Way to go, media. After the Rob Porter debacle, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly *ANNOUNCED* changes would be made to the handling of security clearances.

Look who's picture is PROMINENTLY FEATURED in this WAPO report from 11 days ago:

The media knew ELEVEN DAYS AGO that the changes John Kelly was making would result in the downgrading of the temporary security clearances many people in the White House currently have - *including* #JaredKushner.
NEWSFLASH: There is no such thing as a 'permanent' security clearance. These clearances have to be renewed regularly. The media is attempting 2 things:

1) to make it look HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS that many WH staff only have 'temporary security clearances

2) attempting to pump new life into the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative by pretending Kushner has been singled out for special attention due to some derogatory info causing him to have his temporary clearance downgraded.
Now that the changes General Kelly announced a week and a half ago are being implemented, the media is instantly selling a narrative that Kushner must have 'done something' to get his security clearance downgraded like this.
The media is very cleverly highlighting Kushner as if he alone just had this downgrading of his security clearance.

That is not the case. The new clearance policy Kelly is implementing is going to affect everyone there across the board.
I admit it *is* clever of the media to single Kushner out like this. A lot of people are going to swallow the narrative. "Gee, the guy must be dirty. He musta DONE somethin'."
DNC Media is embargoing the opening of the new DOJ investigation into abuses of the FISA process that Sessions just announced.

Instead, you are getting wave after wave of KUSHNER KUSHNER KUSHNER that they've been preparing to launch for 11 days.
Once you learn to STEP BACK and don't just RUSH into and be obsessed by the hot new topic du jour the DNC Media is waving in your face like a shiny object, you will learn to spot this tactic.
They cover real news [Sessions will investigate FISA abuses] with a prepared narrative to try to pull the public's attention away.
And by the way, I've been showing you since December that Horowitz has been investigating the FISA abuses for over a YEAR. I've been telling you about the deliberate slow walking, slow rollout of the evidence to get the public ready for the immense SCOPE of the scandal.
Sessions announcing the DOJ will now formally open an investigation into FISA abuses is just to bitch slap the media. The smarter media people already know HOROWITZ has been investigating the FISA court abuses for a YEAR.
The opening of a 'formal' investigation after they started rolling out the evidence PUBLICLY from Horowitz to the Congress, so the Grassley/Nunes memos could go public and reveal some of the key evidence is just the next step in the plan.
Don't tell yourself the DNC Media people don't know what's coming. THEY DO KNOW WHAT'S COMING. These people are not stupid. They have their narratives already crafted, waiting to launch them.
They had a COUNTER NARRATIVE all ready to go when Sessions announced the opening of a formal investigation into FISA Court abuses. The DNC Media will be chanting Kushner's name like a mantra for the next several days.
We already know what the narrative will be we'll be hearing for over 7 years, don't we? Once it all goes public? "Trump & Sessions weaponized the DOJ to go after their political opponents!"

For SEVEN PLUS YEARS you will see them say this.
The very thing Obama/Holder blatantly did, and that the evidence will show, the DNC Media will accuse Trump/Sessions of beginning. They will spend 7 years claiming Trump/Sessions need to be impeached, they are wrecking the country, destroying the Constitution, etc.
"When's the media going to start covering this honestly?"

I get tweeted that a lot.

Here's your answer: NEVER.

But it doesn't matter that DNC Media will *never* cover this subject honestly.
Haven't you been paying attention the last couple of years?
These people are THROUGH.
They couldn't stop Trump from getting elected.
They can't get him impeached.
Can't force him to resign.
They won't stop him from getting reelected.
They don't CONTROL the national conversation on ANYTHING any more.
Right now they are trying to use Parkland to gin up gun control legislation.
How's that working out for them?
The NRA just grew it's membership by over TEN PERCENT.
Despite the fact they just RAISED THE MEMBERSHIP FEE.

The DNC Media has lost control of both the horizontal and the vertical. They are not in control of your TV set any longer.
Yes, DNC Media still has SOME influence, but it's been decreasing and shrinking for years, and Trump has done a lot to ACCELERATE the DNC Media's loss of power and influence in this country.

Why do you think the media HATES him so much?
So right now the DNC Media hot topic is Jared Kushner getting his security clearance downgraded & they'll claim it must be because hot sexy new Trump/Russia corruption has been found, yadda yadda yadda.

To pull attention for the next step in uncovering the DOJ/FBI corruption.
Sessions announcement today is a media tactic. The investigation into the DOJ/FBI FISA abuses in lying to the Court based on the Steele dossier began long ago.

This announcement is for John Q. Public who only skims headlines.
Horowitz spent months digging into this. It's why the Grassley/Nunes memos were written only AFTER he began handing over the 1.2 million documents he collected during his year-long investigation.

Too many of you are still taking EVERYTHING at 100% face value.
You people tweeting at me "Wow, Sessions finally got around to noticing the FISA Court abuses? He's only opening an investigation into this NOW?! Fire him!"

Have you been in, like, a coma for the last 4 months?
So learn something from today: EVERY SINGLE TIME the ball advances on the exposure of the Obama/Hillary spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election and afterward, you WILL see DNC Media employ this tactic.

When they can't use the distraction strategy any more, you will get seven years of the media shrieking this:

Know your enemy.

And I do.

I know them very well.


• • •

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Sep 18, 2020
You know how a jet fighter launches chaff to throw the enemy off the target?

I'm halfway convinced it was the **TRUMP TEAM ITSELF** in the White House sending out people to be anonymous sources spreading these "OMG Kushner is an IDIOT!" stories in the Fake News Media.
Trump is a master of information warfare.

If anybody started putting 2 and 2 together and snooping around what Kushner was up to, I can totally see the White House sending people out to anonymously seed the media with stories like...this:

All the anonymous sources were in agreement: this Kushner guy is just benefiting from having married Trump's daughter, he's in way WAY over his head, has got no clue what he's doing.

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Sep 17, 2020
Hi @seanmdav.

For a guy who calls out the Fake News Media an awful lot, you sure seem to trust what they tell you when it suits you.

Somebody who **actually** listened to Wray's testimony **instead of** getting their "Cliff Notes" from the Fake News Media:

My friend @Shem_Infinite:

There is no excuse for this. You're getting your "hot take" on what Wray actually testified from a Huffpost Reporter?

Do better.

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Sep 17, 2020
We already saw this movie.

Didn't we already see this movie?

I think we all already saw this movie.

The only thing **different** about how Comey won't answer the questions put to him by these Congressional commitees [other than the standard "I don't recall"] is he won't be saying:

"I can't comment on that because it's currently part of an ongoing federal investigation."
Instead Comey will be saying THIS:

"On the advice of my legal counsel, I invoke my Fifth amendment rights."


"My counsel has advised me not to discuss this, and so I won't."
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Sep 17, 2020
To people endlessly asking me if President Trump is aware of and taking steps to combat this whole "Color Revolution" playbook:

Yes, he is aware of it.

Yes, he is taking steps to deal with it.

No, he's not going to tell you what they are.
The biggest assumption people make is because Trump hasn't **publicly rolled out** his strategy for dealing with this threat that is all over the media & we're all talking about it is because....he's blind to it.

Utter nonsense.

Trump does not reveal things until HE'S READY TO DO THAT.

And he will only do that when there's nothing the enemy can do to sabotage his efforts.

Look at what just happened YESTERDAY.

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Sep 16, 2020
Yeah. Durham's wrapped.

That's why they are issuing the subpoenas now.

I've had to endlessly explain this for going on 2 years now:

While the investigation is ongoing, you wouldn't learn anything from subpoenaing these goons because they'd do what COMEY & STRZOK & Mueller & everybody else did when they testified before Congress.

How many times did you want to hear over and over

"I'm sorry I cannot answer that question because the matter is currently under investigation by the Dept. of Justice" or the dozen of variations to that?

Because THAT'S what you would have heard before now.

You know I'm right.
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Sep 16, 2020
A whole lot of people get SpyGate stuff wrong because they don't know the timeline of the actual events.

So here's a handy reference you can use:

Given to what's coming, I want to draw your attention to THESE two events that occurred in early March, 2016. Image
THIS got memory-holed. But pay attention. There will be a quiz later. Image
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