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This is in many ways a restatement of the Mamet Principle, but it shows that at the upper echelons of leftist thought, the pretense of ignorance is used in a highly strategic manner to achieve "social justice "goals. This can and will be demonstrated by deconstructing #Parkland.
The point is that the advancement of the illogical argument is only stupid on the surface, and this is in fact a logical pattern of viral malice.

Hanlon's Razor ("Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.") can be and IS weaponized everywhere.
Hanlon's Razor fails because "adequately" is easily spoofed. All manner of deceptions can be used to make an intelligent process return a wrong value for "adequately". Science works because nothing remains "adequate". Every theory of gravity falls to a better one, eventually.
The way to gain the upper hand against the virus of malice which cloaks in stupidity is to fight both the intelligent DNA of malice which leads from behind, AND the deceptively dumber protein of stupidity which smiles happily on the surface. Treat as both malice AND ignorance.
The deceptive ALLOWED EVENTS of #Parkland and #Vegas are both falling to a combination of attacks. By approaching these events as WEAPONIZED STUPIDITY, we uncover more and more TRUTH about them. One of our greatest tools is FLEXIBILITY ON WHAT STRATEGIES THE DNA IS ENCODING.
Translating the above into an actual practice: Don't settle on particular conspiracy theories - rather, keep many of them under active examination. New evidence will lead to new theories, new weighting of existing theories, and near-elimination of others. STAY FLEXIBLE.
A balance is required with conspiracy theories. In a world where malice freely cloaks in stupidity, conspiracy is automatically emergent, and yet stupidity abounds. Looking for stupidity-cloaked malice is useful, but it is often not fruitful. LOOKING ELSEWHERE is a TOOL. USE IT.
NOW - Let's talk about #Parkland. Prepare for a shocker. Both #Parkland and #UraniumOne are part of the same #HIV-like strategy - attack the defenses. The virus of Stalinism MUST slowly bring down two critical defenses - least distributed (nukes) and most distributed (2A).
When it's time to bring Hillary to justice for #UraniumOne, we can come back to the mechanism and the strategy. It's absolutely fascinating, and played out over many decades. Stalin must have begun on this plan from the moment he realized we were working on atomic weapons.
In contrast, #Parkland is mostly Obama's baby, and links back directly to Stalin's racial strategy against America, obviously through Frank Marshall Davis, but also through others. Eric Holder was also instrumental in creating #Parkland. Many contributed, but not all knowingly.
Critical to understanding communist conspiracy is this: Both knowledge and motivation change as one moves out from the core. McCarthy lost sight of this, and was entrapped by (1) assuming motivations which he did not fully know, and (2) not realizing he already faced FAKE NEWS.
To see motivations in #Parkland, it helps to look at players not only as we see them, but as they MAY see themselves, or other players. When we do this, we may be wrong, but when it explains events, our theories gain credibility. MEANS, MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY. The basics! Use them!
Hypothesizing that the DNA of #Parkland has the actual PURPOSE of attacking the Second Amendment is as easy as saying "I'll bet this virus that attacks the immune system actually intends to do it." When people say "That's a conspiracy theory!", tell them to GTH. This is SCIENCE.
Well, is there any evidence right off the bat that we should retain this hypothesis? That the inscrutable DNA of Obama directives might encode for attacks on 2A? I would argue that we have this very OBVIOUSLY, in the transcribed RNA of EXTREMELY ANTI-GUN and ANTI-2A Eric Holder.
LET US HYPOTHESIZE that any policy created by Eric Holder, were it to have some kind of untoward yet unobvious effect on the Second Amendment, would not be viewed as being defective, but rather as - if not desirable - at least "without concern". Is this not rather reasonable?
Stated differently, we don't expect Eric Holder, who said we need to "brainwash people against guns", to rigorously scrub his policies for things which might later, after he has cleared the building, blow up and - how shall we put this - "brainwash people against guns". Right?
But maybe you're thinking "Hey! I've got a conspiracy theory! Eric Holder not only WANTED to brainwash people against guns, and not only LET something happen to brainwash people against guns, but ACTED to brainwash people against guns!"

Well, let's ADD that crazy hypothesis!
Now some may argue against adding a "crazy" theory of #Parkland to our mix of potential theories of #Parkland, but you have to understand that "crazy" is historically relative. History has a way of turning "crazy" into "not crazy" when more facts are in evidence. And vice versa!
For instance, there was a time when the New York Times said that an extra planet spinning inside the fire of the sun, changing the orbit of Mercury, was the "settled science", and that failure of the laws of gravity was, to use a term popularized by Son of Mailman, "crazy talk".
So let's just leave within the realm of possibility the idea that "crazy" theories of #Parkland - where Eric Holder INTENDED his policies to "brainwash people against guns" - might suddenly be "not crazy". This might happen due to more evidence, better theories, or both.
Moving on from Eric Holder to others, we remember - motivations and knowledge change, as we move away from the core. This is NORMAL. The idea that all members of a conspiracy always share the same motives and knowledge is NONSENSE that the left loves to sell. It's GASLIGHTING.
However, if there is ANY motive which people tend to hold in common, it is something which the wonderful tipster QAnon, a.k.a. Q, has already reminded us about, and in particular in the case of #Parkland.


We can EXPECT that money is going to be used to motivate people.
Let's start at the point of Obama's Executive Order of July 26,2012, about Educational Excellence for African Americans. In some ways, this is typically Obama - an Orwellian lie. As you will see, it was designed not to create excellence, but to FAKE IT.

The origins of the EO tell an amazing story. Obama, Holder, Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan, and inexperienced superintendent Robert Runcie, a Duncan protege, began undermining discipline in Broward Co., in 2010-2012, using cock-eyed "disparate impact" thinking.

Similar efforts in Miami Dade schools in the same time-frame resulted in the failure to intervene with Trayvon Martin as he descended into criminality, largely unknown to his parents, culminating in his death while casing apartments for burglary.

This is a critical moment to understand Obama and his "stealthy revolution". At the exact point where admitting that removal of discipline was causing problems, Obama DOUBLED DOWN, assisted by the Fake News which ignored Trayvon's criminality. 1 word, DISPARATE, poisons this EO.
Robert Runcie was the RECEIVER for Team Obama's pass of this EO to Broward Co.

"Some are hopeful that Runcie’s connection to the Obama administration through Duncan will draw some benefits to the district..."

If you're thinking MONEY.....


Runcie, who was dubiously picked over a much more qualified candidate in 2011, had already been pushing Holder's disparate impact thinking, but aided by Obama's EO and activists protesting Trayvon's death, Runcie pushed it even harder, into quasi-law.

This was the infamous Broward County Promise Agreement of 2013, renewed in 2016. This eventually led to #Parkland. One signatory is the now-far-left NAACP. Two shocking sections: a list of diverted misdemeanors, and numerical caps on criminal justice.

Arne Duncan's name doesn't get much play in this story, but he was one of the enforcers, along with Eric Holder. They offered both silver and lead - grants and lawsuits - as inducements to "meet legal obligations" regarding discipline.

Meaning LESS.

The brilliant part is that the Obama radicals never ASKED for youth to be disciplined less. They simply used the faulty logic of disparate impact to force schools to HIDE crime to meet impossible numerical goals, silently leading to MORE crime. It's MALICE WRAPPED IN STUPIDITY.
Disparate impact thinking ASSUMES discrimination as its starting point. It says "this difference in numbers must be the result of discrimination" - make the numbers equal or we will take away your grants and sue you. Most people just accept the shakedown and fudge the numbers.
Now, it's not like these people didn't KNOW that what they were doing was in fact becoming quite harmful. With YEARS of reporting by Sundance at @TheLastRefuge2, delivered personally to many involved, one might expect even a minor change of plans.

The White House and Broward County Schools, along with Miami Dade Schools, actually CELEBRATED their "great success" by holding a "discipline summit" in 2015. That this act of mutual congratulation only seems Orwellian in retrospect, should give pause.


Obama and Holder's disparate impact "theory", forced on schools using DOJ and DOEd, didn't reduce crime, but increased it, while making the schools LIE ABOUT IT.

Our nation's chief law enforcement officer forced schools to STOP enforcing the law against kids.
As an aside, to see how disparate impact was ACTUALLY weaponized using standard communist techniques of shifting judgment from courts to political allies without any real oversight, see this article which explains the techniques used by the Obama DOJ.

Here is where we invoke the most important tool in deconstructing communist subversion:


Holder's policies produced Trayvon Martin and a MOVEMENT - BLACK LIVES MATTER. Those policies were then AMPLIFIED.

And I would be remiss not to point out that there is a cynical reinforcement here. As school discipline is ACTUALLY reduced, and kids in general become increasingly untouchable, they automatically FEED the same MOVEMENT spawned by misrepresentation of Trayvon Martin's death.

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Oct 8, 2018
Dig around under here for an education on the ChiComs. The fact that two victims likely worked for a semiconductor fab HERE that is sending a new plant to CHINA touched off many posts on how the ChiComs slowly and patiently subvert companies here to send the work overseas.
Wasn't there some team of semiconductor guys on that hackable Malaysian plane that went nutso? Just sayin'. I don't necessarily believe that any of these accidents are connected to the ChiComs, but I don't rule it out. Their Democrat gimps can yell "conspiracy theory" all day.
To catch spies, you have to THINK like a spy. That means entertaining the possibility that people ARE spies, and looking for them to exhibit expected behaviors. In the age of electronic hacks, it gets even more complicated.

The CONSPIRACY against Trump was REALITY. Accept it.
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Sep 15, 2018
I finally figured out my mission. So I guess this is a mission statement.
Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall."
I think this is why I'm in love with Rosie's avatar. Call me a sword and scale fetishist. Grrrrrr. Historic Justice is HOTTTTTT.
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Sep 13, 2018
Thank GOD I'm not the only person seeing this. No longer alone.

Were it not for Q's posts on the "Goog top" and that leaked video, I could NEVER have convinced people to understand just how SLOW and PATIENT real Soviet Socialism is. Socialism clings to people like RELIGION.
People have a false idea that to send socialism via a person, that person has to cosign to a devious plot about future events.

No. Somebody in the KGB realized that frustrated believer Pa Brin would do more good in America than in Russia, and let him leave like a virus carrier.
In fact, I'm sure this pattern was well proven and trusted by the time the iron curtain was lowered. Soviet orthodoxy needed restructuring, and it got it. Collapse of orthodoxy powered diaspora of the infected. Rejuvenated "new" socialism advanced to be reborn everywhere. SMART.
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Sep 12, 2018
Gee whiz - does the @nytimes really think THIS is a conspiracy theory? I mean, it SOUNDS really plausible. Guess we'll know soon - right?
How about THIS one? Sounds really plausible that Sally Yates might need a lawyer. Just sayin'. It's not like she hired Quisp & Bigfoot. I'm calling this "almost believable". If @nytimes wants to call this a conspiracy theory, they could say WHY, since "Q" says LAST WEEK.
OK - time to throw the @nytimes a bone! There is NO WAY that "Zipper Lips" Comey is talking to people! NO WAY WRAY! Surely this "Q" person is wrong about Jim Comey. I mean, it's not like Comey would just up and give memos to some strange prof at Communism University! RIIIIGHT?
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Sep 3, 2018
@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent People - this PDF from the top-post-linked article is EXPLOSIVE. I'll put the link here, and then explain.

Short version: I remembered this stuff was in the news decades ago as a murder weapon. It seems that some people at FDA remembered it too.

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent This stuff is basically poisonous because of the "N-nitroso" group. Chemists learned to be wary. At around the time it was used for murder, both the acute and long-term toxicity of this stuff was just being understood. Wikipedia is a good read here:

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent The story in the PDF is basically this - WE found, WE investigated, WE made the Chinese company give us the information, WE figured out an excuse (we think) that THEY changed a process, then we say "fix it" and "don't let it happen again". FDA explains it's not THEIR fault.
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Sep 1, 2018
Not seeing any real changes with the *apparent* disappearance of the QFD shadowban per shadowban.eu. Methinks socialism is up to the usual socialist trickery - that Twitter engineers have implemented any of several very rudimentary ways to fool the test site.
My recommendation to @Jim_Jordan, @RepMattGaetz, @DevinNunes, and @RepMarkMeadows is to ask very specifically about what coding has been done to deal with THIS monitoring site, as well as other, similar sites. Should be interesting, but the most important site is THIS ONE.
I suspect that there are layers and layers of deception and trickery here. Possible avenues of evasion include "see - no difference!" and more, but the bottom line is THEY HAVE THE CODE AND YOU DON'T. That is always the way they win. THEY HAVE THE CODE.
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