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A recent Pew poll indicates a staggering divergence in views on #Israel vs the Arabs of Palestine between Republicans and Democrats in America. Increasingly, Israel is becoming a one-party, Republican, issue. How and why did this happen? THREAD…
The largely Democratic American Jewish political establishment argues the Trump admin through its #Jerusalem capital recognition/embassy move decisions and beyond are cynically acting as staunchly pro-#Israel, "politicizing" the issue. Pew says otherwise…
According to the Pew poll on American views on #Israel vs. Arabs of Palestine, not just conservatives, but every group of American voters surveyed supports Israel over the Palestinians by a wide margin—with the single exception of “liberal Democrats.”…
Could it be that liberal Democrats have grown more Arabist, consistent with the growing anti-Zionist nature of the progressive movement? Does the growth in the % of progressives in the Democratic Party explain the declining Democratic support for #Israel?…
Pew's numbers show it's increasingly leftist Ds that shifted on #Israel. In '01, 29% of Ds identified as libs; by '17, 48%. In '01, 48% of libs sympathized w Israel—11% higher than “Conservative/Moderate" Ds at time—and 29% more sympathetic than libs today…
Divergence between Ds and Rs on #Israel DID NOT begin under Trump. Pew’s polling data show that Ds and Rs were largely aligned on Israel until around '08, when divergence began and rapidly widened, correlating w/ Obama's hostility towards the Jewish state…
Obama demonstrated his hostility to #Israel through among other things his:
-“Pre-1967 borders” comment
-Invocation of the “dual loyalty” canard over Jewish opposition to #IranDeal
-Siding w/ BDS
-Using US tax $ to oust Bibi
-De facto support for UNSC2234…
O also helped #Israel's worst enemies via:
-Spiking probe into #Hezbollah schemes
-Refusing to enforce #Iran sanctions enabling #Turkey-Iran gas4gold trade
-Supporting Arab Spring to benefit of jihadis
-Drawing equivalence bt jihadists/Israelis…
GOP has natural affinity for #Israel on religious & secular grounds, from Zionism of many conservative Christians, to shared morals/values/principles, to respect for a Jewish nation standing strong in a sea of Islamic supremacism, to natl interest grounds…
But it's not so much that Rs have seized on issue of #Israel as that Ds have ceded it. Ds are content to trade small % of pro-Israel D Jewish votes for Muslim votes, which means supporting policies deemed favorable toward Muslims on many issues…
Consider Democrats' treatment of #Israel vs the Arabs of Palestine issue in context of fact that today Muslims in America are disproportionately liberal, and in step with the Democratic Party…
The political logic makes sense—American Muslims are where the votes will be for Ds. US Muslim pop is expected to double by 2050 to over 2% of US pop. Jewish population is expected to decline from 1.8% to 1.4% over same period…
Growing portion of declining Jewish pop (relatively) is Orthodox, who are a staunchly pro-#Israel minority/vote overwhelmingly R. Vast majority of Jews, who have fewer children on average, are less likely to prioritize Israel issue, and overwhelmingly Ds…
Muslim votes will be a growth industry for Ds, while Jewish votes will be worth less and less. When you combine the ideological/political trends, it becomes clear that being pro-#Israel has become partisan not due to Trump but by the Left’s own words/deeds…

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Sep 4, 2018
What could possibly go wrong?…
Ah, "Republicans pounce," Bruce Ohr addition…
I'm pretty sure the investigation into "Trump-Russia collusion" by our betters in Congress and the FBI/DOJ has done the discrediting all by itself…
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Aug 13, 2018
.@aircanada quick recap of my day trying to ✈️ you MTL(YUL)->NYC:
-Get to airport 6A for 825A flight - cancelled
-Put on 350P flight (killing work day) — cancelled hrs early
-Told no other options to NY today - closest = Hartford, CT...landing hours later at 850P
-In interim...
-...friends on one of your supposedly overbooked NY flights (when I inquired as to options), btwn 825A & 350P, send pics of open seats on their flight, which gets home fine — along w/ at least one other flight in the window
-Given how late landing in Hartford w/ customs, etc...
-...only transportation option is a car — @Uber will run ~$150 on top of lost day/aggravation
-When my CC co calls to see if you’ll cover it, after hrs on phone and talking to multiple AC reps, CC rep relays AC instructions are to submit a claim that may not b answered for 5 wks
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Aug 10, 2018
You're not alone @ByronYork. To dare to disrupt the Trump-Russia collusion narrative (regardless of intent - to investigate critical stories irrespective of how they are parsed for political purposes) is becoming a thought crime. See this re Feinstein spy
What’s going on right now is the equivalent of Left — and really the pol establishment broadly — saying “Nice little write-up of our activities there (re anything that might divert from Trump-Russia narrative/expose their abuses). Shame if you got thrown off Twitter bc of it.”
Whether on Feinstein’s 40-year China ties — the broader context for spy in her office story — and her links to Fusion GPS, or @ByronYork’s reporting on Clinton-Fusion-Obama Russia collusion to try and prove Trump Russia collusion, you have to ask what the would-be censors fear?
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Aug 4, 2018
Utterly amazing to read this 1997 report on Sen Feinstein’s family’s political and business ties to #China in context of revelations about a Chinese spy working for her as a driver for 20 years, quietly let go seemingly rather than being brought to justice…
More on Feinstein’s decades-long #China-philia, coinciding w her family’s profiting bigly there. Shades of T Kennedy dancing w Soviets. Makes you wonder why Chinese spy of 20 yrs in her employ was merely let go. Who else penetrated her office? To what end?…
“I sometimes say that in my last life maybe I was Chinese.” - Sen. Feinstein back in ‘96. How is it that everyone is ignoring the greater context — her family’s extensive political/biz ties to the Chicoms — re revelations of a Chinese spy in her office?…
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Feb 1, 2018
Trump DOJ wants to reinstate a basic question on citizenship in the census. In their immigration intransigence, Left is revolting. THREAD on the emerging controversy over a potential change affecting $bns of tax dollars and every leg district in America…
...And also I might add a thread on the Left's attack on a citizenship question that perfectly justifies the reinstatement of the question -- because transparency on this issue is so critically important to American citizens and the Dems want to hide it.…
It's hard to imagine Americans would take issue with the U.S. government inquiring about citizenship status in a population census. But in 2018, some Democrats consider it a radical act to ask the simple question, “Are you a U.S. citizen?”…
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Jan 26, 2018
Trump's NatSec Strategy #NSS challenges the myths of the NatSec/foreign policy establishment's Wilsonian progressives -- myths based on flawed premises generating failed policies. Its Kirkpatrickian core would make the US stronger and more secure. THREAD👇…
The pol establishment is aghast over Trump's brash style, lack of conventionality and political incorrectness -- with its over-the-top revulsion serving as a form of virtue-signaling. On NatSec/foreign policy, the difference is truly substantive.…
Trump's National Security Strategy #NSS challenges the very premises of the establishment's prevailing progressive Wilsonian internationalist orthodoxy. Its "principled realism" rejects the elite worldview/challenges elite credentials, standing, influence…
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