Is this the Dad of #DavidHogg - Kevin Ralph Hogg ?

* FBI ?
* Lived in San Diego with the nuke subs ?
* GLobal Defense / Transportation / Logistics ?
* URANIUM ????

#KevinHogg , dad of #DavidHogg , was in the news in #CNN in 2011 . Damn, this is easy. Now I know why the FIB wont hire me, I can make them look bad. Say, want to see his grades in high school ? Time for #AboutHogg ?…
[3] #ABoutHogg : My God, Did the grandad of #KevinHogg work in Navy Intel ? See… - Age / name / location aligns.
[4] #AboutHogg : Father and Son - "Anyone who doesn't believe what we are saying is a conspiracy theorist. We must end the second amendment immediately."
[5] #AboutHogg : Family info on Kevin Ralph Hogg, thank you . If dox'n makes you mad, then stop f*cking with my constitution.
[6] #AboutHogg : Here is the Naval Postgraduate School. Want to research how the oceans are going to owned by robots? This is the place to go.
[7] #AboutHogg : I understand the advantages of stimulants, but #DavidHogg seems a bit bit young for this? 👇
[8] #AboutHogg : David wants population reduction . So why does kids getting shot upset him so much ? When he says he wants to be just like his dad, does that mean #DavidHogg also wants to be just like the FBI - How so? 🤔
[9] #AboutHogg : The Q phenomenon suggests that #DavidHogg spends his free time with the kids of @tedlieu ? Nothing to see here folks ! 👇
[10] #AboutHogg : Here is the grandfather of #DavidHogg
[11] #AboutHogg : The grandfather of #DavidHogg was in Vietnam in 1968 (FYI own my Dad was over there around then too).


Unbelievable. This is one really, really smart American. @GeorgWebb
[12] #AboutHogg : What is a #DavidHogg doing in the #WhiteHouse visitor log back in July 2015 ? WHo is George Granholm? WHo is Charlie Kupchan?…
[13] #ABoutHogg : Holy Toledo ! Was #DavidHogg visiting the #WhiteHouse with #CharlieKupchan - THe author of a favorite book of @BarackObama called #EndOfTheAmericanWay ??
[14] #AboutHogg : I'm getting my "America sucks and everyone in it must die" books confused. Obama was a fan of "The Post American World". Apologies !
[15] #AboutHogg : So there is this...
[16] #AboutHogg : Aborable ! Mom of #DavidHogg worked for #BerkshireHathaway . 😖
[17] #AboutHogg : David Hogg was working with Democratic leadership months before the shooting. How did he ever find time for his classes ?? @TruthinGov2016 🤔👇
[18] #AboutHogg : Ever lose a friend ? A pet you loved ? How long before you return to a golden glowing smile with your friends ? 😕👇
[19] #AboutHogg
[20] #AboutHogg : I am now mapping out all of the addresses. So much within close proximity. Who know who? Why did the "accused" (no video yet!) shooter #NikolasCruz live only yards away from one of the 13 #MuellerIndictments , which were only 24 hours before the shooting?
[21] #AboutHogg : Looks like #DavidHogg also works for the @johnpodesta #CenterOfAmericanProgress ?? 👇🏻
[22] #ABoutHogg : Not about Hogg, but related to #Parkland and #NikolasCruz - More history of organized crime and #Kkylova (lived nearby Cruz) and info - there is a lot here ... Great work @GeorgWebb
[23] #AboutHogg : Young Mr. Hogg is asking the hard questions for us - How did the poilce who cowardly waited outside know what type of weapon the shooter had ? 👇
[24] #AboutHogg : THe #Hogg family has their own foundation.

Is this a big deal? Doesnt every American family have a foundation to run it with an executive board?

#TheHoggFoundation 👇
[25] #AboutHogg : The Hogg family founded Texaco.
[26] #AboutHogg : Kevin Hogg is David Hogg's father-worked for the FBI as a Crisis Management Specialist ... THis document is really interesting for 2 reasons (thanks to @TrumpSlide_2020 )
[27] #AboutHogg : Based on metadata, David Hogg's dad was involved in the arrest of #WhiteyBulger.

You heard right. I have some sources that are very confident of this conclusion.
[28] #AboutHogg : 800k was seized - that we know about
[29] #AboutHogg ; The other name of interest on the Bulger arrest is "Elizabeth Gonzalez"
[30] #AboutHogg : Is it possible that this Elizabeth Gonzalez in Parkland is that same person? Note that the relative would be current or past husband - Jose Gonzalez .
[31] #AboutHogg : Seen this young woman? Her dad is also a Jose Gonzalez. Is it possible that we have two people on CNN who are crisis actors - BOTH who have at least one parent who were in the FBI ?
[32] #ABoutHogg : Take all w/a grain of salt. I have a FT job, volunteer with addiction rehab, have fam/house.... I promise I'm doing my best to be correct but Ive made mistakes.

Our media in the USA is now our enemy.
You are being undeserved by needing others to volunteer.

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
Deep - State - Panic

" Dr. Bob Sears, critic of vaccine laws, could lose license after exempting toddler "

CDC threatening

You are going down , #rodrosenstein . Even if you run me off the road of have me shot .…
[2] ALSO this week - A doctor in the LA area that has been developing the leading methods for removal of breast implants that have been leading to cancer is also at risk of losing his license.
[3] That Dr is being sues by an anonymous woman . This man has been criticized by the CDC (there they are again, you demonic Rosenstein), even though his methods have been dramatically reducing rates of cancer vs standard methods of removing breast implants.
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Sep 5, 2018
[1] Ive been so distracted with my IT career that I missed this back in 2015 (not 2016) ... Sikorsky Helicopter division was sold by United Tech and purchased by Lockheed Martin…
[2] Then in the same year (2015), Lockheed announced that it was selling the bulk of its IT business ...…
[3] The main purchaser of the IT businesses from Lockheed Martin was Leidos , for 4.6 billion USD in 2016…
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Aug 31, 2018
No way!

"“Builder” to the stars #BenKrupinski, who has crafted the Hamptons homes of #MarthaStewart and Billy Joel, is at the center of a bitter family feud with his daughter Laura — who astonishingly accused him of having an affair with Martha."…
[2] This just interests me...

One of the projects #BenKrupinski took on 2012 was the restoration of the Amagansett Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station in Amagansett, New York. It was built in 1902.…
[3] #BenKrupinski "was sold on the restoration project after his wife, Bonnie Krupinski, persuaded him in June to see a staged reenactment by the life-saving station committee of the landing of four Nazi saboteurs on the beach just down the road."
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Aug 19, 2018
Watching #ZeroDays again ... #Stuxnet ... each time I know more about the story around this
It was Robert Gates that convinced the President in 2007 to place Information Warfare in the CIA (offensive cyber weapons), instead of the department of defense. Hence the CIA and NSA took control, along with US Cyber Command (controller by NSA).
NSA has no authority to launch a cyber attack, but it does have the ability

The US Cyber Command has authority to do a cyber attack (offense), but not the ability

USCC cleverly gives massive military cyber power to CIA and NSA
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Aug 15, 2018
[1] Much of #KetronIsland is owned by a real estate holding company run by a #GaryLundgren : Ketron Island Enterprises, Inc.

[2] Starting the very day after @realDonaldTrump won the election in 2016, speculation began about #GaryLundgren - "WILL GARY LUNDGREN NOW BE EXTRADITED FROM PANAMA, TO FACE JUSTICE IN THE UNITED STATES ?"

[3] .. because #GaryLundgren is a US fugitive, living in Panama

Even in 2015, he supposedly pissed off so many, that he was fearing assassination

"[He] has openly bragged that he was a partner in the insider trading scandal that was Financial Pacific"…
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Aug 10, 2018
[1] #AboutOhr Bruce Genesoke Ohr

Born in 1962 in Newark, New Jersey, USA
[2] #AboutOhr

"In Dec 2017, Yoichi Shimatsu, a forensic journalist who was also an editor at The Japan Times for ten years, wrote an exclusive for Rense, ‘How A CIA-DOJ-FBI Team Forged The Trump-Russia Dossier’. "…
[3] #AboutOhr

Shimatsu: "The politically correct attitudes toward ethnic minorities" by the DOJ/FBI, as w/ #BruceOhr, "has enabled massive expansion of organized crime, which is ultimately detrimental to the minority groups to achieve genuine [growth] security from violence."
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