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Today - 5th February, 2018, could be the last day, Yameen could be in power. World is watching. Saudi push is coming too. #Maldives

Maldives president declares war on SC, court seeks India help - Times of India
Why Saudi? Here. As expected.
Yameen got a few days extension?🤔
RK, of Mount Road, is having sleepless night. 😁

"Back Line"
Meanwhile, US Amb has this to say, to a Yameen supporter. 😁

Well done @USAmbKeshap 👍
Laughable! 😁…?amp=1
#Maldives Opposition Calls World for Help and Oppose Military Coup
#Maldives Minister of Health Hussain Rasheed resigns in protest of the government’s defiance in implementing orders of the supreme court.
The Maldives Crisis Is An Outgrowth Of The Chinese-Indian New Cold War… via @GVS_News
China suggests its tourists not visit Maldives until situation stabilizes… via @TODAYonline
Appeal. From Maha Le.
Meanwhile, you have our own. Blaming opposition. Idiots, you did in 2012 too. This time, you'll be screwed if you intervene. It is not opposition. It is their SC.…
Best thing India could do over Maldives issue is that, get the current President to resign & call for fresh polls. This is not 1988. So, Op Cactus II should be kept as a last option. Not first. #My2paisa
Oh dear! This is a tinderbox!
Difference in headlines. That's @the_hindu morons for you. Morons, it is the SC of Maldives that is ordering it. Not opposition, many of whom were either in exile or in prisons. Idiots.
Am I the only one seeing already signs of China toeing Indian line of thought over Maldives? Jihadi threat, bigger? :)
Yameen is doing mistake after mistake. He'll be reduced to George Speight (of Fiji). I highly doubt, it'll be Nasheed as President. It'll be someone else, post-elections.
Yameen, isn't getting it. He's slowly pushed to the brink. By the time he realized it, it's already too late. First indicator of these quick moves started, when Nasheed moved from Colombo to London. Yameen should have seen it coming, but failed. 😁
India won't intervene militarily, as of today. But, it'll push for a change from within. Better that way. Intervention, last option. Its a tinderbox, as @Leopard212 rightly said.
And, whatever India does, will take into confidence Arab world. Hence, visit of EAM to Riyadh. Expect some development thereafter.

Terrorists should know, they can't escape, it's an island nation. Doob maroge. ;)
Lastly, International media was used brilliantly. An art, I would say. Lesson from Fiji? 🤔😉
After US, now UK. India will do it's bit too...later. Not yet. #Maldives
India's first reaction on Maldives will come during @MEAIndia's weekly press briefing. Not before that, I guess. By that time, EAM would have done ground work for the same. Let's see. 🤞
Just as expected by ORF. (Refer above Tweet for opinion piece's link)

Maldives Emergency for 15 days.

(It'll last forever now, until world reacts.) 🍿🍿🍿
Congratulations President Yameen. You're the new rogue kid in the block. A thug. Doing all the mistake, we wanted you to do.

How many are you planning to kill, thug? Beware, world is watching.


List of Rights & Articles of Constitution suspended under Emergency. Maldives.
India issues travel advisory.

Indians, stay safe. RETURN.

Copy of travel advisory 👇

Ahaa...this angle didn't think of. 😁

Whatte timing! Dong Xi Fa Cai? 🤔

This,in a way, helps Chinese to control Yuan Outflow. This was one of the main 'season' for Outflow. (Read Zerohedge).
Thogh this is slightly off-topic, for those interested to know why... check this out. 👇…
This is important, as many would use this period to visit with families & also explore business opportunities & may even have a working holiday. Now, the funds outflow from China into Maldives, is temporarily stopped. OBOR money? Are we missing something here? 🤔
Can someone guide me, where to pull data for Chinese money from Maldives to other countries?
Back to topic. On Maldives Emergency. Seems, the thug Yameen has gone crazy. Committing, mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. 😁

I am beginning to doubt, if he's really in-charge or someone else is pulling the strings there.
Jai ho!

Now, he's not going to last long. The thug, Yameen.


Yes, World is watching. Spacibo! 😉🎯

Why did Chinese issue travel advisory? 😉

*I don't know anything*
Why was Battle Ops SERIES showing OP Cactus for past few days?

*I don't know anything*
OP Neer was a...

*I don't know anything* 😉
Ah! Not again. 😒

Yes. The Chinese, better behave.


Judges from SC escaped to safety.

Cc: @DevirupaM

Check this out.
I am having 🍿🍿🍿

Btw, a serious note to @adgpi - there are about 30-40k illegal Bangladeshis in Malè.
Am expecting a Panama or Georgia in Maldives, by India. Maybe, after a fortnight. Yesterday, officially Yameen, the thug...became a dictator from being a President.
This is not enough to do that.

India will wait for a revolt within MNDF ranks. Then, its possible. Not as of today. Until then, global shaming will go on. Not even China & Saudi will support Yameen, the thug. Maybe, Pakistan will. 😉
These pics from Malè are not sending good vibes. YAG is screwing himself, faster than expected.


Here you go... This one, by @manupubby…
Maldives. India's response would come at right time.

Sanctions. Not boots on ground. If something turns messy, we won't see folks coming there for CNY. 😉…
At gun point #Maldives Supreme Court does U-turn after arrests

He he...headlines is self explanatory. 😁…
He he...

After getting judgment changed at gunpoint, the judges are suspended too. Including, Chief Justice of Maldives SC.

Question. Has Yameen, the thug - joined Congress party?

Pressure building up;on Maldives. Yameen, the thug. Shaming will go on for few days. Then, expect a mutiny. Wait till then. Enjoy the show!🍿

Bad to worse!

Wife? Why? Yameen, is doing all mistakes at once. Not keeping a few bargaining chip? Bad advisor.

These things usually end up in mutiny & destruction.
What is Cong view on Maldives situation?
What is this guy interested? 🤔

Cc: @IncomeTaxIndia @dir_ed

Exactly my point. This is exactly why I expect a mutiny in Maldives Armed Forces. Btw, Saudi is a weak link. Especially, with MBS.
Bang on!

Pointed opinion on Maldives. 👇
This is where it is going. 🎯

This one from @NAR on India - Maldives. 👇…
Tiger, waits for reasons for it to attack. Prey's mistakes, are tiger's reasons.


Maldives, is having good number of *fill in your favorite Punjabi word*

Doing mistakes at this pace, won't get you any support. Chinese won't come either.
Maldives, is going to be in news for all wrong reasons.

India is working with its international partners to ask United Nations to send a fact-finding mission to Maldives.…
So, even Pakistan washes hands off Maldives? Or, is it a smoke screen?

Do note that, whether it is Pak or China. Neither can sustain troops - as per reports, which, they "may" send to Maldives. Pak & China know, they're losing the game. India, is getting back democracy and sovereignty back to Maldives - without even sending a single soldier.
This. YAG is starting it all over again. Clearly unnecessary from Maldives. 😉
Food for thought.
Psychopath ho gaya hai yeh.
Maldives. Few tweets on what Nasheed said.
This guy is going on to become a classic joker. Maldives will be recovered from this tyrant. Not as how you want it to be. But, different treatment. 😁

Meanwhile... related development on Maldives

As expected, days after CNY, news reports of Chinese Navy movements 700 NM South of Kanyakumari - towards Maldives, in Maldives Sea.

PLAN is doing all sorts if nonsense & seemingly desperate to show Xi Jinping in poor light & destroy his credibility. It'll be very interesting to see how India handles this.

SAARC mobilized. Next, @ASEAN.
India knows how to rub it in. When Maldives story is developing, India let's @KirenRijiju (from Arunachal Pradesh, India) give interview to @WIONews. 👏
Thanks to @nitingokhale ji for completing the story. 👍

Maldives. Emergency extended.…
YAG may need protection in a couple of days. Will he flee to China or else... 😉

Btw...Where are the Chinese? Will they come? Heard, the cowards went back seeing combat ready ships? Jokers!

India on Maldives.

Here's @rajfortyseven ji. Teaming up with @livefist. Maldives.…
Warn!!?? 😂

What happened to Pakistan today w.r.t FATF will happen to Maldives.

China will ditch Maldives too. Don't bank too much on them.…
One of the brilliant piece on #Maldives & China in recent times. Know the author, before reading it.…
As expected, a military coup is not impossible. And, is in sight.

#Maldives will see hungama in the coming days. Fingers crossed.🤞 🍿

Hello @YusufDFI Bhai, told you so. Coup hoga. China nahi aayega. 😉

• • •

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Oct 5, 2018
The lady need to be told, that there are not even so many men in India. Secondly, I didn't even know her until I saw your tweet. Hardly anyone know her. Forget abt sending something. If any sent, deserves punishment - after investigation. It is only about bollytards. Not all men.
Mark this. After Bollywood & support industries, the second grade filth is in Media & support industries. Matter of time, things come out from there. Many biggies will fall. High time.
Ask anyone in the industry, which media house conducts a famous party that none would want to miss. It has the saying goes... From booze to boobs to rubber. True stories will send shivers down the spine. Leave it to your imagination. Go figure.
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Sep 10, 2018
Few rants. Don't mind. I have to say this. May at times find many ppl taking sides. I, for one, is a Democrat willing to listen. Don't bring commies. I can hear left tilted ppl too. Certainly not commies. I want a rules based society where rule of law is supreme.
Keep religion away from Govt & keep Govt away from religion. A crime is a crime. Why are we faking this "all are equal before law" when it is in real life hardly is? You messed up with a beautiful constitution. Q&A on Constitutional debates, should be made mandatory for our MPs.
I belong to no party. My preference is public here. I won't jump ship like ppl. For I know that this is the best India's got, with all my grievance. I can listen to my friends that this is working / not working. Best option is to stay put & weed out 'elements'.
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Aug 9, 2018
Signs from SM. Kerala flooding will be used as a plank to spew venom between States? Usual suspects leading charge. Not a single word on KL CM until now though. Same ppl who blamed CM for potholes. Fishy.

@rvaidya2000 @surnell
Yesterday, they were all praise for KL CM. Floods wasn't even an issue. So biased these leftist media is. It is down right sickening.

God save Kerala!
KL CM asks TN CM to reduce water level of Mullaiperiyar to 139.

Back in time, the day he took office, he said this. 👇…
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Jul 7, 2018
What was once called a theory, by our own ppl, here the facts. Go figure.


Ha! So expected this to happen. Chakan. Miles away from Mumbai. And closer home. Btw, you know why Chakan? Google, which major industry is based there & what growth it had. These are very minute details.


Read 52 tweets
May 23, 2018
@KirenRijiju Shame shame puppy shame.

"US disinvites China from Pacific Rim military exercise"
@KirenRijiju Indo Sino Border dispute and the solution to a resolution ahead. To make a fresh start, let us look at the natural boundary, and move ahead. For the Government of India to take it forward.

Via @Leopard212…
@KirenRijiju @Leopard212 China buckling or trying to save face?

Seems informal talks paying off. "Seems". 😁
Read 65 tweets
Apr 11, 2018
Job done. Tamil Nadu Police, rocks.

Seeman, who's thugs attacked TN police, issues a statement that it was wrong to attack police.

Me: Game has just begun. He'll be screwed with this.

"Sterlite protests has anti-social elements." - Thoothukudi DC

The pattern is same for Jallikattu, NEET, Cauvery, Sterlite, Neutrino Project. Just the cause, is changed. Chaos, remains. L&O is a problem in TN. Better realize it & crush it!


Read 25 tweets

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