did derail, (as planned) but with the will of God it mostly stayed on the tracks and none of the cars or engines tipped over."
10) (con't)

"If that had happened at 70 MPH the results would have been devastating."

HEADS UP: Rogue factions in the United States government are attempting a violent coup with "plausible deniability. Fortunately only minor injuries happened, but having this end up being..."
11) (con't)

"...minor defies all probability, it was supposed to be a disaster and it was definitely, without question, not an accident."

[End quotes]

FK'N A-hole Deep State and Shadow Government!

THANK GOD that the Republicans survived!

It's WAR.

12) It's WAR.

It's a war between:

Deep State (Intelligence) ~ Shadow Gov't (MIC) ~ Cabal


Trump ~ American Military White Hats ~ American People ~ Secret Space Program Alliance

The war is being fought online, in the media and in the world of commerce.
13) Now this war HAS GONE HOT.

First -- the attempts to NUKE Hawaii and Japan. Those events are being "covered" with BS shit about a "wrong button" being pushed. BS!

Second -- Now with this train wreck attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans.

What can you do about this?
14) Spread the word about the TRUTH of what the hell is going on.

Print out flyers -- 4 to a 11x14 sheet -- and highlight the kinds of TRUTH that you want to see exposed, issues that YOU feel passionate about.

Hand out those flyers to people everywhere. Smile. Chat.
15) Handing out flyers -- it's old school, yes -- may seem silly.

But it's not.

The Internet/media is in a massive data overload.

Flyers enable one to CONNECT directly with people.

Build your ability to debate with @StefanMolyneux's brilliant book, "The Art of the Argument."

• • •

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More from @MozartTarzan

Sep 10, 2018
1) Look at these images:

They were not photoshopped.
2) I've been a transcript team coordinator / editor for over 10 years, editing transcripts of whistle-blowers from inside the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex), each of whom had been authorized to release once-classified info.

So, I've been privy to a lot of good intel.
3) Part of the intel was that part of what took down the WTC towers was some sort of space-based energy weapon that turns solid objects into dust -- and THAT'S what you are seeing in those pics in the OP.

Those pics are from this site:

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Aug 12, 2018
(1) Pedophilia in Hollywood is not new.

In an amazing book, "Selected by Extraterrestrials," by the late Bill Thompkins, shared a story of pedophilia happening in Hollywood in the 1950s.

High school-aged kids were having sex with 1st graders, and older.

Teacher's assistants...
(2)... were also having sex with kids of all school grades.

Teachers, too.

Pedophilia in Hollywood is multi-generational.

Grown ups abused, in turn, abused.

Father ~ son ~ grandson, etc.

Some of today's Hollywood kids are 4th generation in the Hollywood Pedo Culture ("HPC").
(3) The HPC was encouraged by, supported by and cultivated by the culture of #Democrats, #Marxists, #Progressives, #Socialists, #Globalists, etc.

They did unthinkable crimes with #children.

REALLY UNTHINKABLE, but if we are to #STOP this problem you HAVE to think about this.
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Jun 27, 2018
@ThomasWictor @bizzykimmi @RealJamesWoods (1) I'm a hermit, too, Wictor, for the same reasons, on top of being nearly deaf.

I cannot fathom how anyone can do the physically-harmful BDSM extremes, let alone raping/dominating anyone with no regard to others' free will.

I've lived long enough (58 yrs) to gain some wisdom.
@ThomasWictor @bizzykimmi @RealJamesWoods (2) One small nugget of wisdom is that the pains that others seek to inflict upon themselves or others is to match pains that they have internally.

Many times one's internal pain originates from one or several key incidents from when young, with no healing of those old wounds.
@ThomasWictor @bizzykimmi @RealJamesWoods (3) Those old wounds often, in turn, connect to deeper wounds that're carried over from other lifetimes. They're carried over because of no healing of those wounds in those lifetimes.

So, healing one's internal wounds is the MOST important task that one could do in ANY lifetime.
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Feb 26, 2018
1) Great question, Mr. Woods.

This requires a deeply-nuanced, complex answer, of which requires books to answer, let alone Twitter, but I can share some highlights.

This degradation started WELL BEFORE the '60s -- it started even before the ink dried on the Constitution.
2) The prime mover of the destruction of Western Civilization is the ILLoonynaughties, aka, Cabal.

They are real people with real names -- Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, etc -- with seriously-evil agendas that address multiple aspects of Western Societies.
3) This Cabal -- "Powers That Be" -- engendered their game plan centuries ago and carried it out very much along the lines of their Protocols that they established over the centuries.

There are TWO key aspects to the power of the Cabal:

A) Financial

B) Energy
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Nov 30, 2017
(1) My long-time buddy, David Wilcock, posted an update on his Facebook page, copies of which can be found here:


I don't have an acct with Facebook, as it's controlled by the CI@.

I've personally known David for 18 years, and he's totally legit.
(2) Here are a few, selected quotes from David's Facebook post:

"There have been rumors about an alleged Alliance "visit" to the C!@, as in the form of a raid. Fulford posted 23 different things that an alleged insider told him had come out of this."

... "Anyway, thanks to Corey's help, we now have a new tranche of data that is ready for publication and seems authentic. There are actually four new sets I now need to integrate.

"...Things are very definitely heating up.

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Nov 27, 2017
(1) Here's a list of 8 of 23 amazing, actionable intelligence that the Marines gained from their storming of the CIA headquarters a week ago. Link to the original source will be at the end of this list.

Semper Fi!
(2) ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bushs and the Clintons.
(3) "ITEM 2: President Donald Trump reopened the President John F. Kennedy assassination files and George H.W. Bush was behind it. JFK autopsy photographs were falsified."
Read 23 tweets

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