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1/ Thread.... @jerome_corsi @cbts_stream #QAnon posts a photo of a tower in Shanghai, China - #KingTower.

Also, note the open window.

"Focus on substance around outside of window.
Upon entry ……."

It looks like the open window is on the 35th floor.
2/ " The building is divided vertically into two zones: the upper zone houses the [Jin Qiao] headquarters while the lower zones are for tenants." skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php…

So, #Qanon is asking us t ofocus on the Jin Qiao Group's headquarters on the upper floors of the building.
3/ More corroborating evidence regarding Jin Qiao as being the owner of the #QAnon #KingTower

4/ This is probably the same Jin Qiao Group who was previously rumored to be in talks with Tesla....


5/ . . . and the same Jin Qiao group currently developing new battery recycling to capitalize on the looming electric car boom in China.

6/ The Jin Qiao group is a state-owned enterprise, and owns subsidiary that recycles e-waste.

7/ This OECD report gives some statistics as to what they recycle... Mostly televisions and laptops.

8/ Bloomberg lists the officers as this:


Clicking on a director's name will help you find a website:

9/ And wouldn't you know it, but Tesla has a dealership/service station nearby. It's a 6 minute drive away from #KingTower #QAnon
10/ Just now, #QAnon indicated that the window was open to relieve a pressure blast. Some sort of operation went down. qcodefag.github.io
11/ The #QAnon #KingTower is 38 floors, and it looks like something went down on the 35th floor, if the open window is a reference point. emporis.com/buildings/1038…
12/ As an FYI, #KingTower is also known as "Xinjinqiao Mansion" #QAnon
13/ A. Some of the companies listed on the 35th floor of either "Xinjinqiao Mansion" or #King Tower:

13/ B. Some of the companies listed on the 35th floor of either "Xinjinqiao Mansion" or #KingTower:

13/ C. Some of the companies listed on the 35th floor of either "Xinjinqiao Mansion" or #KingTower: #QAnon xhttp://crp.co.id/download_info.php?detail=1&filename=1104-23-28-47_datasheet_file_Nitoflor_Lithurin.pdf << pdf download
14/ #QAnon Just a recap. We are looking for companies on the 35th floor of "Xinjinqiao Mansion" or #KingTower. Relevant searches:

"3504 XinJinQiao Mansion"
"3506 XinJinQiao Mansion"
"Suite 3508, 35th Floor, King Tower, 28 Xin Jinqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206, China"
15/ Signing off for the night, will resume tomorrow.
16/ Google maps gives the wrong location for Xinjinqiao Mansion aka #KingTower

Here's more accurate data:

xhttp://www.skyscrapercenter.com/building/xinjinqiao-mansion/1422 << info
xhttp://www.skyscrapercenter.com/map/building/1422 << Great view
17/ You may have noticed that in Google Maps, the Xinjinqiao Mansion doesn't match up with the actual location of THE #QAnon #KingTower. It's because of something called the "China GPS Problem":
18/ @jerome_corsi @cbts_stream @FedupWithSwamp @LisaMei62 @gal_deplorable @We_R_an0nym0us I've mapped out the "China GPS problem" when using Google Maps. The #QAnon #KingHotel photo was taken from the Shanghai Marriott across the street. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restricti…
19/ @jerome_corsi @cbts_stream @FedupWithSwamp @LisaMei62 @gal_deplorable @We_R_an0nym0us Hold onto your shorts, this is about to get even more interesting: The Carlyle - Jinqiao connection. #QAnon
20/ #QAnon said "Think intel". A redditor has already dug up quite a bit of info. Long story short - remember who quit Intel to join a Carlyle-funded company?

21/ But here's where things get interesting. Remember how we established that the Jinqiao Dev Corp owns much of the real estate, including #KingTower? Look at the names of the company leaders. I want you to look at the highlighted name.
22/ Now, go to the Carlyle website and compare that with another name.

23/ A quick recap. There's a Chen at the Carlyle group, and a Chen at the Jnqiao Dev Corp,, owner of the #QAnon #KingTower. It could be just a coincidence. Chen is probably a very popular name in China. But wait, there's more.
24/ The Chen at the Jinqiao Group is the brother of a third Chen, whose company was bankrolled by..... George Soros.

25/ There could be a "line" between:

Chen Feng
HNA Group
Guoqing Chen (Brother of Chen Feng)
Jinqiao Dev Corp
King Tower

Need to connect these two Chens to Han. #QAnon

26/ Guess who ELSE is having a fire sale? The Soros-funded, Jinqiao-connected HNA Group!!! #QAnon

27/ Previously, HNA was slated to purchase Skybridge Capital from a Trump-connected dude named Scaramucci. He's kind of a big deal. But as of January 2018, that deal has been put on ice. reuters.com/article/us-hna…
28/ Recap: There is a possible link between Jinqiao Group and HNA. This assumes that the various Chens are related. So far, I've only found soft proof. Regardless, I recommend anyone to go down the HNA rabbit hole, as it's fascinating stuff.
29/ A gracious Anon posted this in the #QResearch thread entitled: Q Research General #381: JOHN SOLOMON RETURNS. It's an overlay of the three photos #QAnon posted. It gives you an idea of how many cars moved or arrived in the hour before the op went down.
30/ Here's a photo from Flickr, taken in 2016, of the #KingTower in Shanghai. The black building on the left is where the #QAnon pic was taken from. Notice anything peculiar? Why are all the top floor lights out? Source: flickr.com/photos/2552133…
31/ ... And another photo of the #QAnon #KingTower showing that yes, the windows do open. flickr.com/photos/muskiem…
32/ Guess who was thought to be staying a 1/2 drive away from #KingTower? Did they finally lure him out of hiding? freemalaysiatoday.com/category/natio…

• • •

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Sep 21, 2018
1/ thread - Deciphering the #QAnon Trudeau drop.

Billionaire(s) 187.
Safety House Build.
U1 Funnel>> Canada>> X
2/ Billioniaire(s) 187.

Barry and Honey Sherman

Found dead in their home. Conveniently, the murder ended a probe into their fundraising activities on behalf of the Liberal party.

3/ it almost appears Barry and Honey Sherman had become a liability, a pair of loose ends that needed to be cut short. But there’s more to the story. Apotex has a previous “loose connection” to the Clinton Foundation. buzzfeed.com/ishmaeldaro/co…
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1/ thread

The destruction that is coming will be swift, incomprehensible and merciless.

Repent now, you might not live another 40 years.

2/ I NEVER remember my dreams. I know that I dream, but never remember them.

When I do remember dreams, they are significant.

When I wake up from dreams and remember them, they tend to be prophetic because they foretell things.
3/ for example, in early 2014, I had a dream of a leading oil producing city as Detrioit. I advised those closest to me to sell what they had and to sit on the sidelines until we saw evidence of a bottoming out.

This message fell on deaf ears.
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1/ Thread. Digging into the dispute between #SaudiArabia and #Canada

2/ The #Illuminati controlled mass media would have you believe this "all started with one tweet".

The narrative they are pushing: Canada is standing firm in its principles of gender equality and is sticking up to the big bad Saudi Arabia.
3/ Trudeau's foreign policy expert defenitely knows a thing or two about #SaudiArabia

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Jul 29, 2018
1/ Thread - New Hampshire is 94% White

What's wrong with that?
2/ Of course, the article is behind a paywall, which I am sure is somehow racist.

If you want a #quickrundown, you can find it here:

3/ The real underlying issues are related to population dynamics - an ageing workforce approaching retirement age requires more young workers to keep the social safety net (ponzi scheme) going.

But, the failing New York Times decides to blame it on race.
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