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My dear young ones, if there is ONLY one thing you ever LEARN from me let it be this:
Be a person of Truth and Consistency.
When you are, no matter the LIES against you; events will unfold and find you still standing on the same spot of Truth and Consistency.
In this same country, in 2013 at a #UNNConvocationSpeech, I spoke up about the Squandering that was going on with the OIL BOOM MONEY. I asked then FG to stem the hemorrhaging.
What was their reaction?
By 2015 the TRUTH of what I said REVEALED!
In this same country in 2014, after 29 boys of FGC -Buni Yadi were gruesomely killed by terrorists and burnt to death with a video of their charred remains disseminated to taunt Nigeria, I asked then FG to ACT DECISIVELY & also POSTPONE Centenary Extravaganza.
I ignored the INSULTS of then FG and pressed on for ACTION against those that massacred the Buni Yadi in 2014 because failure to do so would SEND A WRONG SIGNAL to the “insurgents” (as they used to be called then).
The FG to the utter shame of Nigeria hosted a DINNER!
I moved on and left the FG alone on that matter.
Tragically, less than 8 weeks after the Buni Yadi massacre, the terrorists struck at another school on April 14 & by the time full information was verified by a committee of the then FG, 219 Girls of GSS Chibok had been abducted!
The morning of April 14 news of Nyanya Bomb Blast hit the nation. It was one blast too many in a series of such that KILLED SEVERAL CITIZENS in different towns &cities. On that day, I criticized the FG for failing to COMMUNICATE its counter-insurgency war.
I ignored their INSULTS at me for simply asking FG to COMMUNICATE its Counter-Insurgency war better so that Citizens become well aware of what the country was up against.
I took a step to crowd source the Voices of Citizens on this @Twitter using #CitizensSolutionToEndTerrorism!
Launching the crowd sourcing of ideas of citizens on how to end terrorism that April 14 of Nyanya Bomb Blast ignited a massive engagement by Citizens on here. By nighttime, I had over 1200 submissions of :
#CitizensSolutionToEndTerrorism. It was amazing. What next, I wondered.
Thankfully that April 15th 2014 awesome .@_yemia of Enough is Enough @eie took up the challenge & inherited the almost 2000 tweet submissions from citizens:
We did not at that time know that midnight of April 14, a CALAMITY had happened in Chibok!
It was not until afternoon of April 15, 2014 that I read news of the TRAGEDY of #ChibokGirlsAbduction on my Twitter Page - my Timeline on the @BBCNews handle. I was AGHAST!
I had to hold my heart cos my eyes POPPED WITH FEAR. I SCREAMED : Noo Lord!
Then I tweeted @ the BBC.
This was what on that April15 2014 I tweeted @ the .@BBCAfrica handle the first time I ever heard of the #ChibokGirlsAbduction:

Verified? @BBCAfrica: Over 200 girls have been abducted in an attack on a school in north-east #Nigeria, parents say m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-afr…”
I followed on that 1st tweet with:

I hope this is NOT TRUE. The @BBCAfrica reports that some 200 school girls were abducted LAST NIGHT in Borno State? Any Tweeps in Borno?

As I waited for some minutes to learn more, tears rolled involuntarily because my mind said “it’s BBC o”
As I waited with sinking feeling on that April 15, 2014 a fellow responded to my tweet and here was my reaction:

“Oh dear! Praying our Security Team ACTS swiftly&brings GOOD NEWS @othmanyakubu: @obyezeks abductions confirmed and the number is above 100.”

I started wailing.
Those who already followed me here on Twitter in 2014 would likely remember that EVERYDAY from that April 15 afternoon, ALL I BEGAN TO TWEET ON was a shout out to the then FG and Military to ACT SWIFTLY and RESCUE the abducted ChibokGirls.

I tweeted daily on the school girls. Then 20th April 2014 after many days of silence followed by misinformation by the @HQNigerianArmy that the girls had been rescued & later RECANTING that 85 Girls were missing; I started a hashtag for their rescue: #WhereAreOur85Daughters.
On that April 20, 2014 this was one of my tweets:

“Yet another night - the 6th- since last Monday night when they were abducted. #WhereAreOur85Daughters ?
Is our Rescue Op 4 them EFFECTIVE?”

Then I urged tweeps to please keep tweeting #WhereAreOur85Daughters to CALL OUT THE FG.
For the next many days from the 20th April 2014, those of us on this Twitter Street who were worried that the then Presidency/FG was ominously MUM & NO VISIBLE ACTION appeared to be being taken to rescue the school girls began to use #WhereAreOur85Daughters to ADVOCATE for them.
Folks, before you ever heard #BringBackOurGirls there was in fact #WhereAreOur85Daughters and both were the result of my DETERMINATION to GET FG ACTION FOR the same abducted ChibokGirls in April 2014!
It was in PH @ a UNESCO Book event
that upon hearing me, a Tweep tweeted #BBOG
This was the tweet by .@Abu_Aaid of my April 23, 2014 CALL at a UNESCO Book Capital event in Port Harcourt demanding that the audience& those watching the Live broadcast should join in asking the then FG to RESCUE ChibokGirls. Hashtag #BringBackOurGirls was BORN on that day!
Whole day April 23, 2014 as I retweeted .@Abu_Aaid and called on all to help us “keep tweeting #BringBackOurGirls until our Government & the world ACTS to RESCUE the abducted ChibokGirls” the hashtag began trending- first nationally& next globally.

On April 30, 2014 WE MARCHED!
You see, while #BringBackOurGirls had become VIRAL on social media networks - especially @Twitter , traditional print & electronic media in Nigeria particularly STAYED SILENT on the TRAGEDY.
Many of them would later reveal that then FG had asked them to BLACK OUT on the news.
Following the lack of FG ACTION & news blackout on the #ChibokGirlsTragedy, discussions started on a couple of Women email list serves triggered by a suggestion by .@hadizabalausman that Women should MARCH to AWAKEN the FG to the plight of the abducted ChibokGirls.
.@Twitter helped us achieve a very effective mobilizing of diverse citizens- women, men, young, old, east, west, north, south, rich, poor, Christian&Moslem. It did NOT matter the differences; people signed on to join what we called the #BringBackOurGirls MARCH on April 30, 2014!
WE marched to the .@nassnigeria under the stormiest heavy rain I had ever experienced in Abuja. WE engaged with the leadership of the NASS on that April 30, 2014 & marched back to the Unity Fountain.
I led the March.
As we deliberated next courses of options for the group in ensuring FG ACTION for ChibokGirls, I Please two before the crowd:
1. Disperse as a one- off based on the word of the .@nassnigeria Leaders to get then President to ACT.
2. Come out & MARCH DAILY until then FG ACTED.
In leading a massive crowd of diverse people many of whom spoke of Shared Humanity as reason they came out on that April 30, afternoon to MARCH for the #ChibokGirlsTragedy I had to BE STRONG . I had to be FIRM.
I pointed out the CONSEQUENCES of any of the 2 options before us.
Consequence of option 1 was: the .@nassnigeria had no track record for solving matters of Citizens’ concern & so we needed to be circumspect.
Consequence of option 2 was:
it involved SERIOUS PERSONAL COMMITMENT & COST for each of us to come out DAILY to march.
Crowd CHOSE 2!!
When resounding shouts of option 2 rent the air on that April 30, 2014 at the Unity Fountain, I repeated the CONSEQUENCE & asked if they were ready for the commitment to the cause of the abducted girls to such extent. The response was YES!
.@tsambido went on his knees &held me.
I had no idea who .@tsambido was until he knelt on that wet ground of Unity Fountain &held me as I struggled to raise him back on his feet on that April 30, 2014. His CRY was “promise me YOU will not stop demanding for FG to bring our daughters back”.
Also crying,I PROMISED him.
.@tsambido was the Chibok Community Leader in Abuja &had led all his people resident in Abuja and beyond to the April 30, 2014 #BringBackOurGirls march.
That PROMISE made to him to NOT STOP DEMANDING until the FG would bring “our daughters back” KEEPS SOME OF US UNTIL TODAY.
Do I need to write about the multiple lies, assaults, insults, attacks, slander, libel, antagonism directed @ me IN PARTICULAR & labeling me as “enemy of the state” by then FG? They spared nothing in orchestrated plans to “destroy her person”.
Thanks to GOD, they FAILED&FAILED.
The worst of the MALICIOUS LIES that the then FG and its allies spread widely was: “Oby Ezekwesili is working for APC - the opposition- because they have PAID HER MONEY” “They have PROMISED HER POSITION when they win”.
Some weak-minded people believed them.
The kind of ATTACKS CAMPAIGN the then FG launched against me what ALL THEIR MIGHT, ONLY STRENGTHENED MY RESOLVE to USE MY VOICE for the #ChibokGirls, #ChibokParents Victims of Terrorism & the #NorthEast more broadly.
Today, when ATTACKED by some mischievous folks from the NorthEast of Nigeria as an “Igbo woman”, I just LAUGH. In those terrible days of 2014 when PEOPLE even from that region FEARED to raise a VOICE on the TERRORIST TRAGEDY in their communities, I DID.
For USING MY VOICE to amplify the cause of those 219 young women who went to acquire the same Education that has taken me very far in Life, the then FG having FAILED to beat me down decided TO MAKE ME THE FALL GIRL for their 2015 Elections Loss. They LIE, “You campaigned for APC”
I campaigned for APC?
Many should recall that in March 2014, APC had in fact received a SERIOUS TONGUE LASHING from me when they surprisingly invited me as Keynote Speaker as an Economic Development expert to their Economic Blueprint Summit @ the Hilton.
Why did I tongue lash APC at their Economic Summit event to which they invited me in March 2014?
I was TIRED of the incorrigible SELFISH attitude of our Political Class which spent so much effort bickering to “Capture or Retain Power” while terrorists RAGED ON & KILLED.
In fact, when I got the mail inviting me to Keynote at the APC Economic Summit, I asked the fellow to go and make sure it was NOT A MISTAKE. After several back & forth, I finally confirmed acceptance to speak at their Summit. I decided to use it to CALL OUT OUR POLITICAL CLASS.
On March 5th 2014 one day before the APC Summit I had accepted to speak as an Economic Development expert, I tweeted this:

“Tweeps, I've been invited by APC to deliver the Keynote Speech @ their unveiling of their Road Map tomorrow. It shall b nothing but d Truth.”

Writing my Speech that I delivered as invited economic Development expert at that APC Economic Summit was intense. It really was. I wanted our Political Class to hear me LOUD & CLEAR as my mom usually says😂

No way was I going to deliver some anodyne speech to that gathering.
When I finally got the inner inspiration of what to title my Speech to the APC Economic Summit, the rest was easy.

The title?


For those who never got to read the speech then, here’s a link.
It is a very long speech.

I poured out my HEART about Nigeria’s FAILURE.

.@YNaija : For the Record: Full text of Dr. Oby Ezekwesili’s speech at the APC National Summit in Abuja » YNaija ynaija.com/for-the-record…
I was enthusiastically received at the Venue on arriving the Hilton to deliver my speech as an invited economic development expert.

After delivering my speech & walking up to their Party Stalwarts to shake their hands; no one bothered to walk me out to my car!

The opening of my Speech on that March 6, 2014 made some of their Party Stalwarts UNCOMFORTABLE.

I read :
Thanks for inviting me as your Keynote Speaker at your Unveiling of Road Map Summit. I do not know how you decided to take this high risk of inviting me to your gathering.
The rest of my opening as I read my Speech at that APC Economic Summit was:

“I do not know how you took this high risk of inviting me to your gathering; knowing full well that my zeal for candor can be generally unsettling for some people of your class and occupation.”
I continued with my stern opening to the APC Economic Summit thus:

“Since you took the risk, I have assumed the liberty to speak boldly even to your discomfort especially considering that we live in a season of grim when our country is greatly troubled.”
Continuing with my Speech at the APC Economic Summit March 2104:

“In perilous times like this, Truth is the absolute freedom. I shall be spurred on by the counsel of George Orwell who in honor of Truth stated that “in a time of deceit telling the Truth is a revolutionary act”.
Furthermore to the APC economic summit gathering on that March 6, 2014; my Speech read:

“I further assume that if you wanted someone with the skills of deceit, it would not be me that you would have invited to your gathering. I therefore speak to you today not as a politician.”
If YOU care to read the rest of that Speech, you must brace yourself for History, Politics, Governance and Economics because it traced the History of our checkered Political & Governance contexts that explain our dwarfish heartbreaking Economic UNDERPERFORMANCE since 1960.
Yet it served the then FG in 2014 to IGNORE FACTS of my very PUBLIC position on our Political Class - my Speech stated that Nigeria does not have a Political Party CRISIS but a Political CLASS CRISIS- .
The then FG did EVERYTHING to give credulity to ITS MALICIOUS LIES by simply pointing to a few friends that are members of APC (then in opposition).
Friends like N. Elrufai ( my ex-colleague 2000-2007) and R. Amechi (served with me on NEITI as Rep of 36 Houses of Assembly).
The then FG KNEW that I was NOT IN ANY WAY PART OF the APC and that trying to TAINT my DEMAND for ACCOUNTABILITY as that of “Opposition “ was a heinous thing.
Yet they carried on as there were enough “We Hate Oby Brigade” in that administration to egg them on!
Then FG including some of its people who used to be my friends began a massive whispering campaign against me EVERYWHERE. 3 international banks which wanted me to serve on their Boards were told that they would be considered “hostile to FGN” if I became a Director.
3 international Technology & Oil firms which also wanted me to serve on their Board were similarly winked at with SAME , “If Oby becomes one of your Directors, we will consider you hostile to our Government”.

All this for simply ASKING A GOVERNMENT TO RESCUE #ChibokGirls.
As I stated in my Opening Tweet on this Thread, STAYING on the path of Truth and Consistency NO MATTER THE COST is one of my non-negotiable values in Life.
I STOOD ON no matter how MIGHTILY the then FG abused its powers to hurt me for DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY.
Power Baton exchanged in May 2015 WE @BBOG_Nigeria continued with OUR DAILY ADVOCACY while publicly giving new FG some few weeks to settle in and GIVE US ITS RESCUE PLAN for OUR #ChibokGirls.
Within a matter of weeks in office, WE became WORRIED their ATTITUDE WAS SAME as PAST!
How could it be that as soon as they took office, neither President .@MBuhari nor his VP @ProfOsinbajo immediately took a trip to assure the people of Chibok, especially the 219 families of the abducted girls?
How could it be that the ChibokCommunity in Abuja was not reached?
By the 2nd week of June 2014 WE @BBOG_Nigeria wrote requesting a meeting with President .@MBuhari to get a STATUS REPORT on the FG’s RESCUE OPERATION for #ChibokGirls.
It was NOT UNTIL early July we got a response conveying July 8 for meeting we requested.
At July 8 meeting with @MBuhari & @ProfOsinbajo with members of .@BBOG_Nigeria accompanying representative parents (12) and leaders of ChibokCommunity led by .@tsambido there seemed to be a strong commitment of President to ALL THE DEMANDS MADE. The PARENTS & PEOPLE WERE ELATED!
Our @BBOG_Nigeria members were very happy to see the Parents of ChibokGirls come out of the July8 meeting VERY HOPEFUL. I recall Rev Enoch who was Chair of the Parents & whose 2 daughters are still in abduction today say to me : “Mama, God bless you, our Hope has been RESTORED.”
Our ABC of DEMAND handed to .@MBuhari on that July 8, 2015 were:
1. Revamp FG Program of Rescue for the Girls to be sustained & Results-focused.
2. Institute a structured feedback platform so FG can provide updates to Families, Community & BBOG/Public
3. Care for ChibokParents.
We particularly asked President .@MBuhari ‘s Government to AVOID the CONTEMPT and LACK OF EMPATHY with which the ChibokParents and Community were treated by the previous administration. He agreed with us @ that July 8, 2014 meeting.
But did HE & his FG?
What do I mean, “NOT AT ALL” ?
After July 8, 2014 meeting, our submissions, Parents & Community plea & @MBuhari ‘s promise to ACT ON THOSE DEMAND, his FG FAILED TO DO EVEN 1 out of the 3 key promises. Weeks and then months after that meeting NO SINGLE ACTION on ChibokParents.
My spirit was grieved as I watched the ELATED PARENTS of July 8 Meeting shrinking back again into DEPRESSION & DISEASES that ended up taking the lives of some of them. As of today, 19 ChibokParents have DIED.
WE .@BBOG_Nigeria wrote @least 4 REMINDERS to President .@MBuhari .
We kept up with our .@BBOG_Nigeria DAILY advocacy for OUR #ChibokGirls and decided to PEG our MAJOR EVENTS to End-December 2015 date which the President had PROMISED would be when the TERRORISTS ARE DEFEATED & SO OUR GIRLS RESCUED.

WE @BBOG_Nigeria kept up our Advocacy and when End-December 2015 got closer our ANXIETY was palpable @ our DAILY SIT OUTS.
It got WORSE when President .@MBuhari & his team declared “Techincal Defeat of the terrorists” WITHOUT SO EVEN A MENTION OF THE STATUS OF #ChibokGirls.
Our members of .@BBOG_Nigeria were aghast on the day President.@MBuhari has his media chat anchored by @KayodeAkintemi . His VISIBLE IRRITATION when ASKED ABOUT #ChibokGirls was widely discussed & WE there and then DETERMINED to MARCH to the Villa for answers on #ChibokGirls.
We wrote to the President @MBuhari and asked for a meeting of January 14 in the New Year to HEAR DIRECTLY from him based on his July 8, 2015 PROMISES how it was that the FG was “declaring technical defeat of the terrorists” WITHOUT #BringingBackChibokGirls.
Personally, nothing IRKED me as much as hearing President @MBuhari say to .@KayodeAkintemi “ I have no credible intelligence on the whereabout of the Girls.” Just that. I mean, just that. Not even.... “so WE are doing so & so to DEFINITELY KEEP OUR PROMISE TO THEIR PARENTS”.
The Presidency was ANGRY that WE were DETERMINED on a meeting on January 14, 2016 and did EVERYTHING to frustrate our movement. Even over 108 poor parents who arranged all by themselves to join the meeting were BLOCKED by the Military from coming UNTIL WE CALLED OUT THE FG.
On January 14, WE @BBOG_Nigeria members, 108 ChibokParents & Members of ChibokCommunity in Abuja set out for the Meeting once it was CONFIRMED BY THE VILLA. WE arrived the gate to a lockdown. Parents were inconsolable & said “PRESIDENT MUST MEET US & TELL US WHERE OUR GIRLS ARE”.
The CUTTING DEPTH of the GRIEVING of Parents of #ChibokGirls actually became a Twitter topic painfully when someone inferred in her tweet that such GRIEF was “unnatural” & appeared “orchestrated”. It hurt to the bone cos WE who were in their midst saw REAL GRIEF. DEEP GRIEF.
Apparently the Yoruba’s have a saying that puts the CUTTING GRIEF of ChibokParents in perspective.
It is that “the death of a child enables closure unlike the endless pain of the loss of a missing child”. Ah. In the nearly four years of our advacy for #ChibokGirls WE can confirm.
The visibly distressed ChibokParents and our members of @BBOG_Nigeria were taken to the Banquet Hall to meet with the President. After some wait an FG delegation showed up & we were told the President sent them as he was too busy to meet with us. The parents wailed at this.
The minister who led the FG delegation was pretty depressing and with EVERY WORD worked hard to TURN THE PARENTS against the @BBOG_Nigeria . Well, the parents spoke for themselves insisting they “must meet the President having come too far from Chibok on a full day travel”.
WE .@BBOG_Nigeria told the President’s Delegation we were prepared to wait for as long as it took considering that it was then nearly 6 months since he made PROMISES to RESCUE OUR 219 Girls & his recent word of “lack of credible evidence on there whereabout” WAS VERY UNSETTLING.
The ChibokCommunity leaders led by .@tsambido firmly held their own ground insisting the President had to give them direct update on the effort he promised them at the July8, 2015 meeting.

They after all are the primary owners of the pain of the #ChibokGirlsTragedy.
When the President’s team could not break the adamant stance of our three groups: .@BBOG_Nigeria #ChibokParents & ChibokLeaders - they reviewed their strategy. They said, “We’ll go & try. We cannot promise the President can meet as he is hosting another President”.
An hour later, we were told the President will join us shortly. We waited another half before he walked into the Banquet Hall. He was ANGRY.
We were told he had just a few minutes& that alone I would speak for all.
No way was I going to allow this to be so, I mumbled to myself.
So first thing I did was seek the President’s indulgence to have one Parent & the Leader of the ChibokCommunity @tsambido also Speak. He grudgingly (it is easy to know a reluctant permission) granted the request.
For us, it was IMPORTANT for the parents of the Girls to be HEARD.
I read our @BBOG_Nigeria ABC of DEMANDS conveying our DISAPPOINTMENT at the failure of the FG to ACT on even just 1 of the DEMANDS for #ChibokGirls & Parents on which he had promised swift action at the July8, 2015.
One of the mothers spoke for parents and was a combination of anguish, despondency and anger. She pleaded. She cried out. She challenged. She then ended by still holding up her hope in the President to bring back her daughter and daughters of her fellow chibokgirlsparents.
.@tsambido who spoke for the ChibokCommunity was passionate in his appeal to the President , “to wipe the tears of our people who have been left to carry the pain of the tragedy alone had the @BBOG_Nigeria not been STANDING with them”.

Hosea is a model community Leader.
When our 3 groups were done speaking & President responded, it was done with SO MUCH ANGER. Most of it was directed @ @BBOG_Nigeria . Sadly he toed the same line of his Minister- sought to incite parents against BBOG.
It was a strange meeting where hardly ANY EMPATHY flowed.
President’s angry response was:
1. I expected you to praise me for what’s already done such as change of service chiefs & better equipping of military but you seem not to appreciate.
2. I repeat that I have no credible intelligence on the Girls.
3. We are doing our best.
He left.
As President left the hall that January 14 2016 without walking up to those parents who had been anxiously hanging on his every word seeking some HEART MENDING HOPE; gasps & sobs broke out amongst them. Gosh. Our members were ANGRY.
My heart broke to see how easily the President & his team turned an opportunity to bond with those many parents into a “battle against @BBOG_Nigeria “. For me, that event was EXTREMELY REVEALING. The President even praised his LIFE accomplishments before those grieving parents.
WE managed to quieten weeping parents and calm our .@BBOG_Nigeria members as we made our way back to the Unity Fountain.
A “new” FG that had promised to handle ChibokGirls tragedy DIFFERENTLY & EFFECTIVELY as well as treat their Parents with Dignity just BADLY SHOWED SAME SAME.
January 14, 2016 marked a watershed in our advocacy for ChibokGirls. The FG of President @MBuhari asked Media to LEAVE the hall as soon as the President walked in and so no independent coverage other than by FG crew which then framed a narrative to incite the Public against BBOG.
The events of January 14, 2016 shaped our current @BBOG_Nigeria engagement with the FG of @MBuhari . Just like their predecessor FG, they consider our movement their adversary & repeat same LIES, insults, mudslinging, troll attacks, hostility, whispering campaigns, police etc.
And as one watched the degenerating inclination of a Government that promised CHANGE, I went back to listen to my Speech of March6, 2014 @ that their Economic Summit.
All WE see of them TODAY was in that Speech. Yes.
They just weren’t LISTENING.

• • •

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Sep 9, 2018
Don’t worry folks.

This time in 2014, an orchestrated colony of attack-trolls had a specific Mandate.

It was to rage against every word of caution that was spoken by anyone who was not impressed with how Governance was going.

We ALL know how it ENDED.

Series Two is on.😁👍🏾
The unwillingness to LEARN from obvious mistakes of others is the best definition of Hubris.

For those who desire a decent society, no price is too high to pay.

Let not the orchestration of those who seek your Silence in the face of Evil make you turn.

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No dulling.
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Chinese attitude to Indebtedness is the HARDEST in the world. I know, because one had to deal with it in the course of my work @ the World Bank, helping African countries to get the HIPC Debt Cancellation.

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The PACT - Presidential Aspirants Coming Together had 13 Aspirants at their Opening today. They did inform the Media & audience in the hall, ahead of their voting process, that Sowore and 4 other Aspirants had moved on at different time since they launched their initiative.
Those 13 that were there today including @MoghaluKingsley and @feladurotoye made LOFTY STATEMENTS of their collective vision to go together& vote AMONG THEMSELVES, one Consensus Candidate. Before they signed their MOU, -2 - @OfficialAhmedB & Aliyu quietly walked away leaving 11.
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One of my most favorite Chapters of the Bible is Second Chronicles. We are in the season that it is most applicable. Life is imitating Art now.
I shall tweet it for those who desire to learn a great Lesson from it.
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Jul 26, 2018
Things fall apart; the Center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
It is No Longer @ Ease for;
The Wrath of God has fallen on
A Man of The People. 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️
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We Have Been on a Famished Road for Great Leadership but you see,
That Thing Around Your Neck will be broken and then;
Everything Good Will Come.💃🏾🌹🙏🏾
To Enjoy The Joys of Motherhood;
We Must Set Forth @ Dawn.
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The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.
They seem to forget that in;
it is ALWAYS;
A Long Walk To Freedom! 🇳🇬✅🚀
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Jul 20, 2018
If I were President & my Aviation Minister sent me a Memo asking for my approval to set up a ‘National Airline’ with initial capital of FG’s $300million & aquire airplanes, I will instantly send him a reply.

It will be:
Pls hand over the Ministry to the PermSec.✍🏾
If optimism and patriotism mean endorsing what appears like a patchwork of grandiose return to those woebegone era of Nigeria Government’s tragic adventure in Business, please feel free to call me whatever you choose; but I shall not partake of your Kool-aid.
As emotionally uplifting as it may sound to some citizens or even ‘economically viable’ to others (Some people say, “it will create jobs”), setting up a ‘National Airline’ should NOT make the LIST OF TO DOs in our Aviation Sector.
Follow my RT of my old tweets on this, next.
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