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I shouldn’t have to constantly worry about my elementary-school-aged kids being shot. My 8/6yo should not have to practice active shooter drills and worry about being gunned down at school.

This is not normal.

Your fetishization of guns does not outweigh my children’s safety.
You don’t need a semiautomatic rifle. You don’t. Not just AR-15s, AKs or the “scary looking assault rifles.” You don’t need a rifle that is essentially the same as the one I killed with in Afghanistan. You’re not going to fight off the government with it. It’s not worth our kids.
You could’ve taken the 3-round-burst mechanism completely off my rifle - and the rifles of pretty much every dude in the squadron - and it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing, because we didn’t use it. So miss me with that shit about civilian models not being the same.
We live in a country that won’t fund schools enough that classrooms have all the necessary teaching supplies, but motherfuckers want to arm teachers. There are a million reasons why it’s a horrible idea. Funding, training, abuse of power, etc. Kids shouldn’t be surrounded by it.
And the next person I see suggest we just have armed veterans at every school is going to get a swift lesson about Wade Michael Page, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, John Allen Muhammad, Nidal Hassan, Robert Bales, and all the rest.
The 2nd Amendment was about national defense, not overthrowing a tyrannical government. You couldn’t stop the US military now if you wanted to. You’re not allowed to have anti-tank guided missiles or air-defense missiles or explosives. Give up your fucking fantasies.
It’s not about mental health. Every country has people with mental health problems. Nobody gets massacred with guns in the UK or Australia. 1 in 5 people here deals with mental health issues, but we won’t fucking fund the care they need, so you know it’s a bullshit argument.
Cars are not more dangerous than guns. Most people own more cars than guns, they have the be licensed, deemed mentally and physically capable of driving, insured, and we regulate the shit out of them. Cars have legitimate uses other than killing people and being a “cool hobby.”
If your whole thing about having a semiautomatic rifle is that you just like to go out and shoot at paper targets or whatever, sorry. Tough titties. Find a new fucking hobby. I hear golf is nice. Your hobby isn’t a good enough reason for me to worry about my kids dying.
You don’t need a rifle for self defense or home defense or what the fuck ever. You don’t need a 30-round magazine full of ammunition capable of killing a man beyond 500m to take care of a burglar. You’ll end up killing a neighbor or one of your own kids.
A shotgun or pistol will do. Shit, a senior NCO in my old squadron lost a teenage daughter because her stepfather shot her when she was sneaking back into the house. He thought she was a burglar, killed his wife’s daughter. That was with a pistol. Dude was a vet, IIRC.
You hunt? Cool. Use a bolt action. You’re too physically broken to use a bolt-action? Disabled? Cool. I would be willing to make an exception for you, maybe. But the number of semiautomatic rifles in this country far outweighs the number of disabled varmint hunters.
So yeah. Ban semiautomatic rifles. All of them. Ban the fuck out of them. Institute a buy-back. You’ve got 60 days to turn them in for cash. After that, you’re getting arrested for possessing them. Your hobbies and III% fantasies don’t trump my kids’ lives.
Oh, and another thing. This whole “AR-15s were never used in combat, they’re not weapons of war” claim is bullshit. The lack of a burst or fully-automatic fire mode is a distinction that makes no difference. Nobody uses burst/auto.

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