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1) Thread: Once you let them take your gun rights away for something that has nothing to do with guns, you’ll never get them back. Taking guns away will not solve our society’s failure to treat our mentally ill or address why mental illness is a near epidemic in our children.
2) In 2016, suicide among teen girls became the number 2 cause of death.
3) Take a look around at our society, our kids are confused & rightly so. Our priorities are more than misplaced their replaced w/a sick unhealthy, unhinged ever changing reality. Women are men, men are women. Even the Florida horror is exploited and politicized for gain.
4) Many wonder how David Hogg, a survivor of Cruz’s massacre, was so prepared with a polished image, succinct media narrative delivery, protestors immediately organized to action, & a blue check twitter account instantly stocked w/100s of thousands of followers.
5) 17 people were murdered, most of them children. The #Democrats first reaction was 2A activism. @DSWtweets Oprah, Clooney, Soros’ & the MSM jumped to weaponize traumatized kids to do their political bidding.
6).@redsteeze shared an excerpt from a Buzzfeed article describing US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ @RepDWStweets responsive behavior before the scene was even cleared.
7) George Clooney & Oprah donated 1M dollars for gun ban activism. Unfortunately, gun bans don’t treat mental illness, they don’t make irresponsible sheriffs protect kids, & they don’t halt school programs like the “Promise Program” from sheltering unlawful kids of consequences.
7) To get a better view of the machine currently in action let’s look back at the famed Treyvon Martin case, to see how the same tactics were used to create a false reality in order to enact liberal public policy. Similar action is now being deployed to take away 2A gun rights.
8) Mainstream media across the country are billing “How the Survivors of Parkland Began the Never Again Movement” and BuzzFeed’s “Here’s What It’s Like at The Headquarters of the Teens Working to Stop Mass Shootings.” as events run by kids.
9) In reality, there are adults & professional activists are activating kids & protesters. Deena Katz, co-executive director of the Women’s March LA Foundation, George Soros,, & Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action are but a few.
10) In addition to activist orgs, your tax dollars are dispersed to pay for an organization within the DOJ called the Community Relations Service (CRS). They were responsible for deploying protestors for the pressure campaign that led to the prosecution of George Zimmerman.
11) Treyvon’s case occurred during the Obama Admin so the CRS picked a side and funded the activism. Judicial watch sued the DOJ under the FOIA and discovered taxpayer funds were being used to fund the protester events.
12) Obama’s slush fund funneled billions through the DOJ to many liberal activist org. They are highly adept at organizing mass protests, securing mass media coverage, hiring PR image makers, staging scenes & events, pressuring corporate participation, w/#Dem lawmaker support.
13) .@PaulSperry wrote a great piece on Obama’s activist slush fund here.…
14) As in the current Nikolas Cruz #Parklandshooting, Treyvon Martin’s case was the perfect event with which to exploit tragedy. Any good PR company knows framing a narrative early is key. “He was a good kid, just minding his own business, walking home after buying candy.”
15) Packaging emotionally charged images of the heroes & villains at the outset is critical to hook public’s emotional investment in the manufactured story. In the case of Treyvon Martin the image released was of a much younger Treyvon. Zimmerman is seen in an orange jumpsuit.
16) Putting race at the center of every tragedy is imperative. It’s guaranteed nuclear fuel to rile up an already emotionally charged populous. Rev Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are front & center every time with NAACP, SPLC, ACLU BLM & other racist organizations.
17) Public relations experts ensure images of large mobs, protests, riots, & town halls are aired on every network & in every print publication supporting the agenda. They’re deployed to apply relentless political pressure on lawmakers in order to force policy change or creation.
18) April 2012 - Movie, music, TV, sports celebs & political leaders, gathered at a Miami rally where several thousand protesters called for the arrest of George Zimmerman for the shooting of an unarmed teenager named Treyvon Martin.
19) Many in attendance wore "Justice for Trayvon," T-shirts & "Do I look suspicious?" buttons in support. Operative, Rev. Jesse Jackson, called to "End profiling now!" He said “Not just racial profiling in criminal cases, but employment, ins. & banks” to the roar of applause.
20) Jackson continued, “We must stop suspending our children. Invest in them. Educate them." More applause & cries for change were heard as Rev. Al Sharpton circulated buckets to collect contributions that he said was to pay for the Martins' legal fees & travel.
21) Jackson’s comments were the precursor to a new policy program to be enacted. Broward County School Dist, the NAACP & law enforcement reached an agreement to reduce the number of black youths, charged w/crimes for minor offenses from entering the “school-to-prison pipeline.
22) In 2013 Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel hired School Superintendent Robert Runcie, from Chicago to implement the plan to its success. Runcie had strong connections to the Obama admin which raised the hope of putting Broward on the map as a model for school reform.
23) Reversing the Broward County School to Prison Pipeline.…
24) Robert Runcie, started the PROMISE Program while in Chicago before becoming the current school district superintendent of Broward. The program was to address the claims that a disproportionate number of blacks & Hispanics were being prosecuted for crimes based on race.
25) By agreeing to treat offenders criminal activity as a discipline problem the local police departments and school districts would receive grant money through the DOJ by ignoring certain criminal offenses mostly misdemeanors
26) Treyvon Martin was killed Feb. 26, 2012. Obama signed an executive order, on July of 2012, and “The Promise Program“, emerged. The directive of Obama and Eric Holder’s program outlined higher federal $ for lower crime stats. The solution: stop arresting students.
27) After the Sanford police originally declined to prosecute Zimmerman, State Attorney Angela Corey charged him with second-degree murder in the wake of the flurry of news coverage, street protests and a powerful campaign on social media.
28) But there was much more to the story, the prosecution's case against Zimmerman was weak as indicated by the jury's not-guilty verdict. Treyvon delivered worse injury during the struggle before Zimmerman shot him.
29) Back in Nov 2013 FOIA requests to the Miami Dade School Police Department by the Conservative Treehouse uncovered a secret discipline and diversionary program Trayvon Martin was granted to avoid a criminal record.
30) Conservative Treehouse did great research here. "Broward County Florida Schools Institute The “Trayvon Martin Standard” For Student/Police Avoidance….” .@TheLastRefuge2…
31) The #Parklandshooter, Nikolas Cruz, attended the perfect school where he could fly under the radar undetected.
32) Despite his numerous threats of violence, the Obama admin’s govt policy “The Promise Program“, the Broward Co Sheriff, & the corrupt Broward County School board all played a part in protecting Cruz from legal consequences that might have alerted his serious need for help.
33) The Broward Sheriff’s failure & competence issues are not an isolated issue in this story. The Broward County School Dist has been investigated by several Grand Juries. In 2011, they found that it so wrought with corruption, the entire board should be removed.
34) You can view the entire Grand Jury report here on Michelle Malkin’s blog. _…
35) Taking consequences away from kids for committing unlawful acts is not the answer to the black youths not adhering to the law or thriving. Americans should not have to surrender their rights b/c of a failure to effectively deal with mental health issues in our young either.
36) Obama added another perk to the Promise Program in June of 2016 he gave 100million in grant dollars to the Promise Program for free college degrees and not just undergrad but free doctorates.
37) Under the college Promise Program if minorities fail or drop classes they get special concession to "Catch up"
38) Under the Promise Program there are even special job search engines specifically for minorities.
39) The opportunities appear to bountiful. There must be another problem. It exists within the family and within our society as a whole and it cannot be fully attributed to racism. One thing is clear, politicians appear to be growing their wealth in spite of their failures.

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