Are the 400 of us who attended a @Womans_Place_UK meeting at a location kept secret till the very day on the 27th or other women who have gathered to debate and discuss the changing meaning of the word "woman" included in that statement, @DawnButlerBrent ?
Are women being misrepresented as bigots in order to expel them from @UKLabour for pointing out women and transwomen face different challenges and have different needs stemming from having different physiology also included in that statement, Dawn?
Are the hundreds of us being routinely slurred, abused and wholly misrepresented online and elsewhere as bigots and transphobes for defending women's right to set our own boundaries included too?
Do you have the backs of women worried the drive to self-id is part of a wider drive to lower/erode women's own boundaries and/or dismantle them completely?
Have you got the backs of women in the academic sphere who are being no-platformed for defending a woman centered feminism because they are only too aware of how our bodies are at the very centre of our oppression?
Do you have women's backs as they defend our right to keep stats sex based so we can continue to monitor and study society's progress in regard to women?
Have you got the backs of women journalists and commentators who are subject to barrages of abuse when talking about women's issues using woman related terms?
Have you got the backs of mums, mental health practitioners and others who are worried that the pervasive misogyny of the world is all too conducive for young women attempting to escape it to make ill-thought out choices enabled by poorly researched therapies?
Are women who see the conflation of gender and sex as an all too real threat to lesbians, esp young lesbians who, still learning to navigate the concept of consent, guilt-trip themselves into homophobic conversion therapy because... "transphobia" included?
Have you got our backs when we face racism akin to the attitudes J. Marion Sims had towards black women as we encounter more and more "othering" in attempts to validate male claims to womanhood?
I'm an atheist but I have to ask as woman who respects other women's choices... Do you have the backs of our sisters whose lived experience in tied to their religious beliefs as you continue to assert self-id as something to aspire to in law as well as Labour policy?
Some trans orgs advise schools to divert girls from sports and into other activities if they find difficult to look at trans identified boys as girls, feel it unfair to compete against them or don't like sharing facilities with them.
Do you have their backs?
These are just off the top of my head, Dawn. Class analysis and woman centered feminist analysis may be passé in polite circles but both are as relevant now as they ever they were. Please don't give in to the @guardian.
Please listen to all women.
Dang... how could I forget? Have you heard of Delaware's Regulation 225, Dawn? Please see what the NAACP had to say about it before you decide to get us down the self-id route. Modern gender theory is a template to dismantle more than just what women have struggled to build

• • •

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Apr 4, 2018
I have reported this petition. It is part of a vicious campaign of lies against a woman whose only sin is that of trying to widen the debate on the proposed changes to the GRA and against @Womans_Place_UK which has been facilitating that dialogue.…
It is not the first time @kiritunks has been attacked like this. See here:…
Kiri had simply urged: "To get there we will need comradely dialogue and understanding — something a trade union movement committed to equality, with a majority female membership, is surely well-placed to facilitate."…
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Mar 26, 2018
Thank you Helen for raising your voice. For more info on self-id and the proposed changes to the GRA and how they may affect women and girls please follow @Womans_Place_UK. They're organising safe space meetings to discuss this issue all over the country.…
Help @UKLabour women challenge self-id policy within the party. Self-id has been adopted without discussing it or voting for it in conference. Keep All-Women Shortlists Female!…
Read @ThePosieParker 's story and consider supporting her defense fund. It's not just her freedom of speech is being tested in court in a case that could set a precedent. It's our freedom of speech.…
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Mar 22, 2018
's guide has been praised by Tavistock clinic.
Iran "cures" gays by obliging them to transition. How do you propose to make sure that, say, homophobic parents don't unduly influence their children toward transitioning when they are simply gay or lesbian?
Crucially, how could those children in future seek legal redress or make compensation claims if the law is allowed to conflate gender identity with sex?
If people don't transition to fit in with gender rules why do they transition at all?
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Mar 22, 2018
When I was a kid, (9ish, 10) I started washing myself with bleach because the other kids were horrid to me. Should my mum have gone along with it and set me on a path of never accepting myself as I am?
She explained what I was doing was dangerous and showed me bleach is used to kill living organisms and may do untold damage to my skin. She went further and explained how changing myself won't change the feelings of others around me.
It didn't prevent me from going through a troubled childhood and adolescence (because neither I nor my mum had supportive systems to help us) but in the end it helped me because it affirmed the problem was not me. I reckon today she may have been dismissed as transracist.
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Mar 20, 2018
"Cis" is an outright negation of someone's gender experience by pushing a "one size fits all" to every individual by conferring them a gender identity. Gender is not a mere identity. Gender is the oppression mechanism.
Cis denies all of the ways people push against sexist currents. It's not a mere insult. "Cis" is just one of the more recent manifestations of sexism. That it's used as an insult doesn't make it lesser than exactly that. "Cis" puts people in gender boxes. If women can be...
"masculine" and men can be "feminine" then assigning people with a **gender "identity"** is sexist. Add that people push against gender roles and stereotypes to varying degrees. It's dehumanising to deny/erase their experience. It's an old trick used by oppressing groups...
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Mar 13, 2018
Naturally not the lib fem position. As ever, beware of "moderates". They tend to let reactionaries get away with worse than what radicals are fighting at any given time.
"First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler...
... or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: "I agree with you in the goal you seek...
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