Let me explain a few things about this bullshit idea that people love of "if you need psych meds, you never get a gun."

I'm going to introduce you to being mentally ill, poor, and living in rural areas.
When I was growing up, there were significant portions of the time that if we didn't hunt, we didn't have enough meat. Hunting rifles were an important part of providing for the family. When Dad was at sea, I took over the job when I was old enough.
This was not uncommon. Farm families always have rifles and shotguns on hand because you fucking need them. You have to put down an animal and it's too expensive to call a vet. You need to shoot a fox or something that's in your chickens. This is normal.
None of these are semi-automatic weapons, mind you. We're talking single shot, bolt or lever-action rifles. You have to manually push the next round into the chamber. Most were ancient. Rarely did anyone buy new guns, they got passed down.
These are the weapons that generally, people agree have a legitimate purpose. They're for hunting animals, not killing lots of stuff in a shot span of time.

Okay? Got it? Let's carry on.
If we're talking about registering all guns, which is a good idea, and denying registration to people who have predictors of violence, we're also talking about hunting weapons in rural communities.

This is where the "if you take psych meds, no guns ever" argument fails.
Rural communities are woefully underserved for healthcare. It's infinitely worse when you talk about mental healthcare. Add into that things like Medicaid, where your options are limited.

Now. If you're depressed and you live in East Jerkwater, what are you going to do?
You'll go to your family doctor, because that's your option. And you'll be given a script for Zoloft or Paxil or Prozac or something. Because the therapists in your area have a 6 month wait-list. And by your area, we mean the town 45 minutes away.
This med could help! But if you take it, you lose the ability to feed your family, because you have to give up your rifle if you take Dangerous Psychiatric Medication. Because we don't want crazy people to have guns.

I'd refuse that script.
Not because I enjoy being depressed and I'm a danger. But because the ability to feed my family is more important than the benefit of easing my depression.

When you factor in the role guns play in rural communities and our lack of healthcare, this gets complicated.
It looks really easy on the surface to say, "if you take psychiatric meds, you don't get guns because nobody needs them."

Sure. If you live in an urban or suburban area. And you have access to both food and healthcare.
If you live on a farm? You need a shotgun or rifle. If you rely on hunting for food? You need a rifle. You don't need a semi-automatic rifle, but you need a rifle.

And you may also need fucking Prozac because mental illness doesn't care where you live, but therapy options do.
Don't put people in a dichotomy where they can either treat their mental health with the most easily accessible means or they can have the weapons that have legitimate, important purposes.

This is ableist. This is classist. This is harmful, most of all.
Rural folks, especially men, are least likely to admit they need mental healthcare until it has hit crisis point. This sort of shit will make it harder. It's short-sighted and perpetuates the stigma about mental illness as making people inherently dangerous.
Psych meds are the most accessible tool for mental healthcare that we have, especially for things like depression and anxiety, which are incredibly common.

18% of Americans have anxiety disorders. About 10% have depression. And that's just reported numbers. It's under-reported.
If you make "no psych meds ever" a condition for owning a hunting rifle? I guarantee you, mental health in poor and rural areas will deteriorate even further.

The danger won't be mass shootings. It'll be suicide. And you don't need a rifle for that.
The US is huge and has broader demographics than any other Western nation that has had to deal with mass shootings. Our approaches have to be nuanced and thoughtful.

That nuance begins with divorcing mental illness from the presumption of violence. #endthestigma
And while you're at it, tip the mentally ill people who are putting ourselves out there to combat the stigma against us that is easier to sell in the media than gun control. ko-fi.com/A534F8R

• • •

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Jul 18, 2018
For every abled telling disabled folks to just get our own reusable straws that bend and clean them, I present to you one of the greatest child killers of the 19th c: the rubber feeding tube. This is where single-use straws came from, in part. #StrawBan
Sterilising bendable plastic is exceptionally hard, and requires boiling and never getting any tears, scratches, or other surface damage to the straw where bacteria can lurk and turn deadly.

That's asking a lot to end 0.003% of plastic pollution. Get it right or die.
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The White House demanding Samantha Bee be fired for calling Ivanka a name is the exact thing the Bill of Rights was talking about when it talked about free speech.

The government, which includes the President, can't shut down speech because it's unfavourable or insulting.
This is literally textbook, constitutional law 101 shit.

You cannot demand, as President, that someone lose their job for insulting a member of your government. Which Ivanka is. She represents the President all over the damn globe. She's part of this government now.
Rosanne Barr was fired by her employers because she made a racist statement, and that was against their interest. That's the free market.

Samantha Bee's employers cannot be compelled by the President to take the same action for insulting a political figure, esp his daughter.
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May 26, 2018
You...have you read about the slave trade? Tearing apart enslaved families? Native removals and residential schools? Immigration exclusion acts? Japanese internment camps? The US prison system?

This IS America. This has ALWAYS been America.

Son, read a motherfucking book.
I don't know how you can know about any aspect of American history, from genocidal extermination of Natives to how the for-profit prison system operates, and think that the children ICE has "lost" are somehow a break with American patterns of behaviour.
The only difference is that people are talking about it and caring about it with a wider audience than usual.

This is how ICE has operated for years. This is how America has operated for centuries.
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May 2, 2018
Okay, so slavery is trending, thanks Kanye West. And hopefully, y'all know that if you aren't Black, this is your time to sit back, listen, and learn, because it isn't your time to speak.

Got that? Good.
However, as someone who has taught US History, I know how little most non-Black people really know about slavery in the Americas, and how foundational it is to Western dominant culture.

So I'm going to start tweeting some books so folks can educate themselves.
Because we also all know this isn't a topic to demand Black people educate about, and with a library card, you can learn enough to confront your local racist and spare Black people that much more work.

That's how this works, btw.
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Apr 10, 2018
Strap in, folks, because this is a cautionary tale about letting teenagers too smart for their own good write theology without oversight.
So my grandparents on mom's side were Catholic, and at the time, I had a Catholic boyfriend. So I ended up doing lots of random stuff at the parish because, well, boyfriend. I ended up befriending all the artsy, queer Catholic kids who were afraid to come out. Shock.
The youth group leader decided that the Passion Week play they did every year needed a revamp. I had just done a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with them and helped do staging and re-writes to make it work for the cast.

So this nice nun asked me.
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If @AmazonStudios wants to really make this a departure from the Peter Jackson films, then they need to hire PoC, women, and queer people to run this thing and write it. theonering.net/torwp/2018/01/… via @theoneringnet
I've been writing a Middle-earth filled with queer people, brown people, and women with @thelionmachine for a decade. And it's all in-line with the medieval world Tolkien drew upon.

We're also academics who've written on Tolkien studies, so yes, we know what we're talking about.
Gondor should be full of brown people. The Númenoreans were essentially a blend of Egyptian and ancient Israelite people. They have a spirituality based on the sacredness of death as a mercy and a gift. Boromir should look more like Oded Fehr.
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