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BBC Radio Word at one #wato had this absolutely ludicrous interview with Christopher Montgomery MP. It's so bat-shit crazy, I've transcribed it below. 16.20 in on this link if you don't believe me, and I can see why you wouldn't.... bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09…
Interviewer: "Christopher Montgomerie - though a conservative now was until recently the DUP's chief of staff at Westminster he joins me now Mr Montgomerie, is it fair to say with reference to this document "never, never, never"?
CM: "absolutely, it's dead on arrival"

Interviewer:"is there anything worth discussing within the document as far as you think the DUP might be concerned?
CM: "I don't think this is really an intra-British politics issue. I think this is a negotiating stunt, which we should get into proportion out of the commission.

It's so grotesque. It's so unbelievable. It's so impossible. Why would they have said such a thing?"
CM: "I'll offer you 3 competing conspiracy theories: It's the French. That this is the French foreign ministry who are full of. They're not ten feet tall [Who IS ten feet tall?]. ...
CM: "They are full of geo-baloney LUNATICS and they think that what they would call the UK crashing out of the UK [sic] would be in the French state's interest so they put "Cher Michel" up to this."
CM: "Conspiracy theory number 2 is it's the commission. The commission are behind this because if you had what they would see as a hard brexit which led to tariffs [NOTE Obsession with tariffs: Drink],...
CM: "... the commission gets out of that tariffs are imposed on the UK and collected by the commission, they get from memory €7.1bn which would go a long way to filling up the shortfall."
CM: "And Conspiracy theory number 3 which is my personal favourite [what because it's the most insane?] is It's the Deep State [Drink] so the thinking behind that one is, since this is so preposterous,...
CM: "...since the prime minister has unambiguously come out and said this is not going to happen, why has it happened [because you agreed to it in December, dumbass] because we are going to defeat this in due course. This just isn't going to happen, and then no, no, no....
CM: "...This proposal out of the commission is going to be defeated in due course by the mighty British government [yes he really said that] and this will be presented as a great triumph for our negotiating strategy." [!!!]
Interviewer:"Briefly what do you make of the accusation that they say that essentially we've filled in the blanks and we're waiting for you British to come back with the detail of your so-called frictionless border?"

CM: "They filled in the blanks with childish ludicrous scrawl"
Interviewer: "You really think it's as poor as that? There's nothing here that could ever fly"

CM: "I'm sure like me you're a great fan of Prime Minister's questions [??????]"
CM: " Listen to the Prime Minister. She couldn't have been clearer and there's no going back on what she said [ignoring all the other capitulations during A50 so far]"
So much for it being covered in "childish scrawls": "The seventh observation is that it is clear and well drafted. There is a Euclidean-like geometry to the parts, titles and chapters which enables the reader to see how these inter-relate. There are detailed notes and references"
I really can't see any grotesque impossible childish scrawl here. Did Montgomery even read the text? politico.eu/article/brexit…
Montgomery's madness has been picked up by Le Monde

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Jul 24, 2018
1. This is Maslow's hierarchy of needs: "a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.

Needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up"
2. Brexiters started their campaign by arguing leaving the EU would be amazing. You wouldn't believe how great it was going to be. Everything you have now but much more. Top level stuff. Unicorns, wealth, whatever you can possibly imagine.
3. OK nobody believed in the unicorns, and the 350m a week lie fell apart the day after the vote, so Brexit fell to the second top tier: Esteem. You might not get unicorns, but you'll feel great about being English. (Not Irish or Scottish, or British but English)
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I wish I could disagree with this, but I can't - not a single line. Depressing times indeed for remainers. Only chink of light is that Ireland issue may force retention of single market membership. But thin gruel indeed.
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"Democracy, by considering the ignorant to be as important as the well-informed, does not guarantee sensible decisions. Instead the public exaggerate their praise for what they think is good and their condemnation of what they see as bad."
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1/ The Tory party is caught between the fixed demands of the EU27 and the political red lines of its head banger eurosceptic faction
2/ The Brexit dream morphed from a promise of an EEA/single market Norwegian future to a supposed mandate for disaster capitalism with...
3/ ...plenty of Schumpeterian "Creative Destruction". I.e. job losses as whole industries die on the vine.
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