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I don’t want to give more publicity to this bad faith argument, and Jen doesn’t need me to defend her, but I do have some thoughts. This kind of logic is very commonly employed in conservative circles, and I think a little pushback is completely justified. 😆
We jump off with TWO classic “arguments”:
1) conceding that perhaps a small problem exists somewhere but it’s not widespread.
2) my argument is Real Logic™️ so despite neither of us having data to backup our assertions and experiences, I’m more right than you.
Here’s where Mike makes his bad faith and hyper defensiveness abundantly clear: he frames Jen’s theological shift as rejecting all traditionalists as “backwater bucolic yokels.”

I haven’t listened to this interview yet but this framing is so out of character for JH is comical
1) condemns JH for having no data (at the end of the article) but then makes this wildly unfounded assumption about the intellectualism of evangelicals. Like wut?

2) entirely ignores #exvangelicals who DEFINITELY read and weigh arguments for both and ended up as liberals
Ok I have to admit I’m bigly confused here.

Mike makes appeals multiple times to the history of marriage within Christianity (2000 years) while ignoring the entirety of the Old Testament (4000ish years) where marriage consistent MANY arrangements (none consensual).
Like, this is probably the biggest flaw in his argument to me. The Bible, which he certainly believes is divinely inspired, describes many types of financial and sexual unions which our English translations call marriage. He literally ignores the parts that don’t support him 🙄
One thing I find equally humorous and arrogant is how conservative Christians flatly reject the idea that they could learn ANYTHING from “the world.”

Like, the amount of hubris is astounding and funny.
I don’t know a lot. But I do know that claiming 2,000 years of unanimity on any topic, using a few anecdotes to back it up, is unbelievable.

Also the Catholic Church kept pretty good records so we know that the church has changed its mind a time or two on Some V Big Things™️
Sure, marriage may not have been one of those very big things. I don’t know. But like, the church used to preach — verbatim from the Holy Scriptures!!! — that anyone who charged usury would burn in Hell.

So like... 2,000 years of unanimity? I can do anecdotes too, Mike!
This one is a real kicker. We DO have data that LGBTQ kids are kicked out of their homes for religious reasons. Mike makes MANY claims without presenting a shred of evidence. He calls JH uncharitable while intentionally framing her as malicious.

THIS is why we #EmptyThePews
Ok, this concludes tonight’s dragging.

If you liked this thread, please check out #EmptyThePews #YouDontKnowEvangelicals #RaptureAnxiety and #NotYourMissionField, all conversations happening in our lovely, motley crew of #exvangelicals

Night y’all!

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Aug 31, 2018
Hi Justin. Not sure if you’re seriously asking but I’ll tell you how to repent for the good folks of Twitter who have similar questions.
So we have to break this down piece by piece.

“I have never oppressed anyone”

Racial oppression is largely systemic. It doesn’t depend as much on individual actions, because, as you may have noticed in the founding documents, the system _was designed_ to oppress PoC.
“I have never... discriminated against anyone because of his skin color.”

Sure you have. I wrote an entire thread already pointing out how white male pastors don’t believe people of color, and yet you chose not to believe me (a woman, btw) when I pointed out what the problem was
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Aug 30, 2018
@JustinPetersMin Hello! I am surprised to see @johnmacarthur ignoring boatloads of Scripture AND the experiences of evangelicals of color in his writing (just kidding, no one is surprised)

Let us start from the top shall we?
@JustinPetersMin @johnmacarthur “I thought the evangelical church was living out true unity.”
“My experience”
“What I have seen”

This may come as a deep shock to all, but people of color see and experience things which the majority of white men never see.

This is not my opinion, data backs it up.
@JustinPetersMin @johnmacarthur In evangelical spaces (such as John’s church) people of color are welcomed in theory. But when we try to address bias, on an individual or systemic basis, we are told, “Well, I haven’t seen that.”

Of course you haven’t. Does that make it untrue? Are you the arbiters of reality?
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Apr 5, 2018
Y’all we need to talk about privilege, good communication skills, and How You Are Functionally Racist.

Please buckle up while I biopsy a small portion of the tumor which is your anti-Black bias. 🤗
I am going to focus on the differences between white and black speech, communication, interactions, but this applies to essentially every marginalized group to some extent. This language isn’t meant to exclude but rather to provide a very clear example.
The inspiration for this thread comes from several sources, but the primary historical source is The Half Has Never Been Told. The primary neurodevelopment source is research being done by our lab members and collaborators, especially Drs. Alice Graham and Binyam Nardos.
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