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Once you see the PLOT to BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS, you absolutely cannot unsee it.

We are budging NOT ONE INCH on due process until Eric Holder has been brought to justice for #Parkland. And more.

You thought we found all his scandals? Think again.

#QAnon #FollowTheWives
Why was it ESSENTIAL that Eric Holder be succeeded by an AG so close it was a conflict of interest? Why did it take so LONG to replace him? Why did they try to HIDE the connection between Holder's wife, Sharon Malone, and her college BFF Loretta Lynch?

#QAnon #FollowTheWives
It's because Eric Holder had PLOTS - otherwise known as Holder scandals - that actually ran over the entire 16 year timeline of their plan to take us down. And the plot to BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS was one of them. They couldn't turn this stuff off. It was irreversible.

You need to understand - part of the reason I VOTED FOR OBAMA in 2008 was that I believed his LIE about not going after guns. So when Sandy Hook happened, and he gently flipped, I KNEW down deep that something was intensely WRONG. THAT was the beginning of MY awakening.

We have to see this plot at ALL LEVELS - just like it was planned at ALL LEVELS. The CONSCIOUS LINK between all levels is ERIC HOLDER. It was when I realized that #Parkland actually accomplished his wish to "brainwash against guns", that pieces began falling into place.

What are they going after right now?


What failed in #Parkland?


What beautiful, amazing, mind-jarring signal did Trump drop with his "flippy" hint?


Due process would have STOPPED Nikolas Cruz. But CONTROL DUE PROCESS, and BOOM.

The freaking PATTERN of using RACE to hide CRIME by these jokers does not fail us here. To GAIN CONTROL of due process - to SABOTAGE IT - they used RACE via their ILLEGAL "Promise Program". They FROZE the system in Alinsky style.


Who has TOTAL ACCESS in this system? Who OWNS IT? Who OWNS the Broward County School District? Who OWNS the Broward County Sheriff's Office? Who OWNS FBI? Why, that would be DOJ. Run first by Eric Holder, and then Loretta Lynch.

Make sense now?


Our VSG just made the entire world do a MASSIVE OFFSIDES. Even me! I was getting wobbly on gun rights. But last night, I was BOTHERED that HONEST vets were going to give up guns to CRIMINALS because of something criminals DID. And THAT got me thinking.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
Eric Holder's racial intentions DON'T show up in the INTENTIONAL failures in schools - they show up in the revolutionary success of TRAYVON and BLACK LIVES MATTER. Likewise, his GUN intentions don't show up in the INTENTIONAL failure of CRUZ. They show up in #Parkland.

Once again, we see MALICE wrapped in STUPIDITY, and the absolute FAILURE of Hanlon's Razor to protect honest people who don't give EVIL people enough credit for hiding malice well. Ironically, it's our PREJUDICE against black people that STALIN saw and used so CUNNINGLY.

I'm going back to the Holder-Lynch transition, which is critical to expose things, but I want to leave other researchers with a CRUCIAL idea to solve #Parkland and other mass shootings.

VIEW things from Eric Holder's means, motive, and opportunity.

It just works out.

There is a reason the leftists threw this guy a lifeline from the People's Hollywood Democratic Socialist Republic of California. They have to keep all of this running. It's not over. There are MORE mass murder events "in the pipeline". To borrow a favorite Holder term.

NOW - back to the TRANSITION to Loretta Lynch, which implicates her, BTW. It was ALMOST a secret that Lynch was connected to Holder, but NOT QUITE. Just like Obama's connection to Frank Marshall Davis, THIS connection could be SUPPRESSED by the MSM, with some effort.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was intensely interested in Loretta Lynch, because I predicted that Holder would be replaced by an ideological equivalent. I was looking everywhere for information after she was nominated. She seemed "paperless".

The MSM had NOT revealed anything about Lynch's ties to Holder. What I did NOT realize at that time is that articles had been written and edited, but were being HELD BACK. I also did not realize that ORLY TAITZ who had pursued Obama's sketchy past was working the story.

In a flurry of quick plays, the HAND OF HOLDER then appears.

Somehow, a reporter at @BreitbartNews was tipped that Loretta Lynch was tied to the CLINTONS. I found a piece of "fake news" that might have been that tip. The problem? IT WAS THE WRONG LORETTA LYNCH!

This is classic DISCREDITING DISINFORMATION. As we were commenting on BB, a leftist troll came on to mock the Lynch identity goof, citing a post on super-sketchy "Little Green Footballs", which often seemed to act like a specifically assigned critic of @BreitbartNews.

In just minutes, the article on @BreitbartNews disappeared, along with the comments. I never knew if BB knew what had happened, but I did, because I was on to the very beginnings of #FakeNews. This was a beautiful discredit play to make them SHUT UP about LORETTA LYNCH.

All of us @BreitbartNews buddies commenting on the pulled Lynch article got back onto other threads, and people asked what happened. I described it to somebody, and was BANNED instantly. BB was THAT SENSITIVE on this!

"Once bitten, twice shy." See how well this works?

Shortly thereafter, fluff-pieces about the college days of Lynch and Malone appeared in the MSM, most notably the Chicago Tribune. They glowingly described the relationship in super-sympathetic and unassailably racial terms.


I tried DESPERATELY to raise the CONFLICT OF INTEREST issue with anybody who would listen, but CRICKETS. BB - one of the few outlets inclined to raise the issue - was not touching the story, AS INTENDED. I watched in horror as future's past was FIXED.

#QAnon #FutureProvesPast
So where does @OrlyTaitz fit into this story? She revealed the Lynch/Malone connection at almost the same time as the MSM. However, the MSM and Snopes MOCKED her for "not discovering anything", since THEY published it. Well, publishing priority is not what matters here.

Since that time, it has become frighteningly clear that anybody researching Obama's past - particularly the honeypot of "birther" - like Trump, Arpaio, and Taitz, was VERY likely under illegal DOJ surveillance - which #FISAabuse has since PROVEN to be a criminal reality.

Suddenly, the connections become obvious. Surveillance of BIRTHER links up to surveillance of PRO JOURNALISM. It's ALL ONE THING. The Holder DOJ was spying on EVERYBODY who was reporting on Obama's government, including @SharylAttkisson, @FoxNews, @AP and others.

What was this all about? THE BIG PICTURE - which is why it never made sense before. The Obama government and their 16-year plan needed CONTINUITY, and that means NARRATIVE CONTROL. We look at them and see many small scandals. Inside, it's just ONE BIG SCANDAL. #TAKEOVER

Very few journalists ever had a real chance to scoop the DNC-FakeNews complex. Using DOJ-FBI spying, the complex could outflank EVERYBODY and morph the narrative AT WILL. Scandals were PERMITTED or DENIED. All kabuki was MANAGED.

The IRS scandal was the CHUMP CHANGE.

To see the relative size and importance of the scandals, the BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS scandal begins AT LEAST before 1990, when highly compromised Joe Biden proposed an ABSOLUTELY essential component: GUN-FREE ZONES. That importance RATIO is ironically reflected HERE.

Again, it is NO ACCIDENT that the exact same CAST of characters keep showing up for the top positions. It is NO ACCIDENT that they keep recycling back into utility after they get discredited. These people are LOYAL to the PLOT.


The BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS plot was first revealed by leaker/whistleblower (choose your view) BILL COOPER in 1991, when he mentioned it in his monstrous leak book, Behold A Pale Horse. The great irony is that he realized what we ALL see - fight it with a #GreatAwakening

If you have 2 hours of free time, you can hear how much your "red-pilled" thinking was shared with leaker Bill Cooper in 1992, in his old "crazy" CNN interview. Remember - he is guessing and connecting dots, but much earlier, based on MESSAGES.


• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
Dig around under here for an education on the ChiComs. The fact that two victims likely worked for a semiconductor fab HERE that is sending a new plant to CHINA touched off many posts on how the ChiComs slowly and patiently subvert companies here to send the work overseas.
Wasn't there some team of semiconductor guys on that hackable Malaysian plane that went nutso? Just sayin'. I don't necessarily believe that any of these accidents are connected to the ChiComs, but I don't rule it out. Their Democrat gimps can yell "conspiracy theory" all day.
To catch spies, you have to THINK like a spy. That means entertaining the possibility that people ARE spies, and looking for them to exhibit expected behaviors. In the age of electronic hacks, it gets even more complicated.

The CONSPIRACY against Trump was REALITY. Accept it.
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Sep 15, 2018
I finally figured out my mission. So I guess this is a mission statement.
Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall."
I think this is why I'm in love with Rosie's avatar. Call me a sword and scale fetishist. Grrrrrr. Historic Justice is HOTTTTTT.
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Sep 13, 2018
Thank GOD I'm not the only person seeing this. No longer alone.

Were it not for Q's posts on the "Goog top" and that leaked video, I could NEVER have convinced people to understand just how SLOW and PATIENT real Soviet Socialism is. Socialism clings to people like RELIGION.
People have a false idea that to send socialism via a person, that person has to cosign to a devious plot about future events.

No. Somebody in the KGB realized that frustrated believer Pa Brin would do more good in America than in Russia, and let him leave like a virus carrier.
In fact, I'm sure this pattern was well proven and trusted by the time the iron curtain was lowered. Soviet orthodoxy needed restructuring, and it got it. Collapse of orthodoxy powered diaspora of the infected. Rejuvenated "new" socialism advanced to be reborn everywhere. SMART.
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Sep 12, 2018
Gee whiz - does the @nytimes really think THIS is a conspiracy theory? I mean, it SOUNDS really plausible. Guess we'll know soon - right?
How about THIS one? Sounds really plausible that Sally Yates might need a lawyer. Just sayin'. It's not like she hired Quisp & Bigfoot. I'm calling this "almost believable". If @nytimes wants to call this a conspiracy theory, they could say WHY, since "Q" says LAST WEEK.
OK - time to throw the @nytimes a bone! There is NO WAY that "Zipper Lips" Comey is talking to people! NO WAY WRAY! Surely this "Q" person is wrong about Jim Comey. I mean, it's not like Comey would just up and give memos to some strange prof at Communism University! RIIIIGHT?
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Sep 3, 2018
@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent People - this PDF from the top-post-linked article is EXPLOSIVE. I'll put the link here, and then explain.

Short version: I remembered this stuff was in the news decades ago as a murder weapon. It seems that some people at FDA remembered it too.

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent This stuff is basically poisonous because of the "N-nitroso" group. Chemists learned to be wary. At around the time it was used for murder, both the acute and long-term toxicity of this stuff was just being understood. Wikipedia is a good read here:

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent The story in the PDF is basically this - WE found, WE investigated, WE made the Chinese company give us the information, WE figured out an excuse (we think) that THEY changed a process, then we say "fix it" and "don't let it happen again". FDA explains it's not THEIR fault.
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Sep 1, 2018
Not seeing any real changes with the *apparent* disappearance of the QFD shadowban per shadowban.eu. Methinks socialism is up to the usual socialist trickery - that Twitter engineers have implemented any of several very rudimentary ways to fool the test site.
My recommendation to @Jim_Jordan, @RepMattGaetz, @DevinNunes, and @RepMarkMeadows is to ask very specifically about what coding has been done to deal with THIS monitoring site, as well as other, similar sites. Should be interesting, but the most important site is THIS ONE.
I suspect that there are layers and layers of deception and trickery here. Possible avenues of evasion include "see - no difference!" and more, but the bottom line is THEY HAVE THE CODE AND YOU DON'T. That is always the way they win. THEY HAVE THE CODE.
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