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the abuse of autistic children is not only tolerated,

but is celebrated, honoured and rewarded.

telling stories about how you abused, tortured and traumatised us will make you famous & rich.

the outcry of the #actuallyautistic community is always seen as bad faith slandering.
the abuse of autistic children is so expected, so normalised, so glorified that many symptoms of trauma and ptsd are starting to be seen as autistic traits.
trauma will cause autistic children to show more "problematic behaviours".

trauma in non-autistic children often leads to

- regression
- incontinence
- dissociation (staring into space, withdrawing into yourself)
- aggression
- anxiety
- irritability

and much more.
when parents of autistic children boast about the abusive treatment of their kids, and name these "behaviours" as problem behaviours

all I can think is

so you caused your child trauma, leading to trauma behaviours

and now you cause your child more trauma for being traumatised
yes, many non-traumatised autistic kids have these problems too

but trauma will inevitably increase them
hi, I was an autistic kid who, due to trauma, developed many of these problems which I didn't have before the trauma

had my mother known I was autistic, she would have regarded these as autism symptoms

well, she didn't know, so she disregarded them completely
these "autism warrior parents" lock their children into a neverending circle of abuse, trauma, response, punishment, more abuse, more trauma, more response, more punishment,,
and they blame "autism"
guess what.

"autism" didn't take your child away.

"autism" didn't make them regress.

"autism" didn't make them avoid all communication with you.

"autism" didn't make them so vulnerable.


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Aug 30, 2018
able-bodied people are often stumped by how chronically ill people wish for positive test results.

"why would you wish to test positive for an incurable illness?"

because we're sick and a positive result is the only thing that will make doctors willing to help us. that's why.
as long as doctors cannot find proof of your symptoms - on a x-ray, a blood test, a biopsy, etc - they do not believe your symptoms are real

and in the rare case that they do they underestimate how bad they are

and in the rare case that they don't they still don't want to help
proof of a serious disease is specifically the thing that, for many of us, opens the door to a chance of getting better.

it's the thing that gives us access to treatment, supports and accommodations.

we already know that we're sick. a diagnosis isn't news. it's confirmation.
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Aug 18, 2018
you know what's useless? "mindfulness" as pain treatment.

being "mindful", being aware of my body, my surroundings & myself, avoiding dissociation - those have always been things I struggled with.

you know when they got better?

the second I got meds that reduce my pain.
you know on which days they're worse? on the days I have pain flares.

it's almost like pain is the problem here and not the tools our brains use to deal with it
I mean, yes:

there was a time where I was always dissociating my pain and telling myself what I was feeling wasn't pain at all, because I 100% believed it was all psychological.

that was bad.
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Jul 30, 2018
if you are keeping one cat alone and this cat is often cranky and/or showing stress behaviour (overlicking, overeating) it's very likely that this cat needs a feline companion to be happy.

"but I don't know if my apartment can even fit two cats!"

the answer is yes. yes it can.
if you can keep 1 cat in your apartment you can keep 2.

you might need to get a bit creative about where to put the 2nd litter box, but if it absolutely won't work you can probably get away with just one.

it is better to keep 2 cats together in a cage than 1 alone in a mansion.
cats are very social.

there are some exceptions where a cat is so traumatised that it can't deal with other cats, or so well bonded to humans that it doesn't need them.

but in like 99.5% of cases, cats NEED other cats around.

if they go outdoors they'll find friends there.
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Jul 27, 2018
are you considering getting a cat for the first time? here are some things to consider.

1. cat behaviour

2. indoor or outdoor?

3. from where?

4. how many cats?

5. older or younger?

6. general considerations
1. cat behaviour.

if you want a loyal, cuddly pet that comes with you to other places, get a dog.

yes, some cats snuggle a lot. yes, some cats can be leash trained. yes, some cats are OK with travelling.

but most don't. if these are your expectations, you will be disappointed.
cats are very independent and willful. they treat you as their equal.

most of them have learned that they need to get their human's attention when they need something, so they use this trick often. this is a good thing! they can communicate their needs.
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Jul 6, 2018
this whole "compostable straw" thing is scaring the living hell out of me.

for myself, if I get worse again, and for my friends with severe allergies.

there's no rule to mark allergens on straws. most people wouldn't even think to.
people with severe allergies to the things compostable straws are made of - for example wheat or corn - will have to become a lot more vigilant. those who don't will simply die.

it takes only 1 slip-up.
1 restaurant doesn't bother to put up a sign, straws contain this allergen. you think you're good. you die.

1 friend forgets about your allergy and brings you a drink with a straw that kills you.

1 straw with your allergen gets mixed under the regular plastic ones. you die.
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Jul 3, 2018
to all the people who think disabled people being socially isolated & injured is a necessary "inconvenience" for saving the environment:

what will you do when you learn they disabled people aren't only using straws, but also disposable diapers, catheters, feeding tubes,...?
infusion bags, stoma bags, and all that is medical waste so it cat even be recycled,

and have you seen the heaps of plastic waste our medications are packed in, our pills and inhalers and drops and injections?

the plastic packaging that our ready meals come in?
if you say risking our injury or death is a necessary price to pay for saving the environment, when will you be coming for those thing as well?
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