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Stay tuned. Later today, Sunday, I’ll be live tweeting the prep, cook, and consumption of the ultimate steak... a 3 pound wagyu rib-eye. Lots of tips you can try at home. Here’s a sneak peek. RT to your friends at #worldcarnivoretribe #zerocarb #MeatHeals #ketodiet #steak #LCHF
Good morning everybody! Let’s get started on the perfect steak. #BEEF It’s what for dinner... and breakfast too!
Step 1: Buy quality fatty meat. Today, we’re cooking up a wagyu rib-eye from Austin’s own @RangerCattle. Whatever you buy, your best bet is almost always the rib eye. That’s the tastiest cut. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rib_eye_s…
Step 2: Brine your steak. If you only remember one thing today, this is it. I once read that brining makes a good steak great and a great steak out of this world. I dry brine all meats. How? Just add salt.
Place steak on pan on the counter. Cover liberally with kosher salt or a similar large coarse salt. I use @realsalt from Redmond. Let meat sit on the counter for about 45 mins to an hour. (If your steak is less than an inch, only salt for about 30 mins).
I could write a novel on how brining improves all meats but that’s for a later tweet thread . For now, trust me, brine your steak. Ok. I let this one go for and hour and twenty but it’s a big fat steak. Most normal steaks are good with about 45 minutes.
Now it’s time to rinse the salt and dry the steak. Just wash all the salt off and use some paper towels and dry it off thoroughly!
Once you’re done with brining, it’s ready to cook OR you can put back back into the fridge for cooking later. I typically prepare 3-4 steaks at a time so they are ready to go anytime! For example, I brined this one last night and then just popped back in fridge for this morn!
Step 3: The Reverse Sear! More details to follow, but in a nutshell, you cook the steak on a wire rack in the oven at 275 until it’s about 115-120 degrees in the center and then sear each side for a minute on the hottest pan you can create without burning your house down.
Quick break but I’ll be back soon. With this beauty in the oven, I need to focus and get off Twitter. Don’t worry. I’ll take a lot of photos! More to come.
For more on reverse sear I highly recommend this post from @jesspryles . jesspryles.com/recipe/how-to-… Jess is a hardcore carnivore badass and her entire site is chock full of meaty goodness!
Ok. Let’s continue. Check that temp! With my steak in the oven after about 20 minutes, you got to watch that temp like a momma bear watches her cubs. Take your eye off for 1 minute and that perfect steak can turn well done. Not good! I like to take out of oven around 115 degrees.
While your steak is in the oven, get that pan ready! I recommend cast iron but really any pan will do since the next step is to finish with a nice sear.
We need to grease the pan. Here’s my quick thoughts. Butter burns at the temp I like to sear so no butter. Olive oil (which is awesome for so many reasons) can add a little taste. I use olive oil a lot but today, I’m going with ... wait for it...
Bacon grease! Yep, whenever you cook bacon (which should be daily), pour that beautiful melted fat into a jar and just refrigerate. It scoops out easily and melts instantly. Never burns and adds just a hint of bacon flavor to everything you cook... steak, eggs, pork chops, etc.
It’s go time. I pulled the steak out of oven at around 118 degrees and within a few minutes on the counter it rose to 123. Don’t forget to account for the post cooking rising temp. Don’t ever let your steak get above 135 degrees. Rookie mistake!
Time for some fire! I got the cast iron pan about a degree short of it’s natural melting point with a good coat of bacon grease. When I drop the steak in the pan, it occasionally flares when some juice drops on the pan. Don’t worry ! It goes away almost instantly .
Whew. The fire is out and the clock is ticking. Remember my steak was already at 123 degrees so I just want to sear the sides for about 45- 60 seconds depending on heat.
Time to flip. If your steak is fat enough, you can even hold it on the side and sear the edges. Remember only about 45 seconds each side.
Focus like a ninja at this point! Nothing worse than over cooking a steak. Pay attention and watch that temp. I recommend a high end meat thermometer (ie @Thermapen ) with quick reads so you can adjust your game plan on the fly .
We’re getting real close here so here’s the last action shot. If you like it rare, I recommend pulling off pan at about 125 degrees and if you like a medium rare, about 130 degrees. Like it cooked more? I can’t help you. Please seek counseling .
We’re out the frying pan and straight to the cutting board. What do you do now? Do you let it rest or eat right away? I’m torn. Some best chefs that I respect a lot say to let rest 5 minutes but I also like it super hot. Let’s discuss this for a few tweets. Many factors at play.
Ok. Steak is ready and the clock is ticking. For the first few minutes the temp is still rising. If you pulled off pan at 125 degrees, you have a few minutes and it’ll hit a perfect 128-130 degrees. For me, that’s my perfect “rest” time. So my answer. Let it rest about 3 mins!
So what do you do during that 3 mins between the pan and eating? For me, it’s just enough time to snap a pic for my friends on @SBakerMD Facebook group #worldcarnivoretribe . For example, here’s a recent pic from Super Bowl Sunday. Pro tip: wait to post pics till after you eat!
Ok. Now... what’s something you should NEVER do after the steak leaves the pan? Never prioritize the sides! I’ve seen this time and again! The meat comes off the pan or grill and some knucklehead says “hold on, I gotta get the salad ready!”
More on this rant. As meat cools, it “seizes up” and becomes tougher. Eat it hot. I’ve seen amazing fajitas go “bad” while people fuss with building a 14 ingredient taco. So... pro-tip: if you eat only meat, you’ll never risk letting the meat go cold while messing with sides.
Without further ado... here’s what we’ve been waiting for. Today’s ribeye.
Another couple of shots. Note: I rarely take photos at this stage cuz (see above) the temperatures dropping. I did this today for um... science. Hope you enjoyed.
If you liked this thread, please follow and RT. I’m building this new account for fun and education. Lots more threads to come. Also, join #worlcarnivoretribe on Facebook and be a part of the movement. #MeatHeals

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