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A thing I found out last year while bombing off of medication I didn’t want that didn’t work is that if I find a doctor willing to do the job my insurance will still never cover pain relief lasting over three hours or so.

I’m still wondering whose idea of harm reduction that is.
And on that note #cripthevote
I keep finding a chilling effect on talking explicitly about how fucked up my insurance is, like by calling out WA Medicaid being horrible I’m letting down the side.

But I’m 22, I’m supposed to be being done with lying to preserve the reputations of people who hurt me. Right?
(This is a statement in terms of how much of my life to date has been under abuse conditions, not an attempt to say anyone else has a deadline.)
I’ve got lifetime-first anniversaries coming up this year: one year in safe housing, two without domestic violence, four without an abusive parent.

I would be dead with zero healthcare, /and/ I haven’t gotten to start the clock on adequate healthcare yet. Both of these are true.
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Jul 27, 2018
…I know I make everything EDS, but given partial inaccessibility to what works as the fix for the cis, is… are trans men EDS, can I say that
I am not mad at Max at all here because he was very explicit about being meaning cis men

This is good, be more like Max

People failing to be like Max are the reason I don’t have a way to talk about stuff outside Max’s domain and keep panicking mid-box-of-scraps fixes
How should I put this

People try to force me to stretch, often, and I’ve long stopped doing anything but lying and faking it, because I know from experience if their mouth is open they don’t care about reality, just their yoga fetish

(What I /need/ is muscle to hold things in)
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Jul 25, 2018
@saintwalker98 @loudpenitent @BootlegGirl @arthur_affect @hyperdriveprof @jbarkerdesigns @leonidas701 Yeah.

And I am talking about a specific subset, just the subset that is the /reason/ there’s the strong impression of this being on the rise for Gen Z especially when queer.
@saintwalker98 @loudpenitent @BootlegGirl @arthur_affect @hyperdriveprof @jbarkerdesigns @leonidas701 When the organized movement is deliberately seeded by T ER Fs and organized in a way that promotes constant escalating stress on those most involved, I’m not confident I can assume ‘these people are fighting for X’
@saintwalker98 @loudpenitent @BootlegGirl @arthur_affect @hyperdriveprof @jbarkerdesigns @leonidas701 exclusively means ‘these people want X because they benefit from X’, and not potentially (both in combination for some individuals, and wholly for others) ‘these people want X because they know what bad things happen to people who don’t want X’.
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Feb 12, 2018
On a different and related note: has the circlejerk wank about zines died down yet, because I’m at the right intersection of history and relevant contemporary immersion* to hate everything
*In other words: Yes, iff you were malicious about the underlying terminology migration (as opposed to the ahistorical hubris) I’m calling you out-of-touch and I mean it insultingly.

If you weren’t malicious I don’t mean it insultingly but you still lack the most recent context.
A) Semantic drift into “peer-led amateur/recreational single-topic multimedia anthology” is perfectly reasonable, fucking FIGHT ME

B) What the fuck mediums do you think Kids These Days are using and where do you think they’re meeting up that doing it with scissors would help?!
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Feb 12, 2018
Unfortunately I don’t have studies to hand but people prioritizing the medical care of others (under strict set conditions) over their own is a verifiable pattern afaict
(Set conditions include: if the others are non-resented and/or temporary dependents; if the thing the person is experiencing isn’t overwhelmingly acute such that they aren’t thinking about anything else; etc.)
Putting aside even a) pets and b) parents (I have mixed-to-negative feelings on disabled parents saying they fight harder for their disabled child than they would for themselves like that’s a good thing, etc.) because those are cheap shots, there’s a few things left in play.
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Feb 11, 2018
I shouldn’t rando into someone’s mentions about it

but let the record show

that today I saw someone saying they’ve never encountered mobilization for systematized content labeling (i.e. tags) for non-transformative media (e.g. books)
And there’s only one thing I can say to that in good conscience, given who I am and what I’m known for:

You are like a little baby. Watch this.
It’s… /weird/ to say I’m Known For that, given I doubt it’s what brought /most/ of you here

but the prototype got me SSC near-succeeding in mobbing me off the internet and the big boy version got me in the New Yorker and then crawled up PEN’s ass and died

so like… indicative
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Feb 11, 2018
Going through Chrome and I’ve apparently had “Torture, Necessity, and Supreme Emergency: Law and Morality at the End of Law” open in a long-forgotten tab for…



…long enough that I can’t blame @ActualHetaTrash but also the subject means I want to…?
Like this is in fact the kind of thing I read for fun but I have no fucking idea what I intended to use it for, this is not as linear as bat collagen…
(Am I going to use the bat collagen as the seminal example of Ridiculous Cyrus Research for the foreseeable future? Of course I am)
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