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NOW: #DeseraeTurner and family await sentencing for ColterPeterson, one year after Peterson lured her to a Smithfield trail and shot her in the head. Peterson was charged as an adult. Follow this thread for the latest updates. @abc4utah
Turner is seated in front of me. She still has short curly brown hair. Court is expected to start any minute. Defendant has not yet entered the courtroom. #happeningnow #deseraeturner #logan #cachecounty
Peterson and accomplish entered guilty pleas to attempted aggravated murder last year, and aggravated robbery charges were dropped. The teens lured Turner to a trail, stole her cell phone and $55 after shooting her. #DeseraeTurner
NOW: Colter Peterson has just entered the courtroom in handcuffs. His lawyer is fixing his collar. #DeseraeTurner
Judge Allen has just entered the courtroom. Court is now in session. Peterson's attorney: "All parties involved have given a lot of thought and put a lot of work into preparing for this day..." Asks for a lesser term of 6 to 10 years as opposed to 15 years to life. #DeseraeTurner
Peterson attorney: "Today we are going to hear lots of things about Colter and what should happen to him...he did something doesn't make any sense...that he would do something so horrible." #DeseraeTurner
Peterson attorney: Colter was depressed, had no friends, and was unable to deal with peer pressure. There is no excuse for what he did, but "I think he was easily influenced by his friend." #DeseraeTurner
Peterson attorney: His only friend in the world, he told on. He felt guilty right away. I think Colter was instrumental in helping solve this case quickly. #DeseraeTurner
Peterson attorney: Juveniles are less able to restrain their impulses. Juveniles are more vulnerable and susceptible to peer pressure. "The court should allow lesser time..." because of defendant's age. #DeseraeTurner
Defense: "No question Colter needs therapy and psychological help, and I hope he gets that...I don't think Colter is a monster. I think Colter is a good kid who did something really horrible."
NOW: Colter Peterson's father is speaking to the court. Danny Peterson says "A lot of mud has been flung to show his history in a negative light...but this is a far different story from the people who know him best...he was raised knowing there are consequences for his actions.
Danny Peterson: "We love the Turner family. We ask for their forgiveness. We ask Deserae for her forgiveness." "I love my son with all my heart. I don't know what went through his head at that time. This is my plea for mercy for my son." #DeseraeTurner
Peterson's mother is now crying while speaking to Judge Allen: "Today we will hear many horrible things about Colter...some we feel are substantiated...some are not. We know him best...[he is] kind, gentle and loving." "Colter is not an evil person." #DeseraeTurner
Defendant's mother: "He has to pay the consequences for what he has done...we do worry the longer the amount of time he spends in prison could have a negative effect on him because of the types of people he will be around." #DeseraeTurner
Defendant's mother: "We apologize to the Turner family..." #DeseraeTurner
State: The court bears a heavy burden in sentencing a very young defendant. "There are some crimes that are so heinous, so evil, so violent and damaging to a victim that justice demands the maximum penalty under the law, even when the defendant is quite young." #DeseraeTurner
State requests that the court run his sentences consecutively for 16 years to life in prison because of the "premeditated and callous nature of this crime. It was depraved and it was senseless. It was not a foolish or impulsive adolescent mistake..." #DeseraeTurner
State: teens brought knives to slit her throat. [Peterson] shot her and showed no emotion. Turner and family are emotional as state recounts what happened last February. #DeseraeTurner
"They went home and they played violent video games.." after shooting Turner, state says of Peterson and friend. #DeseraeTurner
State says the defendant poses an ongoing public safety threat. "This is a colossal red flag in the first of a series of red flags..." #DeseraeTurner
State: defendant had a morbid Google search history including a fascination with beheadings, shootings and other violent acts. #DeseraeTurner
NOW: Mother of #DeseraeTurner addresses court. Looks at her daughter, who gives her an "I love you" hand signal and a smile.
April Turner: "Des truly is the most persistent person I know..." "What has happened to her has hurt us...this is permanent." #DeseraeTurner
"What they did to Des is lifelong permanent damage," Turner's mother tells the court. "I hate what has happened, I hate that these two had murderous thoughts for so long...I hate that my daughter has a bullet in her head...I hate that her life has ended." #DeseraeTurner
"I believe if it wasn't my daughter it would have been someone else, or a mass shooting with lots of school victims. Prison does sound like a miserable life, but it's better than the life they left my daughter with." #DeseraeTurner
NOW: Turner's father addresses the court. "There are times that I think this is just a bad dream...but it isn't...this is real life." #DeseraeTurner
Matt Turner looks at defendant. "[My kids] can't believe what someone did to their sister." #DeseraeTurner
"Why did you do this to my girl? This should have never happened!" Turner tells defendant in court. "What is it that I hate? I know that I hate what this boy did to Des. I hate that he had no feeling." Turner then says to Peterson "Do I hate you? No I don't." #DeseraeTurner
"She was just trying to be a friend...a friend to you," Matt Turner tells defendant. #DeseraeTurner
NOW: Turner's sister Lizzie speaks- "No more late night dance parties with Des, no more singing in the car..." "I can't wrap my head about what has happened." #DeseraeTurner
State: Deserae will likely pass away 20 years sooner than other traumatic brain injury survivors. "Her life has been cut short." #DeseraeTurner
NOW: State shows x-ray of Deserae Turner's skull where the bullet is still lodged. #DeseraeTurner
NOW: #DeseraeTurner addresses the court. She struggles to walk to the podium. She still stands and speaks. "There have been many things that I have had to relearn."
"I woke up in the hospital and my head was shaved. I thought I was ugly with short hair." #DeseraeTurner
"One thing I suffer is extreme fatigue. I am tired all the time. I am only good for about 4 hours a day. It's unnatural for a person to say 'my bullet hurts' or 'my bullet wound hurts,' but I say it on a daily basis. #DeseraeTurner
"I now only have the use of one arm and hand, and one leg and foot... I still need my mommy to help me get dressed...I watch my little sisters get dressed with no is humiliating..." #DeseraeTurner
"There are times I wish I could give the gun back to Colter and tell him to try again, and put me out of my misery." #DeseraeTurner
Desirae Turner gazes straight at defendant, who can't look at her. He is crying. #DeseraeTurner
"I shook and shook when I heard the gory details of what happened to me. Since the shooting I have tummy aches...I have no appetite. It takes so much time for me to eat." #DeseraeTurner
"I am making it because I am the most persistent person I know...I am so mad that this was done to me...especially since I thought that Colter was my friend." #DeseraeTurner
Deserae is now speaking from a wheelchair, unable to stand. "I have lost my hopes and dreams for my future. Did you know, your Honor, that I wanted to be a nurse? I wanted to help people with medical problems. Sadly, I won't be able to do this." #DeseraeTurner
Deserae complains she is having trouble seeing her statement. Asks for a drink because her mouth is dry. Her parents are with her as she reads her statement. #DeseraeTurner
"I can't drive a car because of you, Colter...I was actively involved in 4H and I was top in Utah 4H horse, it takes all the energy just to get out of bed in the morning..." #DeseraeTurner
"I am missing my teen years...I am dealing with adult things that teens should not have to worry about. I should be excited about this time in my life. I will soon be of an age where I can date...I should be hanging out with friends...So many shoulds that aren't coming to pass."
"My biggest fear is that Colter and Jayzon will come after me and finish the job." #DeseraeTurner
"I hate you, I hate what you did to me. I hate that I trusted you." Deserae now turns to face Colter Peterson. He can't look at her. He's crying. #DeseraeTurner
"The dictionary defines friend as a person you know and regard because of trust...I trusted you. How is it possible for you to so badly betray my trust and friendship." #DeseraeTurner
"Neither one of us will have our freedom. Your life will be confined to a small room. My life is also confined." #DeseraeTurner
"You never told me to stop texting you. In fact, you flirted with me...what kind of a person are you? You are evil," Turner tells her shooter. #DeseraeTurner
"What is an evil person? One who is unable to empathize with who cannot sense other people's suffering. You shot me, watched me fall to the ground, thought I was dead, went to a market to get some snacks and then went home to play video games." #DeseraeTurner
"What an accurate definition of evil," Turner says to Peterson. #DeseraeTurner
"I hope that when you have a headache, multiply it by a thousand, and that is what I experience every single day." #DeseraeTurner
"Everyday when you get dressed, think of me...everyday when you awaken and look around yourself, remember back that cold February afternoon...good luck having a life in life is a prison, too." #DeseraeTurner
"I am tougher than a bullet. Welcome to hell. I have been here for a year now," she says to Peterson. #DeseraeTurner
Peterson, sobbing, turns away as Turner rolls past him. He stands and stares at the wall. Can't even look at her in the face. #DeseraeTurner
Court is now in recess. #DeseraeTurner
NOW: Colton Peterson tells the court. "I was depressed, I allowed myself to be influenced. I take responsibility for what I did. I am sincerely sorry. I want to apologize to Deserae...I am very sorry for what I have done and words can't describe how awful I feel." #DeseraeTurner
"I know this probably ruined my life but it is nothing compared to what [she has] to go through," Peterson says. #DeseraeTurner
"I want to apologize to my family," Peterson says. "Hopefully one day I can be forgiven." #DeseraeTurner
Judge calls this "a very emotional and difficult case."I want both sides to know that I have read, listened or watched everything you have given me...sometimes twice." #DeseraeTurner
Judge Allen: "There is evil in this world, no doubt." "Colter, what you did...was evil and horrific...However, just as I said evil can be embraced, it can also be abandoned. You are young and not so far gone that you are beyond help or redemption." #DeseraeTurner
Judge to Peterson: "You can do this by a total 100% changed life...You will have plenty of time in the upcoming years... to do just that... #DeseraeTurner
Peterson is sobbing at the podium as Judge Kevin Allen prepares to pronounce sentence. "This is not who we are," says the judge. "I can tell you unequivocally...this is not who we are. The way this community who we are." #DeseraeTurner
"I think the greatest reflection of who we are as a people is not what happened before, or during this horrific crime, but what happened after. Deserae and her family are a true reflection of who we are as a people," says Judge Allen. #DeseraeTurner
"...Colter also came from our community. We should not ostracize... his family for any reason at all." #DeseraeTurner
"It would be a shameful mark on our community if we shunned them, blamed them, or hurt them in any way," says Judge Allen. With tears, he speaks to family of Deserae. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." #DeseraeTurner
"Deserae, your bravery, wit and even humor in all of this tragedy while testifying today touched my soul," says Allen, who begins to cry. "Your survival...shows us what true strength and courage really is." #DeseraeTurner
"Mr. Peterson, the court hereby sentences you for the charge of roberto to 1 to 15 years, for the charge of attempted to aggravated murder, a sentence of 15 years to life..." #DeseraeTurner
Robbery* not Roberto

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