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Dear Black Americans,

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the #BlackPantherMovie was not made with you in mind 😢

Everything about Disney’s “Blackest Production Ever” was strategic, including its target audience:

‘Continental Africans’
We all know that Disney is great when it comes to creating enchanting cinematography, so we can’t be too hard on ourselves for being easily spellbound by the rich blackness displayed through the lens of Ryan Coogler.
However, it’s been a full week now, so I’m hoping we can have an adult conversation about the true purpose, and strategic intent behind Disney’s $200 million global sensation, Black Panther.
This movie was made for one reason, and one reason only— to ensure that the growing youth population, across the continent, rejects any ideology based upon race, or any concepts of global racial solidarity, as a means of overthrowing White hegemonic rule.
Let me explain:
The African continent currently has the fastest growing, and youngest, population across the planet. This poses a significant threat for the many nations seeking to disposes Africans of their homeland, in an attempt to claim African resources for their own progeny.
For those of us who have studied the history of the Global Black Liberation Movement, we know that there have been two particular ideologies the western powers have gone out of their way, to prevent from penetrating the consciousness of Continental Africans—
1. African Nationalism (Garveyism)
2. Pan Africanism also referred to as Pan Negroism.
Now, if you were unaware of this history (which many of us are), and you walked into the theatre, simply wanting to be entertained, you would be completely clueless of the many ways in which Black Panther was used to demonize these concepts for its target audience.
**remember the target audience**

Disney creates a psychopathic killer, Killmonger, paints him as a representation of Black America, and infuses him with Pan African talking points as a means of denigrating Pan Africanism, and Black America at the same time. 2 birds, one stone.
Disney’s construction of the Killmonger character was genius. He embodied chaos, ignorance, and uncontrollable rage all in one. And this who they use to inject words from one of Marcus Garvey’s most memorable speeches. 👇🏾👇🏾”a racial empire upon which the sun shall never set”
Again, I don’t expect many of us to know this history, so I’ll share it here, but you can research on your own.
Pay attention, the only two characters that have a connection with the African Diaspora are painted as treacherous, an evil villains. This was not done by mistake.
Killmonger’s father, in many ways, represents the Continental Africans that came to the West during the mid-20th century. Many were radicalized by Black Liberation Ideology, only for them to go back to their native lands, lead revolutions, and be murdered by their own brothers.
Our ancestor Patrice Lumumba immediately comes to mind, but there are numerous others who were met with similar fates. **The irony here is, Patrice Lumumba’s assassination was orchestrated by the same CIA that was granted a magical pass in Disney’s fictional kingdom of Wakanda.
I know that we want to desperately celebrate Black Panther as a win for “Black Representation”, but we need to take a seriously look at the imperial objectives behind this film.
If I am a young ‘Continental African’ watching this film, and I’m completely devoid of any actual history regarding Pan Africansim, I’m leaving the theatre with 3 clear messages:
1. Black Americans are angry, and their rage will tear the world apart

2. The relationship between the Africans brought to the west in chains, and those left behind is not salvageable

3. Pan Africanism as an idea is solely focused on replacing white oppressors with black ones
If you walked away from the theatre with this impression, then Disney’s (Read: The United States Govt) $200 million investment was money well spent.
US intelligence has made no secret of their desire to foment division between “Black Americans” and Africans on the continent 👇🏾
Here’s a link to the full memo of the above excerpt if you’re interested in reading:…
If you understand this history, you know that Black Americans have always represented the political vanguard of the Pan African movement, and colonizers have made every attempt to demonize us bcuz of this fact 👇🏾 #WordToDuBois
The Black Liberation Movement has been so detrimental to colonial operations in Africa, publications such as Garvey’s Negro World (And Marcus Garvey himself) were banned , and criminalized across the continent.
This isn’t anything new, the forerunner of the Garvey Movement was the Ethiopian Movement, which led to American Blacks being completely banned from entering South Africa 👇🏾👇🏾#MUSTREAD (Read from 2nd paragraph of pg 98 to end of 1st paragraph oh 100)
Of course this history is purposefully hidden, so we don’t even know to be offended when Disney demonizes Black Americans as the literal pariah of the African Family...
This is exactly why I wrote this thread, the demonization of Black Americans is a key component of the colonial strategy to keep Continental Africans from embracing their brothers in the west, and Vice Versa
Marcus Garvey said it best when he said, “we of the negro race are suffering more than any other race in the world from propaganda.” Meanwhile, we allow our collective enemy to continue ruling over us through divide in conquer tactics.
Garvey showed in great detail, how the west craftily uses it’s media to prevent Africans in the west, from influencing our family on the continent to join our struggles, and collectively fight to overthrow white racial domination 👇🏾👇🏾
I can guarantee you that the brother (@Zuko_Godlimpi) who wrote that disparaging tweet about Black Americans, and our views on the Continent, knows nothing about the history of Continental Africans coming to America, and embracing the Pan African ideology.
Take for example, John Chilembwe, who came to America in the early 1900s as a student of Joseph Booth (the radical white missionary who wrote the book Africa for the Africans) 👇🏾👇🏾
John Chilembwe came to America as a student of Joseph Booth, but while he was here, the Ethiopian Movement set his African spirit on fire, & he would return to the continent, after embracing Ethiopianism (I.e Pan africanism) to lead the Nyasaland uprising of 1915. *do ya googles*
This wasn’t an isolated incident either. There are numerous accounts of Continental Africans coming to the west to have their African Spirit reborn (Mama Kofey, Fela Kuti, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta etc.)
The colonial powers are aware of this (including America— Kwame Nkrumah learned this lesson the hardway when he assumed America was any different than her European siblings) & they’re willing to do anything to drive a wedge between Africans in the Diaspora, & Continental Africans
Take for example the autobiography of Malcolm X. Before Malcolm died, he started an organization (see my pinned tweet) with the express purpose of linking Black Africans in the Diaspora, with Black Africans on the continent.
He wrote 3 chapters about this in his autobiography— you’ve never read them, bcuz the federal government had them removed. (I Wonder why 🤔)
Well. I just gave y’all a lot to consider as to why Black Panther isn’t the movie we think it is, as well as it’s true intentions.
However, since Ryan Coogler snuck the Pan African flag in his movie, the way LL snuck that FUBU hat in the Gap commercial, I’m gone leave y’all with one last gem
No nation has a flag without a song to venerate their flag. When Marcus Garvey’s UNIA gave the African world the ❤️, 🖤, and 💚, they also gave us a song. They never taught you it in school, bcuz they couldn’t risk you asking about Ethiopianism/ aka Pan Africanism.
Let’s stop letting them denigrate our history, and selling it back to us (During Black History Month 🤦🏾‍♂️) as a win for Black progress. Black Panther was the Biggest lie since our first Black President, and unfortunately, we all fell for it. Again.

can we have this convo, or is it too soon?
FYI 👆🏾

• • •

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