I'm not sure why this is shocking some people.

Many of these #GenZ children are younger than popular social media platforms.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to access which programs other kids are involved.


As a parent of an elementary school-aged child, I know from personal experience how much is spread by word of mouth.

These are the new "rites of passage" in the digital age.

I suggest that black parents, especially, stay up-to-date and expose your child to as much as possible.
Too often, our children are late to the game, late to get the memo and then are made to feel inadequate or unprepared because of it.

It carries on through college.

This is not an opinion, btw.
I belong to an unofficial "moms group" made up of other parents at our child's private school and will likely start my own within the next year.

We share information. We share talents. We hold similar values

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen by chance. You have to create it.
Kids pick up habits from each other, *especially* when they are young.

You'll hear it in their speech patterns and I'm not just talking about grammar (although, true too).

Concepts. Enthusiasm about learning, their goals & passions.

It starts YOUNG.

The socializing process that happens to ALL of us doesn't magically begin in the teenage years.


Your parenting is being reinforced or undermined by your child's social group.

Just like our present-day adult social groups.
And the wealthiest, most privileged people get pretend that it's effortless.

Why? Because they're insulated and already self-sorted.

So ignore their bullshyt parenting styles about allowing their children more control. 🙄

That's not what's happening at all.

They're allowed "freedom" within CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS.

Opportunity hubs.

Where the people around them are vetted for intelligence and success.
I'm sick of people pretending this isn't going on.

Black American slave descendants are lied to the most.
A few highlights:
Since I'm 41 yrs old, I've personally witnessed this "cycle" 4 times.

1) #GenerationX 10 yrs older than me;
2) My own #GenerationX peers;
3) The #Millennials
4) The oldest #GenZ now headed off to college.

You're delusuonal if you think the signs don't appear early on. They do.
I already know what we'd put on our child's "trovvit" or "kiddie linked-in" account:

1) His first piano recital;
2) Renderings of homes;
3) The town he built in his playroom;
4) Short films he creates with our phones.

Why? It's a perfect way to teach documenting your progress.
What some folks are *clearly missing* is the opportunity to reinforce documentation early on and to gain feedback.

Critique & presentation skills are important in nearly every industry.

Kids who learn this early on (and the progeny of the educated elite do) are better prepared.
They've REALLY got some of you all thinking that everyone is picking up these skills and concepts at the same time.

That you can't "kiddify" even the most complex ideas.

You've been lied to.

Your high-achieving classmates weren't smarter than you.

They were groomed earlier.
And because they were groomed for success earlier on and more often than you, they became more efficient, confident learners.

That's what having a strong foundation provides-- compound advantage.

Little by little, it adds up.
One last thing-

Learn to conceal your insecurity.

Statements like, "such and such just thinks they're better" will *instantly* get you purged.

They are red flags.

It reveals nothing about the person you're referring to and EVERYTHING about YOU.

That you're easily intimidated
You wouldn't believe how many *fully grown adults* still don't understand this.🙄

Ambitious people only want to associate with their kind.

Their "kind" are always up for the challenge of improvement. Not easily discouraged.

Zero tolerance for those with fragile egos. Ruthless.
Whenever I hear someone say that out loud?

Inner monologue- "Idiot. And thanks for the warning."
No one will want to dim their light, enthusiasm or dumb down their conversation to accommodate your insecurity.

This is why it's exhausting to be in the company of people who do not share your values/ambition.

Even casual conversation becomes a "thing" instead of info exchange.
While I tweeted and made dinner, my 5 year old built this. 😊He's never built anything quite like this before from scratch.

My spouse is working and I've had him for the entire day starting at 7:30am 😩 9am Lego Robotics class & piano lesson. Tweeting = I'm here but "off duty"😂
That's for the folks who wonder where our children are when we tweet.

Somewhere building something.


• • •

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